*PPR Flttlng Pvc Ball Valve Drawing High Class Quality

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China main port
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1000 pc
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100000 pc/month

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Color: white

Product Description:

Packaging Details:

1. Large carton:515x400x220 Cubage:0.04532 M3 

Small carton:390x255x250 Cubage:0.0248 M3 

2. PE poly bag+ cartonDelivery Detail: 15 days/ 20" container; 25 days/ 40HQ  

Our Advantages:

1) Healthy, bacteriological neutral, conforming to drinking water standards

2) Resistant to high temperatures, good impact strength

3) Convenient and reliable installation, low construction expenses

4) Excellent heat-insulation property from minimum thermal conductivity

5) Lightweight, convenient to transport and handle, good for labor-saving

6) Smooth inner walls reduce pressure loss and increase flow speed

7) Sound insulation (reduced by 40% compared to galvanized steel pipes)

8) Light colors and excellent design ensure suitability for both exposed and hidden installation

9) Recyclable, environment-friendly, accords with GBM standards



> Distribution for cool and hot water; 

> Duct for drinkable water system;

> Pipes for kinds of high-temperature and low-temperature heating system;

> Pipes for heating and coolling settings in solar energy system;

> Connecting pipe for air conditioners. 


Q1:How Can I Get A Sample?

A1:You can get samples by communicate with our export sales.

Q2:How Long Is Delivery?

A2:Delivery time will be30-45days according to order quantity.

Q3:What Is The MOQ?

A3:MOQ depends on different items.

Q4:What Is Our Normal Payments Terms?

A4:Our normal payment terms now is: T/T, L/C or western union,paypal

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