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Product Description:


1)    Pile Material: 100% Polyester

2) Pile Weight : 290g/m2

3) Pile Height: 3mm

4) Back Material:Latex/Non-wowen/TPR/Dotted-plastic-non-woven/PVC

5) Back Thickness :1-2mm

6) Size:  40*60 /50*80/ 44*70/ 60*90cm or customed size

7) Color Fastness : 4-4.5 grade

8) Usage Place: living room , bedroom ,entrance ,kids room, bath room


1)    Competitive price, several different options on material & backing

2)    Unlimited color available

3)    MOQ: 1500m2/Per Color Group


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Q:my brother spilled water on the carpet and instead of drying it up he just threw a towel over it and left it all night. now the carpet smells really bad of mildew. i tried washing it with soap and water and it helped a little. i tried febreeze but that did no good. i don't have a steam carpet cleaner.
The carpet just sat overnight and now smells of mildew? Wow. First you need to kill the mildew. I would spray it with Lysol so that you saturate the wet spot. You need to make sure that the padding underneath the carpet will be clean and dry, so you may even need to lift up the carpet to check the padding. If the water has saturated through to the padding, you need to Lysol that too. Then blot it with a towel to get as much of the moisture out as possible, and turn a fan on that spot and leave it for a couple of days until you are sure it is completely dry. Then work some baking soda into the carpet and vacuum it up.
Q:I'm considering renting a house. So I can't make any permanent changes. The house has carpet in the living room but not the bedrooms. I would like to install some carpet in the bedrooms, but someone told me I would have to glue it down. Is there a way to install carpet without having any effect on the real wood floors beneath?
Carpet won't be glued onto the wood floors; rather it's tacked on. But if it's removed, the floor will show holes from the tacks. As a big fan of wood floors, I suggest you appreciate them and keep them---just use area rugs in the bedroom.
Q:Okay here's the scoop. My wife recently talked me into purchasing a 8 by 10 $600 throw rug for our living room. She said it would look nice when guests come over and it does. The carpet has a lot of light colors in it as well as some dark and here is where the problem is... I want to roll up the carpet so it's against the wall when its just regular everyday traffic and roll it out only when we have guests. My thinking is there's less chance of it getting spoiled andd it would extend the life of the carpet My wife thinks I'm crazy!!!!!!!!!!!$
Yes, you are being overprotective but its understandable. You don't want the rug to get spoiled and the best way to ensure that is to use it minimally. BUT. Its your home. And if you buy something to make your home look better, you're doing that so YOU can live in a better, prettier home :) the rug isn't there for your guests to appreciate it, it's there for you to appreciate it :) so maybe you should just leave it there and not roll it up and put it away'
Q:I get the downloads usually from mod the sims 2 but I find it frustrating as there is no-one to ask ,they refer one to the frequently answered questions .Mystifying statements such as you will find this under a rug or a picture!!!What on earth does this mean?
ok when you unzip or un rar the file it goes into programs/eagames/sims2/do= wnloads or wherever your sims2 is located. then it should show up in game u= nder the matching catagory. like when i just put new pictures for wall in a= nd they are under the picture section in buy mode. the new skins are in the= make a new family mode with the astrix. the new archectecture is under build mode. if they are not showing you can try the loop symbol for the main catagory it shows everything not broken by type like all plants all wall hanging all rugs in that section. double check you have them in the eagames sims2 download folder not in temp or elsewhere WHEN YOU ARE IN DECORATING MODE JUST TAP TO OPEN THE COROSPONDING PICTURE...RUGS HAVE RUGS PICTURE FRAME HAS WALL THINGS LIKE POSTERS AND PAINTINGS, THE FLOWERS HAS FLOOR AND TABLE STUFF LIKE VASES AND CANDLES. IT IS PRETTY SIMPLE SET UP.
Q:Does anyone know of a carpet steamer that leaves little or no detergent residue? I want to buy a steamer, but have been warned that most have the usual problem of leaving too much residue that makes carpets easier to soil.
I've heard that it's NOT the carpet steamer that's leaving the residue it's using too much or not the right kind of shampoo... Most people think MORE is BETTER but, that's NOT the case with carpet steamers... What happens is all the soap doesn't get picked up and eventually it dries and settles into the carpet where it attracts even more dirt particles.. So, if you use a carpet steamer cleaner just go easy on the soap and/or rinse with clean, clear no-soap water... Good luck
Q:is there anyway u can get nail polish out of a carpet, i spilt a whole bunch (reaaally dark).. and i tried using shout carpet but it didn't work.. is there anyway to get it out.. = thnx.. lt;3
Carpet You can find a lot of good clever hints from the Hints from Heloise sites. Here's your answer to the nail polish on the carpet problem. 1. Carefully blot up excess polish. 2. Using an eye dropper, apply a small amount of acetone to the stain. 3. Blot immediately. 4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until no more stain is removed. 5. Using a clean white cloth, sponge the stain with a dry-cleaning solvent. 6. Blot until the solvent is absorbed. 7. If the stain remains, apply hydrogen peroxide. Use an eyedropper to apply the peroxide directly on the stain. 8. Sponge with cold water and blot dry to remove the hydrogen peroxide.
Q:I have to clean my carpet and an area rug. I had the rug for more than 2 years, and have been living in this carpeted apartment for 15 months. Both have never been shampooed or cleaned :#92;I live by myself, so I don't have high traffic, but I really need to clean them well.I'm o a really tight budget, and the rug doctor recommendation asks for many products at the time, id there a one good product that I can replace (Anti foam, detergent...)What would you recommend?Thanks
I use a machine I got from a garage sale. I learned a trick from some apt owners (250 apts at their site). First pretreat with Shout Use recomended soap or less. Never use more soap because if it is left in carpet it attracts dirt Rinse with a cup or so of shout in the rinse water because it cuts the foam of the soap so you can get it out. (Antifoam) Shout is my hero when it comes to carpet! Hope it helps
Q:How to choose carpet size?
Conventional laying, the general living room is not very large, you can choose 1.4*2 or 1.6*2.3 laying to the bottom of the sofa about 2-5 cm, it is recommended to just laying foot on the sofa
Q:I dropped some candle wax on the carpet... How do I get it out?
with nail polish remover
Q:How do carpets quickly remove formaldehyde?
If the formaldehyde exceeded the standard, it is the carpet lining material.The backing material of the carpet is made of adhesive of styrene butadiene rubber, natural latex and other water soluble rubber as adhesive, and the pollution of synthetic adhesive to the surrounding air is serious. Formaldehyde and benzene may cause excessive standards.

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