Wirewound filter cartridge polypropylene fiber yarn

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Product Description:

Wirewound filter cartridge
Materials: polypropylene fiber yarn
Production process: good filtering performance textile fiber yarn precision wound on the porous skeleton refined.
Usage: filtered water, food industry, chemical industry filter.
Advantages: effectively remove suspended solids in the liquid, particles, high filtration precision, higher compressive strength
Specifications: length of 5 inches 10 inches 20 inches 30 inches 40 inches
Weight: 90 grams to 1600 grams
Outside diameter: 51 mm - 115 mm
Inner diameter: 28 mm
Filtration: 1 m 5 m 10 m

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Q:The filters in my fish tank glow with white foam on the water
As long as the filter does not put the charcoal, the fish will not be sucked away.
Q:The water fountain was bought today, but the filtered water is black
more than a few times you can drink, and this is my home, rest assured
Q:The aquarium aquarium is the upper filter drip box is good with
Now mostly use naked cylinder fish farming, the advantages of the naked cylinder is cleaning is very convenient, dirt is not easy to accumulate in the bottom of the cylinder.
Q:What brand of water filter is good???
The general market is the filter (water purifier), is mainly used as drinking water straight drinking, the main function is the first and second impurity filter water is to eliminate chlorine, odor, third isolated microorganisms in tap water, organic matter, heavy metals, bacteria, virus.
Q:How many meshes for water filtration?
The concept of water filtration should be defined according to the host and guest position of the water
Q:30*25*20 small fish tank, water easily mix, how to do, what kind of good filter?
The bucket is also available, that is, cleaning is not convenient, affordable or a waterfall.
Q:Why do fish tanks have filters, water or dirt?
filter cotton, cleaning up to two weeks, and cleaning, you can not wash all the filter cotton once, but should first wash the dirtiest half, leaving half of the next wash.
Q:Can water filter out smoke?
Water cooled high temperature to low temperature, cigarettes, avoid high temperature cigarette burns the throat and lungs, cough and eliminate smoking related diseases, especially for smoking has lead to pharyngitis, tonsillitis, irritating cough, bronchitis,
Q:Disposable needle filters are divided into two categories: organic and water. What are they used to filter?
What you call a river / organic system should be based on the material of the filter membrane, which are applicable to filtration, water solution (Life Science), and organic solution (chemical application
Q:Does the tank filter need to work all the time?
In principle, usually 24 hours, the maintenance of good, with a long time, if encountered in the following several circumstances, to be free to grasp the noise; if the sound does not affect your rest, it is best to always open

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