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1.Jichai diesel generator 
2.Optional alternator 
3.long-term spare parts 
4.low fuel consumption 
5.economic price 

1100kw/1375kva Jichai Reliable Diesel Generating set


Engine features :

1.China most famous brand diesel engine: Jichai engine 

2.Multi-cylinder in-line or veer engine,4 stork,direct injection

3.Naturally aspirated,turbocharged,water cooled or turbochaged  with air intercooler.

4.Machinery or electronic governing 

5.Fuel injection pump

6.Electric motor starting system

7.Forged steel crankshaft,cast iron cylinder and replaceable wet type cylinder liner 

8.Low discharge,and low fuel consumption

9.Installed conveniently and maintain easily


Alternator Features:

1.World famous brand AC alternator:Leroy Somer,Stamford,Marathon.Engga ect.

2.Brushless,4 poles,rotation magnet

3.IP21-23 enclose is standard for all industrial alternators.

4.H class insulation system

5.AVR self-regulated,voltage regulation rate:±1%

6.Simple installation and maintenance with easy easy access to terminals ,rotating diodes and coupling bolts.

7.Moisture proof,sand-proof,dustproof ,salt-proof and vibration-proof.


Control system:

1.a) Automatic alarm system:the unit has the acousto-optics alarm system and arrestor for any situation as the start defeat,the water is over temperature,

the oil pulls down ,over speed,over load and over current.

  b) Operation display:

    i)Unit voltage,tri-phase load current and frequency display

ii)Water temperature .oil pressure display

iii)Fuel level, fuel temperature display

iv)Audible and visual alarm lamps and buzzers

2.Starting system:DC alternator is used to start engine.

3.Short circuit protection :MCCB air switch

4.Cooling system:combined cooling water tank fitted to meet the requirement of radiation at ambient 

temperature 40°C

5.Filter system:oil ,fuel and air filter

6.Accessories:exhaust elbow,below,muffle

ModelOutput POWER(KW)Engine ModelEngine Power

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Q:Question on Diesel Power generators?
The engine can run indefinitely without needing to stop for a rest provided it is properly maintained and cooled. You should change the oil and filters after every 200 hours operating time. Properly maintained you should expect at least 25-30 years operating time from the engine. Neglected and it could need replacing in less than 10. Not sure what 161 gsm/hp-hr means. Unlikely to be grams, but gallons per horsepower hour would be extremely high. Need to look further into it
Q:How many kilowatts KW of electricity does the average house use in the USA?
The average American household uses 920 KWh per month (recent DOE stat.) Off grid is a very novel idea, if it was still 1970 or you live in a part of Missouri which would require utility lines brought to you at your expense. With that said the future of the U.S. is (hopefully) moving toward what is called a 'smart grid systems and net metering'. This is where your excess electric production will be returned to you in the form of a payment generated by your 'power plant home', unless you use it all up in your 'mobile power unit', i.e. your electric car. Going off grid isn't as easy as it sounds with needing a battery back up room etc. Also, if you are serious about off grid, then your home will need to incorporate the most efficient technology and passive solar design to keep your electricity demand down. Good luck with your endeavor.
Q:Inherited a continuous 12.5 kw, 1800 rpm, 240 volt, single phase, 60 hz generator that requires 25 hp engine?
The generator probably has to turn at 1800 rpm to maintain the 60 Hz frequency spec. Thisis important in a TV set but I can't think of any where else it would be important. Slocks will be edpendent on line frequency but in an emergency you don' really care if you have a watch. Reet the clocks after the power returns. You will probably use minimum power during a blackout. You need light heat and a book which doesn't use much power. No Alfred Hitchcock or Ray Bradberry.
Q:Can a decent electric car or truck conversion be made using a 9.8kw gas/generator with batteries?
the main suitable batteries, of at present, purely artwork properly in properly defined temperature parameters. it is the crux of the subject; How do you get those batteries to accomplish wisely in sub-freezing to sahara dessert temperature swings, day in and day holiday? think of roughly it-the famous truck is designed to traverse those style of extremes in one day AND do all of it back each and every day, month after month and 300 and sixty 5 days after 300 and sixty 5 days! a real 4-season electric powered motor vehicle, which could carry out this properly, is the predicament of even the main adept engineer! Are you prepared emigrate to a functionally superb temperate section, purely topersistent an electric powered vehicle?
Q:How to silence a very loud Diesel Generator ?
You need to provide a space with good air flow for cooling with baffles on the air path so that sound following the air path is absorbed. The walls need to be built with absorbing material between the inner and outer surfaces to reduce transmission that way. You need a good muffler on the exhaust. Unfortunately, all this adds volume to the generator. A properly sound insulated generator with air space maintained is likely to take up 3-4 times the volume of the generator itself just standing there - baffled ducts themselves take up twice the space of the inside volume or more. As others have said - inside is a bad idea.
Q:Diesel Generating Set?
You are after capacity of the generator not load. You add up all the power required: 240 HP + 300 HP + 675 HP 1215 HP 1 HP 746 W Power required 906.39 kW You take this figure in consideration to choose your set allowing for efficiency and power factor.
Q:Why was there smoke comming out of a generator?
What kind of generator and how is it fueled? A diesel generator will smoke at start-up, and if it is an older unit burning old fuel, it will smoke in operation as well. That would be smoke from the exhaust. If you are writing about smoke from the windings - that is the generator itself - that would be due to an overload and/or winding failure, and caused by the system overheating. If you are writing about smoke coming off the engine - that could be from an oil leak, or debris falling onto the engine and being combusted by heat. Only the first of these is 'normal'.
Q:what is diesel power plan or station & how it is work?
In diesel power plant the power is produced by a Diesel Engine. The diesel engine used may be 2 stroke or four stroke It is used only for small amount of power production Working: Diesel engine is coupled with generators or alternator for generating electricity
If you mean the build-in pcb of a fuel/diesel generator which build-up voltage initially and then keep it stable under any load, then read this: First you need to see your generator minimum requirements to determine specs of AVR. You will probably found a label on generator with those Information: Ex. volt (maximum excitation voltage) Ex. amp (maximum excitation amperage) Your AVR output must exceed those specs. If generator is brushless type in most cases it does. Also input voltage of AVR must be the same as output of generator (ex. 110V110V, 220V220V). If generator is triple phase then you can do the same (ex. 380V380V, 440V440V) but if generator have output in star formation then you can use node for a smaller voltage of AVR (ex. 380V220V, 440V253V). If generator work in parallel operation (usually marine main generators does) then things get complicated. In this case AVR is good to support current transformer to make generator more elastic under load fluctuations and match other generators in the same circuit.
Q:Tolong bantu ya ?

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