High Quality Engineered WPC Composite Decking, Solid Waterproof WPC Decking, Wooden Laminated Flooring

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Minimum Order Quantity:1000 MetersUnit:mLoading Port:China Main Port
Supply Ability:20000 Kilograms per Day 24HoursPayment Terms:TT or LC

Product Description:

Introduction of WPC Decking

1. Green ecological, Innovative technology, Lifestyle

2. Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch, with wood scent

3. Elegant and detailed shape design

4. Resistant to cracking and splitting

5. Water-proof, moldy-proof, prevents rotting and moisture, anti-acid, alkali and pest resistance

6. Environmental friendly, fully recyclable and no other hazard chemical

7. Safe to use for many years

8. No painting, no glue, free maintenance

9. Anti-slip, less crack and warp, barefoot friendly

10. Good weatherability, suitable from -40°C to +60°C

11.Easy to process install and clean

12.UV resistance, Fade resistant Durable

13.Dimension stability against moisture and temperature

14. High quality with competitive price.

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Q:floorball and floor hockey?
Floor hockey is a game which regroup many types. Floorball is one of them. It's especially played in Europe. Equipment and rules are a little different depending on the game you're playing (stick, puck/ball, etc)
Q:Flooring this piece of general to buy what need to pay attention to what the general kick line to send it?
Choose the floor, the brand is the quality of the guarantee, the baseboard are plus money.
Q:A cubic wood can produce the number of square wood floor
Under normal circumstances 3 cubic meters of logs can produce 1 cubic meter ruler finished flooring. The rate of output is calculated on the basis of the% 35% of the population. Mainly to see the quality of wood and ask for the production of the floor specifications, logs can be more, the floor can also be more small size.
Q:can you install pergo flooring over existing VCT tile flooring or should you take it up?
Yeah, despite what the instructions say, you can install laminate on top of almost any even, hard surface. I've put it on top of slab, linoleum, and sub-flooring without any issues and without ever using the plastic vapor lock sheet.
Q:Can I seal a painted garage floor?
That is a pretty tough one to be honest. I have done some work in this industry and every situation can be a little different depending upon the surface of the concrete you are working on. Smooth concrete with little or no aggregate is a little easier than a surface with clearly visible aggregate/rock. For stripping, start with a commercial grade grinder with a wire brush attached. Don't grind through the concrete but take the old paint off. Using a leaf blower blow all old paint, dust, debris, etc, off. Next, using old rags wipe the ENTIRE area that paint/sealant is to be applied with Xylene (an industrial strength solvent) that is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. Wear gloves as Xylene can be absorbed through the skin and is toxic/carcinogenic. Use the heavy disposable type nitrile gloves as regular latex will deteriorate very quickly from the Xylene. Be certain concrete surface is CLEAN AND DRY. Apply and cure appropriate sealant/paint. There are countless varieties out there depending upon the surface, intended use, chemical and environmental exposure, etc. A word of warning and disclosure, most of the work I did was under the supervision of a foreman and we were fixing botched DIY jobs where average folks tried to seal, paint or surface garages, patios and decks. Often times the highest expense to the customer was the labor cost involved in removing what they tried to apply themselves. I would recommend getting a quote from a licensed contractor who works in the sealants and coating industry first. Make an educated decision from the potential cost of doing it yourself or paying someone who will do and stand by their work....If the paint/surface/sealant fails it will be their dime, not yours. I would go this route myself before doing my own garage and I have done this work in the past. Hope this helps and good luck!
Q:Is it necessary to make wooden keel for solid wood flooring?
It is not necessary at all. Because the solid wood flooring (China is a multi-layer solid wood veneer criss-cross laminated laminated solid wood-based, accurate category name "solid wood flooring") is the most stable. Playing keel of course, there are good, is the foot will be good. Playing the keel on the need for chicken rhizome incense citrus spicy corpses to build blockboard (you said the hair floor). The disadvantage is also obvious: solid wood composite floor stability, it is not easy to deformation. But the keel and the joinery board is hard to say. Often keel and blockboard problems caused by uneven ground, there are sound and so on. Usually do not play keel. Suspended pavement.
Q:Home floor, how to wax it? The
Clean and clean --- uniform spray wax --- dry for 10 minutes --- start polishing.
Q:repair laminate flooring warping?
I had professional install high quality laminated tile noy even 2 months later they say I have to replace and install sub flooring. They are saying the reason is moisture but it is in every room. The floor has lifted up to 4 inches in the living room it is getting worse everyday. I was told it was bad install and i moisture they should have used a barrier. What can i do?
Q:How to sell tiles
First: to qualified qualified products, the second: to run the site and the Mason Master contact, the third: multi-run design company, and designers must make a good relationship.
Q:What type of flooring is better in home with inside pets?
No floor is perfect. Here are some pros & cons to help you decide. There are several new carpets that guarantee against permanent pet stains. There are some with odor guard that will prevent pet odors and stains. You still need to vacuum often. Hardwood easy to clean up pet hair. Can be stained and ruined by pet urine. Will not be scratched by normal toe nails If the correct finish is used, Look for aluminum oxide. Tile is a good choice, just be sure to seal the grout. In the wood look, consider a quality laminate. Or consider a new product from Armstrong called Fashion Plank. It's water proof, very hard to scratch. Looks really like wood.

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