ator W2215 with ISUZU engine Ton Excavator W2215 with ISUZU engine

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Operating WeightKg18303200
Ground PressureKpa3629
Fuel injectionDirect
Fuel injection pumpMechanical
Fuel filterFull flow
Rated PowerKw/rpm15.5/220019.2/2200
Max. torqueNm/rpm87/1320100~109/1320
Hydraulic oil tankRefill capacityL2535
Total systemL3245
EngineOil changeL55
Fuel tankL1825
Number of rollersTop, each trackNos.11
Bottom, each trackNos.34
A. Max. dig radiusmm37154825
B. Dig radius at groundlinemm36104675
C. Max. dig depthmm20652740
D. Dump heightmm22203230
E. Overall reach heightmm30254585
F. Bucket rotationdeg174173
G. Vertical straight wall dig depthmm15002175
H. Lift above groudmm220370
J. Drop below groudmm245240
K. Min. rotation radiusmm17602130
Arm digging forceKN1013.4
Bucket digging forceKN1417.8
A. Overall heightmm23002685
B. Overall lengthmm38004460
C. Width of upperstructuremm10501550
D. Track overall lengthmm14602125
E. Track overall width shoesmm10501550
F. Track shoe widthmm230300
G. Center to center(idler to sprocket)mm10901635
H. Upperstructure ground clearancemm465575
J. Min. ground clearancemm235255
K. Tail swing radiusmm1130790
L. Backfill blade heightmm250350
PumpsGear pump2×Variable displacement piston pump+gear pump
System relief pressure-StandardMpa1821+19.5
Pilot control hydraulic pumpGear pumpGear pump
Maximun capacityL/Min6.610
Relief pressureMpa33.5
Control valvesControl valve8 function multiple8 function multiple
Pump #1right travel, swing, boom swing, armright travel, boom, bucket
Pump #2left travel, boom, bucket, dozzerleft travel, arm
Pump #3pilot valvecab swing, dozer, boom swing
Pump #4/pilot valve
SwingMotorFixe displacement axial piston design
BrakeHydraulically releasedSpring applied, hydraulically released with dual cushion relief
TravelMotorTwo speed axial piston design
Final drivePlanetary gear reduction
Low speedKm/h22
High speedKm/h4.54
Boom cylinderBore diametermm6380
Rod diametermm3545
Arm cylinderBore diametermm6370
Rod diametermm3540
Bucket cylinderBore diametermm5563
Rod diametermm3240


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The basic structure and working principle of excavator:First, the overall structure of single bucket hydraulic excavatorThe overall structure of single bucket hydraulic excavator includes power unit, working device, slewing mechanism, control mechanism, transmission system, walking mechanism and auxiliary equipment, etc..The power unit, the main parts of the drive system, the slewing mechanism, the auxiliary equipment and the cab are all installed on the rotatable platform, which is usually called the upper turntable. Therefore, the single bucket hydraulic excavator can be summarized into three parts: working device, upper rotating platform and running mechanism.The excavator is through the diesel engine of the diesel oil chemical energy into mechanical energy, the hydraulic piston pump to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, the hydraulic system of the hydraulic can be assigned to each actuator (hydraulic cylinder, rotary motor + reducer, walking motor + reducer), by the actuator to the hydraulic energy into the mechanical energy, realize the working device of rotary platform motion, rotary motion, the walking motion.
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