Luxury Nylon Printed Carpet and Rug for Hotel

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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150000 m²/month

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Product Description:

 Specification  of Nylon Printed Carpet and Rug for Hotel


  • Material:100% Nylon

  • Style:Jacquard

  • Pattern:Cut Pile

  • Design:Printed

  • Technics:Machine woven

  • Use:Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Decorative, Bathroom, Commercial

  • Size:4*25M

  • Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number:printed carpet

  • Product:Nylon Printed Carpet

  • MOQ:100 SQM

  • H.S. Code:57032000

  • Area of Suitability:Suite, Room, Meeting Room, Guestroom, Houses

  • Yarn Fiber:100% High-powered Durable Nylon6 or Nylon 66 or wool blend

  • Primary Backing::PP cloth

  • Width:<SPAN class=attr-value title=3.66/4m>3.66/4m

  • Length:25m

  • Lead time:20-35 days upon deposit

  • Packing:In rolls, with PP and Poly bag wrapped, anti-water packing

Style Name:

Nylon printed carpet

H.S. Code:


Area of Suitability:

Suite, Room, Meeting Room, Guestroom, Houses

Yarn Fiber:

100% High-powered Durable Nylon6 or Nylon 66 or wool blend

Color System:

Printed Colors, 1-12 colors


Loop pile or cut pile

Primary Backing:

PP cloth


4 meter or 3.66meter


Action Backing with Constructive BASF Latex


3.66m width

Fire Resistant Grade:

GB 8624 - 2006, Cf1-s1, t1

Fire Rating:

Anti-fire, Antistatic, Easy Clean


Heavy Residential Use

Special Treatment:

Anti Bacteria Protection, Anti Stain Finish (Additional Charge)





Pictures of Nylon Printed Carpet and Rug for Hotel




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Q:Bad carpet mildew smell?
If it is wall to wall carpet: a) get a poerful vacuum cleaner which can collect the water from the water into the vacuum's upright drum. b) Run a fan over the carpet so it dries up in a day. The problem is not on the surface of the carpet, but the base of the carpet which has :actionbac: which is a synthetic rubber type of stuff which gets soaked, and it takes a lot of time to dry it. c)If the carpet is really old, and you cannot get the smell out in a two day time, then discard and fit a new carpet. if it is a rug which is loose laid, a) remove the rug and put it in the sun to dry it. b) reverse the carpet, exposing the backing to the sun and dry it for another day before you put it back in the room.
Q:Carpet or tile in a Library?
Industrial office carpeting is stain-resistant, very short knap, and is designed to hold up in high-traffic areas. It is exceptionally easy to maintain. You can find it through independent distributors, as well as at Lowe's or Home Depot (shop around for the best pricing).
Q:What carpet is better for the hotel room
more thick and soft, as to what material, it depends on specific consideration of the grade of the hotel
Q:How do you remove creases from an area rug?
Lay the rug out in the sun to warm Then back roll the rug is the best way to do it. It should be back rolled around a tube. Carpet tubes work the best. Roll it tight. If the rug is large have some one help you. Then place in a very warm area such as out in the sun for as long as possible during the day. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:my cat has been pooping on our bathroom rug only poop and only when the rugs out why?
The rug is likely scent marked. Washing it won't help. Try moving it to another room and see if your cat still goes on it. If it does then it's the rug. You can toss it and get a new one or keep it and put it under the litter box.
Q:Is the water in the rental carpet shampoo-er really the dirt from my carpet?
If the waste tank is clean, then you fill it up with dirt, you bet. I've been cleaning carpets about 5 years now. At the rate things are going, I will have cleaned my 1,000,000th sq ft sometime in October. Since most of this is hot water extraction and I use about 1 gallon per 25-30 sq ft, I have already seen well over 30,000 gallons of waste water and it NEVER ceases to amaze me how much filth and odor is in the water. I rinse the waste tank out a little between each job and completely at the end of the day because the stench from the vacuum fan exhaust (which is very high on a commercial machine) absolutely will gag you. If I do a dog urine job, the rest of the day customers complain about the odor because it has only been rinsed a little. Carpets, rugs and other household textiles are great filters and they absorb so much. People with hardwood floors think this is cleaner, not true, same dirt, less to trap it. Your carpet is doing its job. I professionally clean carpet for several customers every 90 days due to their allergy problems. While you just cleaned your carpet, I guaranty if I went over it again, I'd get even more. Then again, if I did it last week, then again this week, it would still get a lot of dirt out. If you want to get better effectiveness in vacuuming, get a CRI certified Gold vacuum cleaner. This will make vacuuming more productive, vacuum every 2-3 days too.
Q:Good looking carpet for kids?
A plush or a textured carpet ( I like textured since its hard to see footprints and vacuum marks) Either of those work well to give you a warm homey feeling. As far as the kids and spilling , I suggest a pad that won t allow moisture to go through . These are commonly call pet proof pads. Not allowing the moisture to seep all the way down to the wood subfloor, you prevent possible mold and its easier to get any liquids back though the carpet and this prevents restaining for from wicking. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:Carpet shampooer, which one is best?
Depending on how often you shampoo your carpet, you will definately get your monies worth in just a couple months or so. My daughter and I have asthma and I have 3 kids...that's enough said, so I clean my carpets about every 6 weeks due to the asthma whether they need it or not. I bought a bissel from wal-mart for about $80 so I had gotten my moneys worth in just two cleanings. I've now had that same bissell about 5 years so it is very worth it just purchase one. I love mine and my sister n law and friends had borrowed it a few times and decided to just buy one for themselves and have never been sorry!!
Q:what is the carpet under the tea table in living room used for?
Q:How to clean a large carpet?
GreaseWhen the carpet is stained with a liquid, it should be dried immediately. Then wipe it off with a clean towel or paper towel. To remove grease, you can use lint in a non flammable dry cleaner. When you wipe it, wipe it from outside to inside. Don't shave so as not to scrape the fibers. Pat the stain until it's clean. Before using the detergent, test it in the inconspicuous part of the carpet and let it dry before it can be used again. If the oil spill is not too difficult to remove, you can smear on the stain with carbonated water, and then blow dryer, and finally use vacuum cleaners to clean the carpet. Can also be sprinkled with corn flour or talcum powder, placed for six hours, and then vacuum cleaner.

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