Portable Diesel Generator Set 3KW to 7.5KW

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1000 set/month
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Product Description:


1. All copper motor, Class F insulation, high conversion efficiency;

2. Intelligent voltage AVR adjustment, stable voltage, wide range of use;

3. Simple operation, digital intelligent display, easy to maintain and maintain.


Genset Model





Rated voltage




Engine model





Rated power(KVA)





Max power(KVA)





Power factor


Voltage regulation

Automatic voltage regulator

Bore X stroke





Compression ratio


Start system

Electric start

Fuel capacity


Oil capacity



Net Weight/Gross Weight








With handle and wheels



1. Q: Are you diesel generator set manufacturer ?

   A:Yes,we are diesel genset manufacturer,our factor is located in Yangzhou city.


2. Q: What is the warranty period?

 A:Our product warranty is 1 year or 1000 running hours whichever comes first from shipping date on.


3. Q: What is your payment terms?

A:We can accept TT or LC.If TT then 30% deposit,balance before shipping.If L/C it should be irrevocable L/C at sight.


4. Q: What is the delivery time for the generating set?

A:Normally 2-3 weeks.


5. Q: If the diesel genset be customized?

   A:Of course,we can offer the solution depend on your detail requirements.


6. Q: Can you use the LOGO we offer on the generator set?

   A:Yes,we can use your logo instead of ours but make sure you are the owner of the LOGO or you have the authorization of the use of trademarks.


7. Q: Is there a MOQ for your generator set?

 A:No,we can accept 1 set order.


8. Q: Do you have any certificates ?

 A:Yes,we have passed ISO9001,ISO14001 and the OHSAS18001.


9. Q: What is your company's available production capacity?
  A: 200 Set/Sets per Month


10. Q:What's the power range of diesel generator sets?
   A: Power range from 5kva~10000kva.



Why choose us ?

Reason1. We can offer a competitive generating set.

Reason2. Excellent product quality and after sale service.

Reason3. We can guide you how to install and maintain.

Reason4. Our material suppliers are well known in China.

Reason5. We are the expert in power supply field.


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Q:can i run a 40kvh generator on a water wheel?
If you mean 40kva, then you are talking 30 horsepower. That's bigger than most of the huge waterwheels that used to power the industrial revolution era cotton mills. If you happen to live at the bottom of a huge waterfall you might have a chance, but the engineering would be something else,
Q:I am asking this simple question 4th time but nobody knows its answer.why?
You just take the number of hours the generator was running, and the number of liters of fuel it used, and then divide. If it runs for 10 hours on 2 liters of fuel, then its average consumption is 5 hours per liter (10 divided by 2).
Q:for lighting 4000 watt lamps how much power input requires?
You want to connect a 4 kw load to a 6 kw generator. As long as the 6 kw (6,000 watts) rating of the generator is accurate it should power the lamps fine. You're only using 66% of the generator capacity. There aren't any significant losses to worry about and no point in doing any calculations. They were done for you in the kw rating of the generator. Just don't use any extension cords that are too small for the lights.
Q:would someone tell me how a onan generator works?
A generator works using 3 components: an engine(gas, diesel, or LP-gas powered), the generator, and the control unit. The engine runs at a preset RPM to spin an armature inside a magnetic field, thereby producing an AC current. The AC current is then sent through the control panel/curcuit breaker box, where it is regulated and then finally used to power the house, boat, or whatever it is used to power. The actual worth of the two generators varies on what kind of fuel they run on, the engine size, the wattage, and hours of usage.
Q:I am build a permanent magnet generator for diesel engine.questions to ask?
In AC side connect a series high current Choke with less no of turns take the out put use a High current bridge Diodes with suitable heat sink.For regulating out put ,In the series choke place a Dc winding that can be excited by a separate dc circuit, Increase saturation will give same voltage decrease excitation will give drop in voltage.It is like magnetic Amplifier.Set the out put voltage with pre set point or a regulating circuit.I have given rough Idea If you want further detail PM me (This only cheapest method unless you have use thyristor or others to con troll may be expensive)
Q:Heavy diesel mechanic vs smaller diesel mechanic?
They are bigger.
Q:Industrial generators, how do they work?
You are asking about backup generators? They have a gasoline or diesel engine driving the generator.
Q:I'm looking for a mechanical IP switch that would allow me to remotely toggle a tangible switch.?
Should be doable, except I can see a problem - How will you know if the thing started or not ??
Q:Kipor Diesel generator?
Dont buy anything Chinese. They are not interested in customer satisfaction or quality and just want to shift as much product as possible. The materials are usually sub-standard and the build quality is total rubbish! I guess it depends what you want it for? If it is a one off use and then you are prepared to throw it away then maybe consider it but otherwise spend even double the amount and get some equipment that can be serviced and that has a customer service and back up plan. It will be more value in the long run. It is also more patriotic.
Q:exact formula for calculating diesel consumption of diesel generator?
You will need the specific fuel consumption of the engine, but it is probably close to 0.5 pounds per HP hour or 250g/KW.h. That is specified for the output shaft power at the operating RPM. It depends whether you have a turbo charger, the fuel a little, the air temperature and barometric pressure. Make sure exhaust and air intakes are not restricted too. You may find for a gen-set that you get a set of curves with the fuel consumption for different KW output. These account for the alternator efficiency already. Contact the engine supplier etc for this info. Use KWh from the generator (volts x amps x time gives KVAh not KWh). The amps might be up to 20% higher, depending on power factor of the load. The reactive part of the load does not need power from the engine. This is why I say to use KWh not KW, as you can use ordinary KWh meters (which ignore the reactive load). Allow for the efficiency of the generator (which varies somewhat, especially at light loads). Let's say 85%. Remember it is exciting the field, so that must be included in the efficiency. Thus if you are using 350KW for one hour, the engine provides 350KWh/0.85 411.8KWh (412KWh). The fuel used is 412KWh x 0.25Kg 103Kg of fuel. Now you need the specific gravity of the fuel you are using. You can call the fuel distributor. Ideally this is corrected for temperature of the fuel with the engine running, remembering the engine heats the fuel in the day tank due to recirculation. Let's assume 0.85 is the SG, so that means 0.85kg/l so 103Kg of fuel is 103/0.85 121 liters. In practice it may be higher, especially if the engine is old and worn. This answer is something like the maximum consumption, full rated output, 121 liters per hour. OR 26.6 imperial gallons or 32 US gallons per hour.

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