hydraulic system Excavator SH135X-3B

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Working Range

Arm length2.39 m2.85 m
A ( Max.digging radius )8205 mm8565 mm
B ( Max.digging depth )5470 mm5930 mm
C ( Max.digging height )9305 mm9520 mm
D ( Max.dumping height )6905 mm7125 mm
E ( Max.vertical wall cut depth )4845 mm5075 mm
F ( Min.front swing radius )1780 mm2225 mm
G ( Rear end swing radius )1480 mm
H ( Max.lift above ground )440 mm
 I  ( Min.drop below ground )520 mm


Arm length2.11 m2.41 m
A Overall length7470 mm7405 mm
B Length from center of machine (to arm top)5205 mm5140 mm
C Length from center of machine (to blade top)2265 mm
D Center to center of wheels2785 mm
E Overall track length3510 mm
F Overall height2870 mm2810 mm
G Clearance height under upper structure880 mm
H Shoe lug height20 mm
 I  Cab height2750 mm
J  Upper structure overall width2415 mm
K Width from center of machine (left side)1170 mm
L Width from center of machine (right side)1245 mm
M Track gauge1990 mm
N Overall track width with 500 mm
600 mm
700 mm
2490 mm
2590 mm
2690 mm
O Std.Shoe width500 mm
P Minimum ground clearance435 mm
Q Width of blade2490 mm
R Height of blade570 mm

Principle Specifications

BaseArm length2.11m
Bucket capacity (ISO heaped)0.45m3
Std.operating weight14800kg
EngineMake & modelISUZU AJ-4JJ1X
Rated output70.9kw/2000 min-1
Main pump2 variable displacement axial piston pumps with regulating system
Max. pressure34.3Mpa
Travel motorVariable displacement axial piston motor
Parking brake typeMechanical disc brake
Swing motorFixed displacement axial piston motor
PerformanceTravel speed5.0/3.1km/h
Traction force114kN
Grade ability70%<35º>
Ground pressure48 kPa
Swing speed10.0 min-1
Bucket89 kN
Arm60 kN
OthersFuel tank165 liter
Hydraulic fluid tank130 liter

Standard equipment

Hydraulic system

  • High-performance return filter

  • One-touch idle

  • Changeable 2-speed-travel

  • Rotational ABS

Safety equipment

  • Rear-view mirror

  • Gate lock lever

  • Emergency escape hammer

  • Seat belt

  • Large-size front right side hand-rail

  • Cab-top headlight

  • Travel alarm

  • Theft prevention dog-chain

  • Boom/arm holding valve

  • Engine emergency stop switch

Cab/interior equipment

  • KAB seat

  • Large-size rounded cab

  • Fluid mount

  • Air conditioner

  • Defroster

  • Automatic lock for front facing window

  • Automatic point wiper connecter

  • Intermittent wiper with washer

  • Reclining seat

  • Cup holder

  • Ashtray

  • Room lamp

  • Hat hook

  • AM/FM Radio


  • Engine that complies with tear-3 exhaust emissions regulations

  • EMS (Easy Maintenance System)

  • Long life hydraulic fluid

  • Front-face protective net for radiator

  • Aluminum radiator

  • Aluminum oil cooler

  • Tool kit

  • Grease gun

  • Fuel filter(With water separator)

  • Fuel pre-filter(With water separator)

  • Double-element air cleaner

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Q:Does any one know if an Australian LE excavator license is accepted in Norway?
I would assume that it will be accepted, but you have to apply to have it vetted by the Norwegian authorities. I have provided some links that might be of some help. According to the Accreditation Authorities this is the process for your profession: Excavator operator (Gravemaskinfører) Application process You must send your application with a copy of your driving licence to Arbeidstilsynet Oslo, by letter, e-mail or fax. You must supply a translation of your driving licence if it is issued in a language other than English or one of the Nordic languages. In the application you must state the postal address of the person who will receive the letter of authorisation (preferably your employer). For more info see the link below.
Q:Which crane has the longest jib?
Probably a dragline crane used for quarrying etc.
Q:inspection and maintenance of excavator?
Yep you probably better inspect it. Dont want it breaking
Q:How about Komatsu excavator?
No more said, just a word, Komatsu mining will not let you down. Not only the car is good, but also can preserve the value of the situation. In 2012, I bought Komatsu 200-7 at the Jincheng secondary market in Shanghai, which was 460 thousand. Last year, it was disposed of and sold for 390 thousand. So, Komatsu machines can be said to be the first choice.

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