Multi-stage Deep Well Submersible Pump

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Q:Changing a water pump in a pt crusier?
The water pump is driven by the timing belt on this motor. If it is not done right, you could cause serious damage to the engine. Actually $800 to change the pump and timing belt is reasonable. To lower the price further you could negotiate buying your own parts. Good luck.
Q:why is my water pump keep going on and off only when i use it?
Sounds like the thermal is cycling. Check it and clean out debris. (overheating)
Q:Water Pump on 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora?
When you mean it wont come loose, do you mean you cant break the bolts loose or is the pump stuck on the motor like glue? If the bolts are stuck, try spray them with penetrating oil and let it work in for about 30 mins. If the pump is stuck, use a narrow putty knif, gently tap in between the pump and the block, and pry it off, then clean the mating surface completely to ensure the new pump seals properly.
Q:Water supply query or water pump or motor problem?
we've a Jetta and the water pump went at 30,000 miles. Its meant to very final plenty longer till the timing belt needs to get replaced. the reason they use plastic for the impeller is so if it fails it does not harm the timing belt. whilst the pump fails you may notcontinual the motorcar for any distance, the engine overheats, the warning lighting fixtures furnishings come on and thats it. in case you persevered tocontinual you might have the skill to desire to probably grab the engine or a minimum of blow the precise gasket and warp the precise, those engines are all aluminum and might't stand to be overheated.
Q:what's wrong with my water pump?
what the hell are you working on?? Need just a little more input
Q:Can a car turn off due to water pump?
DONT BUY THAT CAR!!!!!!! Those are famous for blowing head gaskets after a nice overheat.And who knows how long he or she drove with it like that.The water pump either works or it dont.Its not electrical.He is full of crap! But it will shut off when it has a leaking head gasket and so much exhaust enters the system. Even if you look at the oil and radiator fluid.sometimes it wont show. DO NOT BUY THAT CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Q:My water pump was leaking and replaced. Now the AC does not work and it was working fine before.?
i used some product i've got been given at checker vehicle areas to fix a head gasket that grew to become into blown into the coolant device. that they had some distinctive types, some properly suited with coolant, some not. i've got been given the stuff that grew to become into properly suited with coolant. i'm very sceptical on stuff like this, in spite of if it has labored so a procedures. i paid like $30 for it. i grew to become into surprised
Q:Do I need a new water pump for my Accord?
could also be the thermostat. but be catious if it was in the red for too long then it might have damaged the head i would chech the thermostat first because they are more likley to have problems (plus they are cheaper)
Q:Could the whistling noise i hear be related to a possible bad bearing in the water pump?
nicely, whilst you're like me you should make effective your self which you're turning out to be performed what ought to be performed. So, to locate precisely the place the noise is coming from, get your self a stethoscope. we are going to use component of backyard hose for this and it artwork great, 3-4 feet long. place one end on your ear and flow the different end around the engine (being careful of all shifting areas) the place you think of the noise is coming from. this variety you would be waiting to pinpoint the place the noise is and what section is making it. you would be attentive to you have discovered it whilst the noise is loudest. get rid of and replace. attempt this and that i assure you will locate the priority. you will be able to choose help revving the engine at those rpm you indicated. sturdy success!
Q:estimated cost for changing a 95 toyota sr5 4runner v6 3.0 water pump?
Too i did this, and by doing so it saved me money, time, and the risk of getting ripped off.

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