Hot rolled round steel

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TianGangQ345B round steel profile

Q345A (GB/T 1591-1994)/omega % properties and applications: q345 steel is a kind of material. It is a low alloy steel (c < 0.2%), comprehensive performance is good, good low temperature performance, cold stamping performance, good welding performance and cutting performance ° is widely used in pressure vessels, vehicles, ships, buildings, Bridges, etc. Q represents this kind of material yield, behind the 345, is refers to the material yield value, at around 345. And with the increase of the thickness of the material and reduce the yield value. Analogous to the naming of q235 method. Q345a, q345b, q345c q345d, q345e. And this is the distinction between grade, represents the main impact of temperature is different! Q345a, don't do impact; Grade q345b, impact is 20 degrees at room temperature; Grade q345c, impact is 0 degrees; Q345d grade, is 20 degrees - impact; Q345e level, it is - hit 40 degrees. In the impact of different temperature, impact value is also different.

Round steel series

Combination of steel, carbon steel, die steel, bearing steel, tool steel, spring steel, gear steel, cold-drawn round steel, hot rolled round steel, forging round steel.

Round steel material; 15 #, 8 #, 10 #, 20 #, 25 #, 30 #, 35 #, 45 #, 20 cr, cr, 35 to 40 cr, cr, 45 50 cr, mn, 15, 16 mn (q345b), q345c, q345d, q345e, 50 mn, 65 mn, < p > q235b 15 crmo (a3), 20 crmo, 35 crmo, 42 crmo, 5 crmnmo, 38 crmoal, yf45mnv, cr12 < p > cr12mov, gr15, mn2 40, 45 mn2, 60 si2mn crmnti 20, 20 mntib, ml35, t8a, t9a, t10a, t11a < p > t12a, t13a, 3 cr2w8v, 20 crmnmo, 40 crmnmo, 20 crnimo, 27 simn... ..

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Q:Embedded bolts M24 why use M25 round steel?
Such as using 24 of the round steel, worried about the surface quality of steel when the processing can not be nominal diameter 24 of the standard thread, of course, the election is too large and wasteful, so generally choose 25 of the round bar,
Q:How many positive and negative tolerances are allowed for round steel GB?
Because of the deviation of cold rolled steel plate and hot rolled steel plate is not the same as the.5mm hot rolling strip is usually made of steel plate shear, the thickness deviation according to the different width and different. But the minimum of plus or minus 0.19, the highest of plus or minus 0.29 this standard applies to the diameter of 5.5mm ~ 250mm hot rolled round and length of hot-rolled square steel 5.5mm ~ 200mm.
Q:The difference between galvanized round bar and galvanized flat steel?
Galvanized round bar and galvanized flat steel are of different shapes and different uses.
Q:45# what are the main rounds for?
45# round steel refers to the cross section of round solid steel. The specifications are expressed in millimeters of diameter, such as "50", which means a round bar of 50 millimeters in diameter
Q:Round bar, flat steel, not reinforced?
Round steel: 5.5-25 mm small round bars are mostly supplied by straight strips. They are commonly used as reinforcing bars, bolts and various mechanical parts. They are more than 25 millimeters of round steel. They are mainly used in the manufacture of mechanical parts or as seamless steel tube billets.
Q:Difference between cold drawn round steel and round steel
The free torsion rigidity of hot rolled steel is higher than that of cold rolled steel, so the torsion resistance of hot rolled steel is better than that of cold rolled steel.
Q:What kind of nuts do you need for round 20 rounds?
The nut is connected to mechanical equipment parts, through the inside of the thread, the same specifications of nuts and bolts to connect together, such as M4-P0.7 and M4-P0.7 only bolt nut series connection (nut, M4 nut diameter is about 4mm, 0.7 fingers between the two thread distance of 0.7mm); US made products as well, such as screw nut only with the 1/4-20 1/4-20's collocation (1/4 refers to the nut inner diameter is about 0.25 inches, 20 inches each, 20 teeth).Self locking nut, lock nut, locking nut, four claw nut, the nut is screwed into the nut, screw rod nut insurance connecting nut cap nut six self-locking angle of anchor bolt with nut, six special angle crown thin nut eyenut.
Q:Which is hard, round steel or screw steel?
If the diameter is the same, of course, the rebar is of great hardness.Round steel is a solid strip of steel whose cross section is round. The specifications are expressed in millimeters of diameter, such as "50", which means a round bar of 50 millimeters in diameter.
Q:The problem of dowel bars on concrete pavements?
The left and right half of the casting, the middle of the set is a longitudinal pull rod, tie rod settings and your panel thickness and plate width, length of the boardTo Portland cement concrete surface layer as an example: when the plate is 3M, the thickness of the surface layer is 200-250mm, the rod Phi 14 * 700mm * 900mm rebar length and spacing from the lateral transverse joint distance not less than 10mm (mean distance is a piece of plate length is 4 meters to the two plates the net is not small 100mm).
Q:How to distinguish a round bar from forging? Cold drawing? Hot rolling?
Round bar is divided into three parts: hot rolling, forging and cold drawing. Standard Specification for hot rolled round steel is 5.5-250 mm. Where: 5.5-25 mm small round steel mostly straight bundles of supply, used for steel, bolts and various mechanical parts; greater than 25 mm round steel, seamless steel pipe is mainly used for the manufacture of mechanical parts of the tube, etc..

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