Multi-Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Cyclone Cleaner

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Bagless Cyclone HEPA Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner 

Multi-Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Cyclone CleanerMulti-Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Cyclone Cleaner

Multi-Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Cyclone Cleaner

Multi-Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Cyclone Cleaner

Multi-Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Cyclone Cleaner

Company Information

we have cooperation with“TUV/ GS /SGS/ Eurofins” certification authority, we did SASO/SII CERTI for Middle east custom before, and all of the certificate that our clients’ required.

We support the vacuum cleaner and fittings and vacuum motor. The vacuum cleaner and vacuum motor are purchased by Europe, East Asia, North American the Middle East, Africa. Our vacuum cleaner surface is made by injection moulding or spray lacquer. We support dry vacuum motor and dry-wet vacuum motor that are used to assemble the mower, cleaner, small electric equipment.


Q6. What payment methods do you accept and are they secure?

L/C, T/T, 30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment.

Q7.If the item with warranty service?

Of course yes.All our vacuum cleaners with 1year warranty service.

Q8. Are you the trader or manufacturer?

We are the professional manufacturer of variouse of vacuum cleaners, welcome to visit our factory.

Q9.What's your capacity ?

Our producing capacity is 80,000~100,000pcs / month.

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Q:Does wet vacuum cleaners can suck water on floor?
Can You Vacuum Water
Q:how long is the life of vacuum cleaners suppose to be?
Alyssa, 10 years is a decent amount of time with a vacuum. However, I would recommend taking it into Sears (or just call them to save you a trip) and find out what they can do for you. Kenmore is sold exclusively by Sears, and sometimes they are great about fixing/replacing things like this. That's what I would do first. If they can't do anything for you (or if it costs you more than $40 to replace the motor) then it's probably time for a new vacuum. Just be careful - the vacuum industry seems to build vacuums that last about 4-5 years now, unless you want to pay for something like a Miele and possibly a Dyson (I'm still not sure a Dyson will last longer than 5-7 years personally). There are some good deals though for less than $150 if you don't want to spend the money - the Shark Navigator and the Eureka Airspeed Bagless are two great machines you may want to look at. I'll put a resource below that gives some great reviews you can read if you do end up looking for a new vacuum. Hope this helps!
Q:i have $700 to spend on a vacuum-what's the best brand I can get for that? I want one of those w/spec filter
Q:what gas law is applicable to vacuum cleaners?
boyels law p inversly proportional to volume.
Q:Does anyone know of any good vacuum cleaners for kids? Toys or otherwise?
dirt devil brand for kids actualy picks up like a sweeper vac and you can empty out the dirt and everything it picks up.
Q:which vacuum is best in 2010?
the bagged vacuum cleaners work ok but it is trying to finding the bags when they stop making that model. a good vacuum last at least 5 to 7 years. i personally went for the Eureka pet fresh. 1 for the pet attachment. 2.) the cost because i have family members that don't respect the tools needed for cleaning the house. and 3.) the biggest on of all more suction power it is still 12 amps but when you put the pet adapter on it is turbo...people think i am odd but it works. i am a female male i want my power tools to work and kick butt. i don't have time to clean with half as tools. 4.) finally it has no bags it does have filters, I find having a bag less vacuum i can clean it monthly and it does not have any issues and i do empty the container after every vacuum use. the Dyson is my goal. and oh yes the Eureka is heavy
Q:would a vacuum cleaner pick up dust from a rug on the moon?
No. In a canister vacuum the fan reduces the pressure in a chamber containing a filter. If the pressure in the chamber is already zero it cannot be reduced.
Q:When were wet/dry vacuums invented?
Daniel Hess of West Union, Iowa invented a vacuum cleaner in 1860, calling it a carpet sweeper instead of a vacuum cleaner. His machine did, in fact, have a rotating brush like a traditional carpet sweeper, and also possessed an elaborate bellows mechanism on top of the body to generate suction of dust and dirt. Hess received a patent (US No. 29.077) for his invention of the vacuum cleaner on July 10, 1860 British engineer, Hubert Cecil Booth patented a motorized vacuum cleaner on August 30, 1901. Booth's machine took the form of a large, horse-drawn, petrol-driven unit, which was parked outside the building to be cleaned with long hoses being fed through the windows. Booth first demonstrated his vacuuming device in a restaurant that same year and successfully sucked dirt. More Americans inventors introduced variations of the same cleaning-by-suction type contraptions. For example, Corinne Dufour invented a device that sucked dust into a wet sponge; and, David Kenney designed a huge machine that was installed in a cellar and connected to a network of pipes leading to each room of a house. Of course, these early versions of vacuum cleaners were bulky, noisy, smelly, and unsuccessful.
Q:what is the best bagged vacuum cleaner? I'm tired of the bagless cleaners and looking for one with a bag.?
I am going through the same thing. I hate my bagless. My sister just bought an orek and she loves it. They are pretty expensive so she found a lightly used one on OKorder and it works great. It's really quiet and light. She has a two year old that was pretrified by vacuums but this one is so quiet, she doesn't mind it.
Q:power cord replacement on a vacuum cleaner?
Extending the cord is flirting with a UL issue, but that being said, you might have a problem getting a cord the same style as the existing cord, but rubber cords (SOOW, SJOOW, SO, or SJ) are available in the bulk wire section, I would stay away from plastic types (STO, SJTO,SVT, SJT). And use one size larger that the existing cord, (smaller number = larger wire), because longer wire will suffer more voltage drop. Edit: Another thought occurred to me, you could shorten your cord, to like 18 and use a make an extension cord the length you need, and zip tie the end of the extension cord to the vacuum.

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