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square wire mesh
material:stainless steel wire
Wire dia:0.018-6.27mm
Mesh size: 2mesh-600nesh

square wire mesh

1)material: AISI 201 202 302 304 304HC 304L 309S 310S 316 316L 321 430

2)wire diameter:0.0385-6.270mm

3)mesh size:2 mesh-600mesh

4)standard length:30.5m

5)technique:woven,plain weave,twilled weave,ducth.etc.


7)application:filter,screen,interior wall insulation nets.

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Q:what is wire bending?
Ok, you need two things: 1. Wire cutters 2. Metal file First, cut the wire out of your mouth with the wire cutters. Then file down the sharp metal edges that are left on the braces with the metal file. Make sure you file with a lot of pressure and speed, so that the edges are nice and smooth. I can't stress how important that is! Oh, and don't bother calling a dentist. Remember, they're the ones that put you in this pain to begin with! Done? Good, now go and eat some taffy, gum, and jawbreakers. :D
Q:where to get a wire like.....?
perhaps okorder.com/... Now that you know the name you can search wire terminals and may find a match. Good Luck
Q:The wires in my ceiling fan don't match the wire in my ceiling?
These are all probably hot-side wires. If you have the knowledge and the tools, find out which wire or wires is/are hot in the box with the switch off. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you REALLY need to find someone who knows electricity. BTW, the wires in the fan are quite simple to decode. The green wire is the ground and attaches to either the box or a ground wire in the box. The white wire is the neutral and attaches to the white wires in the box. The black is the hot lead for the fan and the blue is the hot lead for the light. These two can be combined if you have only one wall switch. Where they attach in the box will be determined by which hot lead is switched. I can probably guess how the box and switch are wired but I may be wrong and that would be dangerous. Call an electrician so you don't burn your house down.
Q:orange wire from old stereo of Chevy suburban,what wire do i hook it up to on a custom stereo?
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Q:Lime wire ?????????????
lime wire is completely free. and yes, it is illegal. but i've heard that you could only get in trouble if you share the files you download. so make sure you set it up that you can't share files. i'm not positive that's true, but i do it anyways. if you're using lime wire though, you have to be careful you don't download viruses, there's alot of them.
Q:Red Black and White speaker wire?
It doesn't matter as long as you keep it strait, when ever possable connect a white wire to white wire, red wire to red wire etc...if you have like a green wire original but no green extension wire then I would use green electrical tape to color code the extension wire to the same color as the original, you can buy electrical tape in almost any color and wrap it around the wire and connector ends for color coding...
Q:If i have 16 gauge speaker wire and i double it when wiring speakers will that make it 8 gauge?
Nope, gauge is determined by the thickness of the wire. Don't be a cheapskate, buy the proper gauge.
Q:Simple switch wiring!?
Go okorder.com under search, type in single pole switch. A short video showing you how to do it will appear.
Q:How to wire 120v outlet from 240v wiring?
Hud is correct. To accomplish this you would need to install a 30 amp subpanel with a 4 to 6 circuit configuration with a two pole breaker for feeding the compressor with # 10 wire and a one-pole 15 or 20 amp breaker with smaller wire (14 or 12 gauge respectively and the appropriate rated 120 volt outlet on that branch circuit). If you have regular 120 volt outlets somewhere nearby (as I think you are saying in your second to last sentence) I would go that route instead.
Q:connect wires to boat trailer frame?
If your frame is hollow, use a fish to bring the wires through the frame. Some things you want to watch out for is corrosion of the trailer, and the wires flapping in the wind, or the wires snagging on something when trailering. That being said if you have to mount the wires externally use enough enough clips to keep the wires snug to the trailer. Be sure to seal the holes you drilled for the clips with silicone or rust preventive paint. If you can go through the frame internally, you need only secure the wires with clips at entry and exit points.

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