High Power Passive Bass Upflow Sand Mini Speaker

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Product Description


1.High power driver unit with passive bass.            
2,Radiator provide extra low frequency response.                                                    
3,With a special upflow sand timer.                                  
4,With 4 colors breathing light.                                                        
5,Romantic night light function.                                              


1,Bluetooth audio protocol/music                
2,Bluetooth voice protocol/handfree call.                  
3,Operating distance: 10meters              
4.3.5mm line-in input                                        
5,Micro SD flash memory.                          
6,FM radio.                                        

High Power Passive Bass Upflow Sand Mini Speaker

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Q:speaker audio in to audio output?
While it would be physically possible to install such a jack into the speaker, it will not work out electronically speaking. The speaker is not designed with the power boost it would require to drive other speakers or the audio output jack would already exist as a part of that circuitry. Attempting to jury rig this will result most likely in bad sound quality, weakening of the components in the speaker itself and possible permanent damage to the circuitry. Sorry, in this case you just can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear, even with the right tools and techniques. My best advice, enjoy what it is intended for without modification.
Q:Can i connect 2 additional speaker which required speaker wire to an Active PA speaker which have built in amp?
can i'm getting a hell no from the yahoo answer stay objective marketplace. ok in all extreme 12 gauge is in no way ever ever adequate for 900 watts rms in a distance of over possibly 3 ft . choose for good high quality 4 gauge like RF or Streetwires, knukoncepts. a 12 gauge twine for that plenty skill will soften in approximately 10-20 minutes and blow fuses like no person's company
Q:speakers for jeep wrangler?
Pyle PL63BL 6.5-Inch 360-Watt 3-Way Speakers (Pair) quality and performance of these speakers is outstanding. The speaker itself is structurally sound and well manufactured. The performance is very good. The bass/midrange is powerful and tight (not muddled or soupy), the treble is very clear and crisp. For the price, these can't be beat. Unless you demand the best of the best, these are your speakers. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't be looking at these speakers anyway. I'm buying more for my other cars. They are great upgrades from factory speakers.
Q:Pioneer Speakers?
Way refers to how the speaker is set up. If it is a 3Way, it means that each speaker actually has three separate speakers. One for bass, one for mid-range and one tweeter which (each handles a different frequency range). If you want the best sound quality, go with separate speakers of each type coupled with a good amplifier and head unit. You could have 600 watt speakers but unless you supply enough power from an amp to properly drive them, they won't sound very good .Since you have already bought these, you could use them with a good head unit (radio/CD player) and amplifier.
Q:What exactly are component speakers?
Speakers labeled as 'component' speakers usually have a separate tweeter and woofer (ie. the tweeter is not mounted in the center of the cone). The generally do have some sort of cross over that comes with the package. Generally component sets are higher end then your typical 2way or 3 way speaker.
Q:About the itouch speaker?
You need external speakers I believe. The 1st Generation iPod Touch doesn't have speakers built it.
Q:How does the loudspeaker sound?
First try to plug in the headset to see if there is no sound, the sound may be bad speakers.
Q:are sony xplod disent speakers?
They are ok, I say keep them.
Q:total cost of repairing laptop speakers?
Is it the speakers or the sound card? it's 2 different things. Speakers repair will be cheap. If you have onboard soundcard (commonly) well, may be it's quite expensive.
Q:running new car speakers?
Yes you can run another amp just make sure you connect everything right and run the wire the proper way to the speakers

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