Stainless steel high-temperature thermal oil swivel joint

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Stainless steel high-temperature thermal oil swivel joint

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Brass , SUS304 Stainless steel,  casting steel material ,alloy steel,Iron and custmers' requirements


CNC Machining

Maching Equipment

CNC Center,CNC mashines,turning machines, Drilling machines,Milling mashines,Grinding machines

Measuring Tools

CMM,Vernier caliper,depth caliper,Micrometer,Pin gauge,Thread gauge,Height gauge

Surface Treatment

Polishing,,Powder coating,plating,

QC system

100% inspection before shipment


Wooden box,carton,plywood packing or as customers' requiements

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7 to 20 days(according to total quantity)

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5, pneumatic joints of different series used in different places, specific size can find these brands of websites, generally all brands have their own web site, the website has relevant dimensions description.6, if not clear enough, you can find these brands in Baidu, and then call them to obtain product catalogs, so that more clear.
Q:What are the specifications and models of metal hose couplings?
It is mainly used for connecting the box and hose in place. Open the box in the box and plug into the joint. The external thread joint is fixed with the lock. 2, mainly used in screw thread connection cable pipe and hose.
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In my more than 10 years experience, in the piping, pipe joints such as glue, threading, threading device is easy to pass through the pipe joints, straight through and so on. Although the specification is to use glue, but the operation is very troublesome, I generally do not, no one to check you with no glue, just use the line tube inserted into the pipe joints or through the end can glue, threader easily through these joints. The line pipe is not easily disengaged and flooded when it is on the ground
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For what it's worth BSP threads have 11 threads per inch, where it's 2 inch, 1 1/2. or 1 or 3/4.1/2, 3/8.1/4. BSP threads aren't interchangeable with NPT threads NPT threads are often used on high pressure such as hydraulic hoses gas fittings. Cheers!
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