Desktop Italian water purifier WF-10D Polypropylene PP mixing calcium carbonate AS

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Product Description:

Desktop Italian water purifier (WF-10D)
Material: Polypropylene PP mixing calcium carbonate AS
Production process:  semi-finished products by injection molding machine,will be finished after assemble and testing.
Usage: It can filter tap water sediment, rust and other large particulate matter.
Advantages: the low cost, can directly filter pollution from water pipe.
Specifications: The inner core wound filter with 10 inches
Weight: 700
Interface: direct access to the leading

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Q:How soon can you filter all the water in an aquarium filter?
As for cleaning and filtration, there is no need to operate regularly. As long as the water flows smoothly, you can basically leave him alone. If there are any signs of a poison race, remove the filter cotton and ceramic rings and clean them with water from the tank. They must not be washed with tap water, nor can they be made with soap, detergent or the like.
Q:The filters in my fish tank glow with white foam on the water
Hello, you are trapped for 5 days, do not put in the water
Q:The tap size is too large in diameter are 30mm, no tap water filters, direct installation of suitable to do?
can be used, otherwise it is easy to plug, unless the precision is very low, can be used for a long time, so I suggest using a large volume of some filters,
Q:What filters should be used for water with high levels of heavy metals?
At present, there are mainly physical, chemical and biological methods for the removal of heavy metals in water bodies.
Q:Filter location of inlet valve for Vanward gas water heater
The filter of the water heater is to prevent impurities in the tap water from entering the water heater, resulting in fouling and obstruction of the heat exchanger in the water heater.
Q:Which filter is good in a fish tank?
Therefore, it is often necessary to suck the fish out with straw and change the water frequently to reduce the burden of filtration, which increases the difficulty and workload of maintenance. Baidu Yongqing filter to know, this system has automatic cleaning fish will function, will help.
Q:How to make the filter of garden fish pond?
turning over cylinder, re landscaping, adjusting landscaping, etc..
Q:What happens when the fish tank is filtered into the water?
Reduce impact height or slow down flow rate.
Q:What is the water in the oxygen filter?
. Mask oxygen inhalation: mask the patient's mouth and nose oxygen inhalation, better than nasal obstruction and nasal catheter oxygen inhalation method, but may cause respiratory acidosis.
Q:Can the water filter filter the oil in the water?
In general, there is no oil in the tap water. If it is cooking oil, it may not be filtered out, but it may be possible if it is the so-called industrial oil.

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