Stick Vacuum Cleaner GS/RoHS Customized Portable/Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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GS/RoHS Customized Portable/Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Model No.ZB06-25A
 Power (W):600
 Max Vacuum (Kpa):17KPa
 Max Suction (W):100W
 Dust Tank Capacity (L):1.5
 Noise (dB):70
 Cord length:5M

 G.W. (kg):2.1
 N.W. (kg):1.7

 Measurement (mm):330*240*710
 QTY/ 20' (pcs)2340
 QTY/ 40' (pcs)4830
 QTY/ 40'HQ'(pcs)5610
Removable Handle & 2-in-1 design (A stick vac and a handheld vac)
Lightweight stick design allows for easy maneuvering 
Versatility and ability to vacuum awkward spaces
Works great on hard floors and Fast setup time and easy cleanup
Full set spare parts to cover variable cleaning needs
Suction surpasses other models of the same type 

Stick Vacuum Cleaner GS/RoHS Customized Portable/Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Stick Vacuum Cleaner GS/RoHS Customized Portable/Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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Q:are bagless cleaners better then baged cleaners ?
It depends on what you want in a vacuum cleaner. Bagged cleaners are usually easy to empty, don't need internal cleaning, and bags are fairly inexpensive. However, the dust that collects in a bagged cleaner begins to block the airflow, resulting in lower efficiency as the bag fills. Bagless cleaners have a compartment that can collect debris that sticks to the sides over time, needing the occasional extra maintenance. Also, bagless cleaners usually contain an air filter that must be replaced occasionally. However, if regularly cleaned, the filter can last for quite some time, and it's more efficient in the long run. To nutshell: Bagged cleaners are good for quick and cheap. Bagless cleaners tend to be more powerful and efficient over a long lifetime.
Q:Best way to clean carpets without a vacuum?
You could always use a broom and dust pan.
Q:why is my 8 month old son terified of vacuum cleaners?
They are scary, the make loud noises they are three times the size of an 8 month old. I would be terrified of something like that to. This is a phase and he will get over it, just vacuum RIGHT when he wakes up before you grab him from his crib. I had to do this for about 4 months with my son. Then my boyfriend vacuumed while he was on my lap a couple times, then he was fine, but you will have to wait till he is older i think. ADDITION: If there are days where your son doesn't nap and it is just the two of you I guess you'll have to skip vacuuming for the day
Q:Which is the best vacuum to pick up dog hairs?
Hello, Well, fist off CKC means canadian kennel club and if anything they would have less health issues since they are purebred. Speaking, I'm assuming that you live in Canada. I don't think you will be able to find what you are looking for for cheap from a breeder, so try looking on a local classifields or kijiji. If you are looking for a kind, gentle, sweet, intelligent, easily trainable breed, consider the beagle. They are small sized, and very intelligent and family oriented. They also make excellent sniffer dogs. They are very easy to train and you can find them for a low price. Also, they have very few generally known health issues. Just a tip, I would wait until the baby is born before getting a dog or puppy. It will be like having twins! But it's your call. Good luck with the search!
Q:Where do they sell hepa vacuum cleaners?
Sears sells Eureka E Z Kleen for about 80.00 it's an upright. The suction is really strong on it, and the replacement hepa filters are also sold in the stores. It comes with a few attachments and is vey lightweight. I have had one for about 3 years now, no complaints.
Q:Why is my vacuum so loud?
really?? did u not think about this b4 u posted??......the only vacuum in ur vacuum cleaner is inside of it....the motor and the parts making the vacuum are not anywhere near the vacuum so noise travels freely.....
Q:If Jesus was killed by abortion instead of crucifixion, would Christians wear vacuum cleaners or coat hangers?
It would have to be wire coat hangers because they are against legal abortion and want everyone to go back to the good old days of back street abortionist's or butchers. Some people might get confused between Jesus Joan Crawford both JC...remember that movie Mommie Dearest about her featured wire coat hangers quite prominently.
Q:Am I the only person who thinks this sucks?
whores suck too.
Q:Which is more powerful, an amp or a volt? By how much?
Sometimes a waterfall analogy is used: voltage is equivalent to how high the waterfall is, amperage to how much water is flowing. Power (watts) is volts x amps. (There is a technical point about phase, which we ignore.) Since household voltage is 110 in the US, a typical 10 amp vacuum will provide 1100 watts.
Q:What do I do with my old phones and vacuum cleaner?
Sell them to a second hand shop or something? You might get some cash in return :P Cause some second hand shop fix things.

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