cavator W2215 with ISUZU engine Ton Excavator W2215 with ISUZU engine

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Product Description:

1.Product Name:     6 Ton Cummins Engine Mini Wheel Excavator For Sale  


2.Prodcut Features:




XinChai(A498BPG) or Cummins engine- standard form 40Kw/2300rpm &compression-adding type 48Kw/2300rpm with low fuel consumption, low noise and large power reserve


Primary pump:

Kawasaki main pumps from Japan, KYB pilot pump or domestic pumps


Master valve

imported from South Korea with the inner confluence function of boom, arm and bucket& the domestic 183military hydraulic valve with the outer confluence function


Rotary bearing:

full sealed, waterproof, dust and pollution prevention


3.Product Specification:


Operating Weightkg5900
Standard Bucket Capacitym30.25
Arm lengthmm1845
Boom lengthmm2880
ModelXinchai Engine
Rated Speedrpm2300
Overall lengthmm5365
Overall widthmm2000
Overall height of cabmm2710
Ground clearance (Bob Weight)mm985
Tyre Gaugemm1560
Wheel Shaft Diametermm2310
Working Range
Max.digging reachmm5915
Max.digging depthmm3331
Max.digging heightmm6369
Max.dumping heightmm4615
Mini Swing Radiusmm2020
Rear-End Seingradiusmm1751
Working PressureMpa19
Rated FlowL/Min44+50
Swing Speedrpm9.2
Max Travel Speedkm/h0~30
Grade Ablility20°
Max.Digging Force Of BucketKN30
Max.Digging Force Of ArmKN18
Max.Hauling ForceKN34.8
Fuel TankL105

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Q:Who's Responsibility Is It Me Or The Excavator?
You can probably sue. But for $300 it probably isn't worth the effort. Filing a lawsuit, even in small claims court, will cost you a fee, which varies from state to state. You should be able to recover this fee as part of the judgment against the excavator or local government who contracted with the excavator to work on the road, but not unless you win. It's also a hassle to go through the process of filing a complaint, setting the matter for trial, going to trial, and then trying to recover the judgment. You may just want to send a threatening letter to the excavator and local government, with a copy of the bill, and see if they pay. Who knows? Whoever reads your letter may be sympathetic and send you a check. Going through a lawsuit is a hassle for the other side, too.
Q:Is my answer correct? A sack is in contact with both the base and the vertical back of an excavator scoop...?
Q:tooth decay on front teeth?
Usually both. First the drill is used to remove the decay, and hand excavators, too. Then it's not just a question of removing the decay and slapping the filling in. The cavity preparation is shaped so as to hold the filling better. It would nice if they didn't need the drill, wouldn't it?
Q:What does the brand of each brand of the excavator mean?
Similarly, other brands of excavators in front of the letter on behalf of the manufacturer's excavator code,Komatsu "PC" for excavators, "WA" for loaders, "D" for bulldozers.Hitachi excavator codenamed "ZX", Doosan excavator codenamed "DH", Kobelco""SK", other brands of excavator models, the front letter is also the meaning of excavators.With the letters in front of you, then the numbers should be down, "320D" and "20"What do you mean? 20 represents the tonnage of the excavator, and the tonnage of the excavator is 20 tonsIn PC200-8, "200" means "20 ton", 215 for DH215LC-721.5 tons, and so on.320D is followed by the letter D which series of products, Caterpillar is now the latest DepartmentThe column should be the E range.
Q:I need a simple description of the process of gold mining during the Klondike Gold Rush?
In the early days of any gold rush, miners go to the creeks and pan for gold. They get a shovelful of gravel/sand and throw it in their mining pan and swish it with water. The heavy gold falls to the bottom as the gravel is washed away. Then within a short time two or three miners would get together and build a sluice box or rocker - this is just like panning except it's a long shoot with little boards nailed to the bottom - looks like a chicken ladder. As the gravel and sand is washed down the sluice, the miner rocks the sluice box and the gold settles out behind the little boards in the chicken ladder. These low-tech ways of getting gold out of the creek are always the first techniques to be used. But all the time time the miners are looking around for the source of the gold which is in the creek - when they find that, then they begin mining through hard rock following the color in the rock.
Q:If we want to remove pool yard, Contractors need to bring big excavator car in yard?
Q:is zoo med excavator easily cleaned?
I wouldn't recommend it. It's messy, hard to clean, and can cause impaction.
Q:zoo med excavator sand for bearded dragon?
I have heard good and bad things about it. I use calcium sand, there is a very low risk of impaction. also white paper towels work. good luck
Q:how much does a cat 311 excavator weigh?
About 24 400 lbs?
Q:What type of co. should I ask to fill my in-ground pool with dirt ?
I have seen people write to the state when they need dirt.

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