Hydro- Generator Cooler/ Enfirador para Hidro Generador

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                     Cooling pipe


According to the conditions of use can use different material, 

the length of more than 1 m cooler, middle has antivibration 

clapboard, the hole is equipped with tension rubber ring, can 

make the cooling pipe and vibration-proof clapboard efficient 

fastening, make its have good vibration resistance, do not hurt 

the cooling pipe wall.
Indoor water appearance after electrostatic plastic spraying, bolts, 

ChengGuan board, vibration-proof plate surface treatment.
Structure and process characteristics:
Empty is around by water chamber, ChengGuan plate, support plate, 

and other components of the cooling pipe, heat sink, heat sink and 

cooling pipe assembly, mechanical method is adopted to improve the 

overall disposable tube expanding, close contact, thermal resistance is 

small, guarantee the excellent heat transfer performance.


A class of heat exchange equipment, for the cooling fluid.Usually air 

or water as the coolant to remove heat.Have a wall between the 

cooler clamp, spray cooler and cooler and snake tube cooler, etc.

For high-power silicon rectifier and induction furnace and intermediate 

frequency furnace large electric equipment form a complete set as the 

pure water, water, wind cooling protection pay machine, oil and water, 

oil, wind cooling device, such as jiangsu tinged with heat exchanger is 

domestic senior such products manufacturers.


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