Upright Stick Vacuum Cleaner GS/RoHS Customized Vacuum Cleaner

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GS/RoHS Customized Upright/Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Model No.ZB12-27S
 Power (W):1200
 Max Vacuum (Kpa):21
 Max Suction (W):190
 Dustbag Capacity (L):4
 Noise (dB):75
 Cord length (Feet):50

 G.W. (kg):8.5
 N.W. (kg):7

 Measurement (MM): 960*390*185
 QTY/ 20' (pcs)430
 QTY/ 40' (pcs)660
 QTY/ 40'HQ'(pcs)760
Imported Main Motor, Geared Pulley and Belt


Two Motors: Main motor:DOMEL 1180w min 1400 max;  Motor of Power Nozzle:60w min  180w max
Individual motor to drive the turbo brush, high efficiency
2-Step Filtration System Plus an extra HEPA filter at the wind outlet, to prevent re-pollution
Rubber/PVC covered handle feels rather good
Hose can be taken off to vacuum higher spaces
Bumpers around floor brush
BIG dustbag capacity:4.5L
Super long power cord:(Cord length:10M)



Upright Stick Vacuum Cleaner GS/RoHS Customized Vacuum Cleaner   Upright Stick Vacuum Cleaner GS/RoHS Customized Vacuum Cleaner

Upright Stick Vacuum Cleaner GS/RoHS Customized Vacuum Cleaner

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CLIENT: Which kind of products do you offer ?

CNBM vacuum cleaner: We provide industrial vacuum cleaners, Explosion-proof vacuums, high-power vacuums, electric vacuums, wet & dry vacuums.

CLIENT:What’s your payment term?

CNBM vacuum cleaner:L/C or T/T.30%deposit,pay the balance before shipping.

CLIENT: What’s your trade term?

CNBM vacuum cleaner: FOB shanghai, EWX, CIF……

CLIENT: Could you tie my logo on the machine?

CNBM vacuum cleaner: OK. But need the patent.

CLIENT: How do you deliver your products?

CNBM vacuum cleaner: By sea ,air ,express or shipping to client’s agency.

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Q:How do you vacuum up hair?
its not your vacuum cleaners fault. its the fact that your hair sticks to the carpets fibre so well. i have this same problem and my vacuum isnt good enough to do the job. what i do, is a get a broom. it must be very strong and have strong brissles. dont use the pathetic soft broom. the broom i use, is kind of like a scribbing broom used to scrub tiles. so basically just use it like a vacuum cleaner, and it will pick up all that hair from your carpet :)
Q:Manufacturing Engineering?
Look at the hand held vacuums they have in the store. If the housing is plastic, it is a 99.99% chance it is injection molded. If it is made of metal it could be extruded if it has a constant cross section along its length. Aluminum is a very common extrusion metal. I would doubt any high volume hand vac would have a forged housing, but I don't get out that much. Casting and machining is a possibility. As far as costs, it all depends on the life of the tool, and the number of cavities for a mold or a casting. If you mold/cast one part at a time it is much more expensive than two or four or eight. The more you mold at once, the bigger the molding/casting machine and the more expensive the mold/casting. So it depends on how many you want to make in a given amount of time, and how many through the life of the product. Finally, for your modification, do you have a design with drawings and a volume target? That is the first step to figuring out costs.
Q:Is the usb vacuum cleaner has the enough suction power to suck the dust from laptop's air vent?
sorry if it is blocked this won't work. try to blow it out with a hair dryer on high air[not heat] this could unblock your fan vent.
Q:I couldn't understand the meaning of the sentence. How can I say it in different way?
I have bought all the vacuum cleaners that John had. I have bought all of John's vacuum cleaners.
Q:Best vacuum for picking up pet hair?
check out dyson vacuum cleaner I have one its very good it might be a little expensive but you can find a cheap one it's worth it.
Q:What are the matters needing attention in vacuum cleaners?
When using the vacuum cleaner, please be careful not to block the suction port, otherwise it will cause motor overload and damage the motor.
Q:a retailer sold 50 vacuum cleaners at $90 and 35 vacuum cleaners at $140...what is the weighted mean price of?
I know the best place to buy a vacuum cleaner
Q:What vacuum cleaners would you recommend besides hoover. The price is not important ?
I'm a Vac Tech. Listen to the Simplicity person. That's a good vac. One of the best on the market. The Riccar is a sister company, both of which are manufactured in St. James Missouri. American made. The Riccar has a 5 year warranty and service plan though. The 8955 model is the best buy. Probably the best buy on any vacuum. The other Top brands are gonna be Miele and Sebo. Both German Manufactured. You really can't go wrong with any of them. Piece of advice, stay away from the hype. Most of those are toys and don't hold up. You can dump a lot of money into something at a department store that isn't worth much. You can't go yell at the 17 year old kid that recommended the Dyson to you at Walmart, but if you buy off of an independent dealer you can. Those dealers realize this and want to keep you happy, so they usually want sell you junk. Besides all those manufactures I listed will bend over backwards to make sure you get taken care of, if the dealer doesn't.
Q:How come some dogs are afraid of hoovers?
My younger dog thinks vacuuming is a fantastic game. He's outside, and when the vacuum goes anywhere near the door, you see his head go down, his eyes lock, and he stalks the thing through our door. He barks and leaps and wags his entire behind. Nutter. My older one, on the other hand, couldn't run fast enough. Hates it. Both dogs hate the hose, though. And the younger cannot stand scooters, prams, other dogs, skateboards, strangers, and children. He doesn't attack, except other dogs, he just hides behind me. I think this is partly my fault- I hate everything on that list, except other dogs, so I probably don't help.
Q:vacuum cleaners, i know nothing. :p?
What a shltty gift. Never buy a woman a gift that has a handle or a cord. Don't you know that?

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