Saturated Carboxylated Polyester Resin P5708

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Product Description:

Saturated Carboxylated Polyester Resin P5708

General Description

Polyester Resin TGIC 5706 is a medium reactivity polyester resin, designed for 937 curing powder coatings. Coating based on it rexhibit:


Very good storage stability

Good flow

Outstanding mechanical properties

Good yellowing resistance


Extrustion&Application Conditions

Extruder:        Lingyu SLJ-20

Zone I temp:    85~105℃

Zone II temp:   100~120℃

Screw speed:   400-500rpm

Panel:          0.5mm pre-treated cold-rolled steel

Spray gun:      Lingyu JP-80

Voltage:        60-90kv

Curing cycles:   10min.@200


Product Specifications

Property                               Range                         Test Method

Appearance                         pale granules                        Visual

Acid value,mgKOH/g                    30~36                         ASTM D1639

Voistivey                            3000~6000                       ASMT D4287

Gardner Color (50% solution)            max.2                         ASTM D1544


Other Data

Property                              Range                          Test Method

Glass transition temp.,              approx.66                           DSC


Starting Formulation

Component                                                             Weight%

P5706                                                                   59.6

TGIC                                                                    4.5

Titanium Dioxide                                                          34.5

Flow control agent                                                         1.0

Benzoin                                                                  0.4


Film Properties

Item                                Result                             Test Method

Film thinckness,um                   approx.60                          ASTM D1186

Gloss@60 %                       min.90                            ASTM D523

Direct/reverse impact,inch lbs          160/160                           ASTM D2794

1/8 Conical mandrel                   3                               ASTM D522

Adhesion (cross cut)                   O                                ASTM D3359

Pencil hardness (Mar)                  H                               ISO 15184-98



Ø WhitePE bag,N.W.25kg/bag,1000kg/pallet

Ø Big bags 750kg

Ø Container: 17.5MT/20GP With 10pallets or 20 pallets. 18.5MT/20GP With 10 pallets. 25MT/40GP With 10 Pallets.



The product can be stably stored for at least one year when kept in closed containers in a dry place at temperature below 30℃. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.Detail pls check MSDS.

Saturated Carboxylated Polyester Resin  P5708 


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