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Description:PVC glued wire is to stick the pvc cloth on the wire firmly.There is no space between the pvc cloth and the wire,so it would not cause the cloth break or desquamate.This product passed the 200 hours anti-aging testfrom Japan,and the pvc cloth has the SGS certificate of poison free.


Application:Mesh weaving(chain-link fence,gabion mesh),garden binding,and decorating,tec.


Tensile Strength:300-400MPa,400-500MPa,500-600MPa,600-700MPa,900-1100MPa,or according to customer's requirement

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Q:Help with ceiling fan wiring?
Be careful when with just hooking Black to Black or White to White as has been suggested. In some configurations the white wire is part of the switch leg and is not nuetral. Being that this is a 50 year old house, the Hot wire from the breaker box could very possibly be coming in at the light box instead of the switch box which would mean that there is a wire that is using both the Black and the White wires for power. One of them is taking power to the switch and the other is bringing power back to the light from the switch when the switch is turned on. In this scenario, the white wire would not be nuetral!!! The brown wire was typicallly used for hot up into the 70's and then they changed it to black. Your best bet is to hook it up exactly the way you took it off and hook the Blue and Black wire from your fan to the same wire. I assume that this fan has pull chain controls for both the light and the fan?.....
Q:how does normal electrical wire work?
Stranded or solid are the same in so far as performance. The stranded is used where flexibility is needed. solid wire is prone to breaking when repeatedly flexed. Solid wire is a bit cheaper, and easier to work with where you need the wire to stay in a particular shape. .
Q:Wiring surround sound speakers?
Unless your making up for some deficit in an esoteric 5000 dollar amp, with strange damping circuitry requirements monster cable is a huge waste of money. 14 Gage is fine, LAN cable is not and is not meant for the purpose. I went out and bought a pair of huge monster cables, that reminded me of nothing less than heavy duty house wire, which, by the way is much cheaper. Found it 1. incompatible with anything but banana plugs, which, 2 were not supplied but offered at even further ridiculous prices, 3. were not compatible with standard receiver outputs or speaker inputs until quite recently, 4. made no perceptible difference over a good run of litz wire, 5 are largely retailed to rubes and aficionados to show off their wallets, and a handful of professionals with particular matching problems with hyper sensitive gear. If you've got an extra hundred bucks, invest it in your amp or speakers instead.
Q:Okay to leave ground wire bare?
I'm not sure I understand what you are doing but to answer your question yes you can leave the ground wire bare. A 16 gauge cord is pretty light to be tying 4 other wires into. Is this going to feed the 4 wires?
Q:stereo speakers wiring?
Chances are the marked wire is positive. For your purposes it doesn't matter a whole lot. The phasing (which DOES matter) will be correct as long as you are consistent with both speakers. If you can remove the front grill or otherwise see the speaker cone directly, you can check the polarity with a AA or other 1-1/2 volt battery. The cone will move forward when the positive wire is *briefly* touched to the positive terminal of the battery while the negative wire is held on the negative terminal. If you see it move back, you've connected the wires in reverse. Don
Q:what is the wire for 100A and 200A?
For THHN wire (90*c/194*F), you would need: #3 Copper Wire Gauge Size 110 amp rating (doesn't account for voltage drop for distance) #2 for aluminum wire. #3/0 Copper Wire Gauge Size 225 amp rating (doesn't account for voltage drop for distance) #4/0 for aluminum wire. Note: A licensed electrician should be consulted in you area as local codes may differ.
Q:what size wire do i need?
First thing you need to do is call your city's building inspectors and get necessary permits. !!! For your protection. #10 wire for thirty amp breaker. For 220VAC you will need 3 wire (three conductor cables) plus ground wire for a thirty amp breaker. But question is what is the ampacity rating of your hot tub? You need to size your circuit breaker to the ampacity of your hot tub. Breaker is going to have to be a two pole (double pole) breaker GFCI breaker since it is 220 VAC. since it is for a hot tub. You should have a red wire a black wire a white wire and a bare wire in your cable. The black wire and red wire are your hot wires they go to the breaker. The white wire is your neutral (grounded conductor) it goes to the terminal strip where all the other neutral wires are connected in the breaker box. The bare wire is your ground wire! It goes to the ground wire terminal strip in the breaker box. Now that said if you or your husband is not absolutely sure about what you are doing get an electician to do it for. First water and electricity do not mix at all good together. Good way to get fried if tub goes hot on you if hooked up wrong. Good way to burn the house down if hooked up wrong as well. Another thing since it is a hot tub meaning like wet area like bathrooms and out side special considerations are going to have to be taken for safety namely you are going to have to use a GFCI circuit breaker or have a GFCI double pole switch to disconnect the tub incase of a short circuit or excessive current leakage to ground otherwise you end up bolied lobsters. Well done and ready to eat by the time you are found. Not as easy as just hooking up three wires is it. And if you do not know exaclty what you are doing call an electrician.
Q:Spark plugs and plug wires?
if they have never been replaced,yes it is a good idea,they transfer the[spark] to the spark plugs [hi energy] so they do wear out.
Q:sub wiring and amp wiring?
no wat i would do is wire 1 speaker to 1 port and wire the other speaker to the other pot thats if it is a 2 chanel amp... cause if not u will be pulling to much from 1 side and the speakers wont sound right..... u need to turn down the amp to at first and then bring up the bass gradually to make sure the speakers can handle it..... u also have the choice to bride the amp but thats it the spakers can handle the power... all u have to do is hook up positive then negative to 1 speaker the hook up positive then negative to a diffrent speaker but it has to be from a diff channel...... but if ur going to bridge the speakers then u go positive from 1 port to the negative to the negative of the other port this will give u alot more power to ur speakers.... thats why i recomend u hooking them up regular at first........... u also have to make sure ur gornd is like a foot long or less.... the shorter the ground the more the bass
Q:wires connected in parallel ?
the diameter of wire A is twice the diameter of wire B This means the cross-sectional area of A is 4 times that of B, which means the resistance of A is 1/4 that of B. To put some numbers on it, if B is 4 ohms, A is 1 ohm, total R is 0.8 ohms. Which means that if you have 1 amp of current flowing, you have 0.8 volts drop across the two wires, and 0.8 amps flowing through A and 0.2 amps flowing through B. Power in A is 0.8*0.8 = 0.64W, power in B is 0.8*0.2 = 0.16W, total power is 0.8*1 = 0.8 watts 1. true, see above 2. false, 4 times 3. false, they have the same voltage drop, they are in parallel 4. true 5. false, see #4 .

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