Water purifier with transparent filter bottle

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Product Description:

Water purifier with transparent filter bottle AS
Material: Polypropylene PP mixing calcium carbonate AS
Production process: semi-finished products by injection molding machine, will be finished after assemble and testing.
Usage: can be installed directly on the water pipe as a pre-filter, but also as a water purifier package components.
Advantages: the low cost, high compressive strength and durability.
Size: 10 inches inner core
Weight: 900
Interface: 2 points 4 points

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Q:Working principle of circulating water filter
The filtration tank in series products of small size, with a square, flat roof, large size with round vault, top cover, health protection conditions, open set, compared with RC filter with small weight, the flexible asphalt sand foundation.
Q:The aquarium aquarium is the upper filter drip box is good with
g is very convenient, dirt is not easy to accumulate in the bottom of the cylinder. However, due to the lack of epiphytic area, nitrifying bacteria have little self-cleaning capacity. Nitrifying bacteria are mainly attached to filter medium, if the density of fish is large, feeding more and can not absorb the fish in time, the fish will dissolve in the water, and many times the water bodies are very easy to muddy
Q:What can you do to make water in a fish tank filter better?
. Nitrifying bacteria will grow on biological filters, that is, the main component of water quality is biofiltration. Under the conditions, you can add a layer of biological filter, a layer of physical filter overlay.
Q:How to make the filter of garden fish pond?
turning over cylinder, re landscaping, adjusting landscaping, etc..
Q:How many meshes for water filtration?
The concept of water filtration should be defined according to the host and guest position of the water
Q:There are a lot of white powder on the bottom of the water which is filtered by the water filter
So the landlord can be assured to use. Personal suggestions don't usually make tea, it is best not to boil the water, heated to body temperature close to it. (such as calcium and magnesium ions in water will not be due to oxidation and reduction)
Q:Can the filtered activated carbon be used again and again?
by activated carbon must use acid and other substances, if handled after the cleaning is not clean, such as no safer. You do not want to eat those substances such as acid.
Q:What brand of water filter is good? Which brand is good?
The utility model is suitable for the water quality treatment of industrial and civil circulating water systems.
Q:Is the water pipe good or the filter cigarette holder?
The smoke produced by the burning of the cigarette outer sheet and paper roll is poisonous, and the filter tip may be sucked by tiny fibers, which is the greatest disadvantage of cigarettes.
Q:Does the filter in front of the water meter affect the measurement?
When filtering the impurity, the filter screen can play a resistance role to the running water in the pipeline, and the speed of the tap water becomes slower, and the metering gear of the water meter is slowed down, and the measuring time is long.

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