LV&MV, Al/Cu Conductor, Shield CTS, Armour SWA/DSTA/ATA, Power/ABC/ACSR/Control/Overhead cable

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Low and Medium Voltage


Overhead, Construction, Underground, Industrial, Power Station

Conductor Material:

Aluminium or Copper




aluminium or copper


low & medium


single or multi-cores




Steel Tape/ Steel Wire/ Aluminium Wire/ Aluminium Tape


Copper Tape, Copper Wire

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Wooden drum, iron wooden drum or according to your requirements.
Delivery Detail:10-15 days after we confirm the deposite.


1. Power cable 
2. ABC cable/bare conductor 
3. Electric wires & cables 
4. Control cables 
5.Overhead/Aerial insulated cables

LV&MV, Al/Cu Conductor, Insulation/Sheath PVC/PE/XLPE, Shield CTS/, Armour SWA/DSTA/ATA, Power/ABC/ACSR/Control/Overhead cable


Power cable


1. Material: Cooper, Aluminum


2. Rated voltage: low and medium voltage 


3. Wire identification: Red, yellow, blue, white, black


4. No. Of cores : Single core cable: from 1.5 mm2  to 800 mm2; Multi-core cable: from 1.5 mm2 to 400 mm2


5. Standard:   Low voltage: IEC60502-1 Medium voltage :IEC60502-2 or other requirement.


6. Insulation: PVC, XLPE, PE


7. Sheath:PVC, PE, XLPE 


8. Armor:   Galvanized steel wires armouror Galvanized steel tape armour Aluminium Tape Armour/ Aluminium Wire Armour.


9. Application: Suitable for indoor, channel, conduit,underground,vertical well etc.


10. Nominal cross section area: from 1.5 mm2 to 800 mm2.

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Q:if i use a 1200 watt power cable?
you mean the power cable that comes in a 1200 watt wiring kit, no because it most likely is only 6 gauge wire and most amps wont accept power wires bigger than they can handle
Q:Is 8awg power cable enough for my sound system?
1. We can't answer without knowing more about your amplifiers. 650w 4 channel doesn't tell us anything useful, because the power rating may be a peak number that's only good for marketing, and you didn't tell us anything about the monoblock amplifier at all. Give us brand and model numbers and we might be able to help. 2. If I split that to use it on both amps, it would end up at 16awg going to the amps That's now how it works. (I'm not sure how you envision splitting the wire to make two wires that are half the size; are you cutting it down the middle with a razor?) You can use a distribution block to connect both amplifiers to the same main power wire, but you don't have to go to a smaller wire out of the d-block: you can run 8-gauge wire from the battery to the distribution block, then more 8-gauge from the d-block to each amp. 3. Even if you did cut the 8-gauge wire in half, a wire half the size of 8-gauge isn't 16-gauge. It's 11-gauge. If you put six 16-gauge wires together, you'd get a wire that's a little smaller than 8-gauge. Please edit your question with the brand and model numbers of both amplifier, along with the estimated length of the wire run (ie, how many feet of wire do you need to go between the amps and the battery?) Then we can tell you what gauge wire you need. Edit: thanks for the update. Based on the information about your amplifiers, I don't think you should run both of them from the single 8-gauge wire. I'd switch to a 4-gauge dual amp kit, or you can buy a second 8-gauge kit and run each amp with its own power wire to the battery rather than sharing a single wire.
Q:Why do phone lines stay on when other lines power and cable will go out during a storm?
The phone lines are powered by batteries at the phone company offices. When power goes out in general those lines retain their own source of electricity.
Q:This graphics card doesn't need power cables right?
My GTX 750 Ti OC 2GB card does not need cables--all power goes through the motherboard to it.
Q:Cant find a spot for power cable! :(?
Pull the carpet up in the front passenger cabin and you should see a plastic grommet somewhere low along the firewall that you can slip it through. That is where your factory wiring is run into the car but you can usually find enough room to slip one more in.
Q:What are the lines that need to be set up for notebooks?
YJV cable is cross-linked polyethylene insulation, VV cable is PVC insulation, the former temperature level higher than the latter, such as the former conductor temperature can be 90 degrees, while the latter can only to 70 degrees!
Q:Where can I get a Power sync cable for 2 Rockford T2500.1bd?
You can use a PS2 male to male cable....kind of like you could use telephone cords from radio shack for the bd remote gain control. $ you'll need a little bit of 8GA wire to tie the amps' outputs together. One gets set to 0 degrees, one gets set to 180 degrees, your gains MUST MATCH, don't do this with power applied anywhere as you'd likely smoke a voice coil. Please know what you are doing, bridging amps is not forgiving and remember each amp is now seeing 1/2 the load, so you could have stability problems if your wired at 2ohms now.
Q:Would it hurt to run overhead power cable underground?
as long as it is water tight and deep enough Im sure it would
Q:What amp rating fuse do I use on the power cable for my Belkin TuneCast II?
Those transmitters are very low amp draw... as you noted 0.5 amps, which at 13 volts is about 7 watts of power... and even that sounds high for a portable electronic FM transmitter. With that little power, you probably have a faulty unit for a fuse to blow. I assume you are using an aux 12v power source in your car and the (cigarette lighter) adapter that came with the transmitter. Now most adapters are not fused, but yours might be, and you could open it up and just see what the number on the fuse is - probably 2.5 amps max. Radioshack carries replacements for those small fuses. Considering that the car's fuse rating on most aux power sources is about 15 amps, your transmitter could not possibly draw that much unless there were a problem. The problem may lie in the aux power socket or in the adapter itself. I'd start by trying something else with an adapter - such as a cell phone charger. If plugging that into the same socket blows the fuse (in your car's fuse panel) then its probably the socket. If however it works fine, then the problem lies the adapter on your transmitter; which = return that and get a new one. I have seen many adapters with bad design that shorted easily and blow the car's fuse. Pray that its the adapter and not the socket.
Q:Computer Power Supply?
between the answerers above claimed a computing gadget in use is like having on a 40watt bulb. properly, in case your 40watt bulb attracts about one hundred and fifty-200watts, i ought to heavily ask for my funds back. i have checked countless the computers i have owned with a skill-intake meter, and they have a tendency to apply between one hundred and fifty-200watts. skill is measured in watt/hours, so a computing gadget like this left on for an hour ought to apply 200watt/hours of electricity. those computers have had processors contained in the a million.5Ghz-2GHz variety. once you're utilising a very quick processor and also you do a great number of gaming with a posh portraits card equipped, you should probably stick yet another one hundred-150watts onto that. A CRT reveal screen makes use of a honest quantity of skill too - my previous 15inch one averages about 80watts. liquid crystal reveal visual reveal unit instruments have a tendency to be a lot less skill hungry than CRTs. Leaving computers on even as they are no longer in use isn't only a waste of money yet obviously also an uneccessary contribution to international warming. yet another aspect to bear in mind is that digital elements have restricted lifespans, in a lot of situations measured in tens or 1000's of 1000's of hours. Capacitors (you'll discover a great number of those on your skill grant and on your motherboard) have shorter lifespans than many different elements, significantly shorter in the adventure that they are run in warmth or warm environments.

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