cavator W2215 with ISUZU engine Ton Excavator W2215 with ISUZU engine

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Product Description:

1.Product Name:     6 Ton Cummins Engine Mini Wheel Excavator For Sale  


2.Prodcut Features:




XinChai(A498BPG) or Cummins engine- standard form 40Kw/2300rpm &compression-adding type 48Kw/2300rpm with low fuel consumption, low noise and large power reserve


Primary pump:

Kawasaki main pumps from Japan, KYB pilot pump or domestic pumps


Master valve

imported from South Korea with the inner confluence function of boom, arm and bucket& the domestic 183military hydraulic valve with the outer confluence function


Rotary bearing:

full sealed, waterproof, dust and pollution prevention


3.Product Specification:


Operating Weightkg5900
Standard Bucket Capacitym30.25
Arm lengthmm1845
Boom lengthmm2880
ModelXinchai Engine
Rated Speedrpm2300
Overall lengthmm5365
Overall widthmm2000
Overall height of cabmm2710
Ground clearance (Bob Weight)mm985
Tyre Gaugemm1560
Wheel Shaft Diametermm2310
Working Range
Max.digging reachmm5915
Max.digging depthmm3331
Max.digging heightmm6369
Max.dumping heightmm4615
Mini Swing Radiusmm2020
Rear-End Seingradiusmm1751
Working PressureMpa19
Rated FlowL/Min44+50
Swing Speedrpm9.2
Max Travel Speedkm/h0~30
Grade Ablility20°
Max.Digging Force Of BucketKN30
Max.Digging Force Of ArmKN18
Max.Hauling ForceKN34.8
Fuel TankL105

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