W2215 with ISUZU engine Ton Excavator W2215 with ISUZU engine

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The whole machine has the elegant streamline design, reliable performance and cost efficiency
The driving cab designed in accordance with ergonomics and equipped with an air conditioner keeps comfortable temperatures and features wide vision, comfortable operation, low noise, and good ventilation
Equipped with the open-and-shut electronic monitoring system and fault alarm system
Customized engine and strong dynamical system lead to the excellent mechanical traveling, dual driving, superior climbing, and off-road performances; two sets of throttle controls are more fuel efficient, energy-saving, eco-friendly, fast, and efficient
Domestic high-quality gear pump realizes double pump confluence and smooth flowing in compound actions
Hydraulic hoses from the domestic or foreign famous brands have high pressure bearing and excellent pulse performances
Structural parts are made of the domestic qualified 16Mn steel, and advanced 3D graphics and ultrasonic testing of weld seam quality to ensure the safety of driving and construction



Technical data




6200 (kg)



700 (mm)

Bucket capacity


Engine(water cooling)


40/2300 (kw/rpm)



6000 (mm)





Pear part Rctary radivs


Min clearance


Perfomance patameter

Driving speed

0-35 (km/h)

Swing speed


Climb capacity

25 (%)

Max traction force


Operation range

Max excavation height

6130 (mm)

Max excavation depth

3600 (mm)

Max unceding height


Max excavation radius


Hydraulic radus

System rated working pressure

20 (Mpa)


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WTC 7 sustained serious structural damage from the debris of the twin towers collapses. The damage was sufficient to cause it to collapse also. Because the damage was to lower floors and to a corner of the building the structural supports were over stressed and gave way. The effects of such damage in such a location approximates what is done when imploding a structure. The base support removal results in a ground up collapse. wtc.nist.gov/pubs/WTC%20Part%20II...
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Well, you'd mill a total of 26 cards. So if they have more than that, no, it isn't instant win.
Q:How were the underground homes in Coober Pedy made?
the underground homes are called dugouts. they started with digging into the earth or mound from the side and tunnelling fairly deeply. the initial tunnel becomes the entrance to the home. small excavation machinery is used and is a slow and steady process.
Q:what are the people who level the land called? (are they land levelers)?
Terraformers,landscape gardeners,civil engineers and many other names,but whats in a name or title,its the action that counts.
Q:tooth decay on front teeth?
Usually both. First the drill is used to remove the decay, and hand excavators, too. Then it's not just a question of removing the decay and slapping the filling in. The cavity preparation is shaped so as to hold the filling better. It would nice if they didn't need the drill, wouldn't it?
Q:where is the engine heater plug on a caterpillar 312c excavator?
On the 312c it has a 3064T cat engine that doesn't use a block heater. It uses a circulation heater which is usually installed either on a heater hose, or on the lower radiator hose. Check the hoses to see if there is a cylinder or a box with a plug on it. If it doesn't have one, they are available at most equipment or automotive stores. You would have to know the inside diameter of the hose when you go to purchase a lower rad hose model. If it's going in a heater hose, they are a standard 5/8. Hope this helps you. Keep warm! Rob
Q:what is the productivity of medium earth excavator in backfilling work?
All dependent on the operator
Q:Excavator theory
The basic structure and working principle of excavator:First, the overall structure of single bucket hydraulic excavatorThe overall structure of single bucket hydraulic excavator includes power unit, working device, slewing mechanism, control mechanism, transmission system, walking mechanism and auxiliary equipment, etc..The power unit, the main parts of the drive system, the slewing mechanism, the auxiliary equipment and the cab are all installed on the rotatable platform, which is usually called the upper turntable. Therefore, the single bucket hydraulic excavator can be summarized into three parts: working device, upper rotating platform and running mechanism.The excavator is through the diesel engine of the diesel oil chemical energy into mechanical energy, the hydraulic piston pump to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, the hydraulic system of the hydraulic can be assigned to each actuator (hydraulic cylinder, rotary motor + reducer, walking motor + reducer), by the actuator to the hydraulic energy into the mechanical energy, realize the working device of rotary platform motion, rotary motion, the walking motion.
Q:What oil does the excavator burn?
Nonsense, of course, the diesel.0# targetAny heavy machinery is diesel engine. Because the heat after the combustion of diesel oil and gas ratio.
Q:Can you help me estimate excavation costs?
You will have to get a local excavator or soil engineer to help with this. The soil conditions in your area will be a big factor in determining how much soil will need to be removed. The cohesiveness of the soil will determine the angle of repose. Good luck with the project.

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