New Gs Ash Vacuum Cleaner

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$1.00 - 20.00 / pc
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1 Piece pc
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300000 Pieces per Year pc/month

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Product Description:

Voltage:230v/50hz                                                                                                                                                                                                     Power: 600w                                                                                                      

Aluminium tube:1pcs                                                                           

 Flexible hosepipe:1set                                                                                   

 Filter Hepa:1pcs                                                                                   
Tank capacity:12L                                                                                          

VDE plug power cord



MODEL NO.:K-416 (1411+1500+1385)

Type: Ash cleaner (NEW GS: EK1 498-11)

l         Safeguard system on motor

l         Clean solid particulate and ash easily

l         Hepa filtration system

l         Tidy wire on the handle

l         Iron tank

l         Base with wheels is optional



Rated power




Rated voltage




normal frequency




















Loading quantity(20/40/40H)






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Q:Is there a Vacuum and Steamer/Shampooer Combo?
alot of kirby vacuum cleaners can do both... they are expensive, but if you go to a kirby store, most decent sized towns have them, they usually have older rebuilt or used kirbys for sale that are reasonably priced
Q:Cant get pool vacuum to work?
Some Polaris' are pressure washers and need a separate pump to make them work. Others are vacuum side cleaners and use your pool pump to power them. Check your filter it is likely dirty and causing low pressure and low water flow. You're welcome!!
Q:Decent vacuum much?
I recently bought a new vacuum cleaner and really looked into it before I bought. I have a lot of pets, including a very large, hairy dog and a small budget, so I needed something REALLY good for a low price. I got the Eureka Boss 4D, model 4893. It cost me $139.99 and in my opinion is it better than ANY cleaner I've ever used, including Dysons. It's heavy though, I'd not recomend it if you have any mobility problems like arthritis or similar.
Q:Which brand is better – Miele or Dyson for vacuum cleaners?
I, I called up because a buddy of mine actually told me he went into their store and got a discount and got $150 off for calling up. Had it the next day in CT at $949 flat. Definitely would recommend Miele though. Germans always make the best
Q:how do you feel about vacuum cleaners?
I think it is impossible to clean a carpet properly without one. If you don't get over your hatred of vacuum cleaners, you are going to be living in a pig sty. Your Mum is not always going to be there to clean up after you. And you future wife will be an idiot if she lets you get away with, Oh! I can't help you vacuum. I hate vacuum cleaners. What a woos.
Q:What is.are the best vacuum cleaners?
The one that has the features SHE wants, and that fits into HER budget, not someone else's.
Q:What are the most common problems do you face with vacuum cleaners ?
I've had several... Hair gets in the brush attachments of the cleaning tools The belt somehow gets twisted Loose dust and dirt clings to the opening of the bag so when you change the bad, it kinda poofs in the air or falls back on the floor The vacuum runs over its own cord ( doesn't just run over its own cord...obviously...but the cord gets in the way) My old hoover vacuum used to always get stuff trapped in the flexible hose and I had to use a coat hanger to pry it back out Sometimes they smell odd when in old dust or something.
Q:Is it ok to get vacuum cleaners filters wet?
Should be fine as long as they are dry before you try to use them.
Q:How do I use a vacuum cleaner as a masturbation aid?
When i was 12-14 and my mom would leave me alone, I would put my cock in the vacuum hose. It made a lot of noise as the skin slapped against the sides of the hose It took about 30 seconds before i was brought to my knees with a ticticklishness i didnt understand.
Q:Are there any vacuum cleaners that have a charcoal filter?
Very Unlikely they use Hepa Filters instead.

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