High Quality Engineered WPC Composite Decking, Wooden Laminated Flooring

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Engineered Flooring
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Beijing China (Mainland)
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CMAX H150H25
Wood-Plastic Composite Flooring
different color for choice

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Delivery Detail:15DAYS


10years warranty;
10days delivery time;
more flexible payment terms;
thousands of mould for choice.

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Landscape use wpc

Product Description


1> What is WPC?

WPC, simply for wood plastic composite.

Wood Plastic Composite is made from a unique combination of plant fiber and recycled plastic

according to high-tech formula.

It offers the best advantages of plastic and wood. The plastic shields the wood from moisture and

insect damage, and the wood protects the plastic from UV damage and gives you a natural feel.

It has characteristics of high strength and rigidity, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistant

and without formaldehyde, it is a real green environment protection building material.

2> What’s WPC used for?

WPC can be used for military equipment, urban utilities and landscaping, architecture,

gymnasiums, outdoor decking, fencing, pallets, indoor and outdoor decoration.



3> Why choose WPC decking?

*Natural colour
*Slip resistant
*Resistance to water, rot and crack
*Guaranteed to last
*Low maintenance
*Beautiful and broad range of finish

4> What are the main kinds of WPC currently?

*WPC decking board
*DIY decking board
*WPC wall panel (wall cladding)
*Garden fence (railing)
*WPC outdoor furniture (gazebo, pavilion, outdoor desk&chair, dustbin, pet house…)

5> Ingredients of WPC?

30% HDPE+60% bamboo/wood fiber+10% Chemical additives.

6> Specification of WPC?

A. Weatherability
suitable from -40° C to +60° C, UV resistance

B. Test Data

Testing Item Technical RequirementsValue of Test
Water Content % ≤2  0.4

Rockwell Hardness (HRR)


Thickness Swelling after

Water Absorption (%)

≤1 0.2

Screw Holding
Capability (N)

Surface of board ≥13003870
End of board ≥12003460

Static Bending


Bending Elastic




Hammer falling impact in low

temperature, broken (pcs)


State after Heating

No babbles, cracks and pockmarks


Rate of Size Change with Heating (%)


Report Number: 201107126
Type of sample: 90x25x820mm, Solid

C. Main colors available:

landscape use wpc CMAX H150H25C

charcoal-black; classic-white; rinforest-canopy;sand-castle; stepping-stone; tree-house; vintage-lantern .

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Q:Please refer to the ceiling for the floor, or the floor, how does its ownership confirm?
Both the floor and the ceiling, the separation point is the midpoint of the floor, that is, the upper floor and the lower floor of each half belongs to you.
Q:Sanding floors.?
depends on the type of floor and what you want done. check various companies and find out. some might charge by room for the whole room, or by sq ft if it's an area or small space like a hallway or wooden stairs.
Q:How to swap the slide floor into another template
If it is 07 version of the direct point of the top of the page above the design, you can pay attention to the blessing of the Phoenix and then good to sleep to see the different floor, and if it is 03 version, right click on the slide, there will be set background, click Into the design can be.
Q:Ideas for flooring in a small block house with concrete floors?
A very light grind of the concrete will remove old coatings and show a little aggregate. You can then coat with a polyurethane to give the polished concrete look. Also you could use concrete dyes and then put the polyurethnae over the top. You can do the polyurethane and dye yourself very easily and is also quite cheap. Have a look at the website below for further ideas.
Q:Installing Laminate Floors?
Yes, you must remove any nails, staples etc. from the original flooring. Carefully remove any trim along the floor / wall and mark the back of it (so you will know where it goes back on), once the floor is installed. Good Luck. We put a floor down and it looks awesome. We used a bubble-type underlay that was recommended and have had absolutely no problems with it. Don't forget to look for the cleaning instructions:)
Q:fix nails in Vinyl Flooring?
If you can't raise the floor and don't want to remove all the nails then your best bet is to put screws in next to the nails. This will hold the subfloor tightly down and help to stop the nails from creeping up. intermittent moisture will still swell and shrink the wood though which will pop up the nails eventually.
Q:Eco friendly floor cover, warm and soft underfoot?
Go for cork tiles. They meet all of your criteria.
Q:How tall is a floor?
Not only do floor height (which is measured from top of floor to top of floor) vary by building, they also vary from floor to floor, based upon slab thickness, the purpose of the floor, and the location of the floor within the overall tower in terms of which story it is. Per Wiki, the height to the last floor was 1355ft, with 110 floors, which averages out to be 12.32 (or 12 feet, 4 inches) per floor, which sounds about right to me.
Q:unlevel floors?
usually it is caused by shifting foundations or support columns. Alot of times the foundations were never strong enough to hold the weight especially the center support columns. the exterior walls hold up and the heavy wieght of the house sinks the undersized support column that probably has no footing into the ground.
Q:How does sea-floor spreading account for the age of sea floor?
The sea floor can only be so old. The sea floor is constantly spreading and creating a new floor. In the middle of the Atlantic, a ridge of volcanic mountains that diverge (spread apart) exposes lava. This lava is the new sea floor. As the the floor moves apart it is subducted underneath continents, therefore the ocean floor can only be so old. I believe its maximum age is about 1.8 million years old. There is a lot of information on this on the web. I gave a very basic answer. Look up the mid ocean ridge and how its related to ocean floor age. I hope this helps!

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