Rotary JointHigh Temperature Hot oil stainless steel rotary joint--Threaded connection

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5000 pc
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50000 pc/month

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Brass , SUS304 Stainless steel,  casting steel material ,alloy steel,Iron and custmers' requirements


CNC Machining

Maching Equipment

CNC Center,CNC mashines,turning machines, Drilling machines,Milling mashines,Grinding machines

Measuring Tools

CMM,Vernier caliper,depth caliper,Micrometer,Pin gauge,Thread gauge,Height gauge

Surface Treatment

Polishing,,Powder coating,plating,

QC system

100% inspection before shipment


Wooden box,carton,plywood packing or as customers' requiements

Payment terms


Delivery time

7 to 20 days(according to total quantity)

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