High Performance Balance Armature Mini Speaker

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$4.00 - 10.00 / pc
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1000 Pieces pc
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30000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

 High Performance  Balance Armature Mini Speaker



1. Speaker size: 5.08*2.75*2.58mm

2. Impedance: 22ohm ( 3-1000ohm, can be customized)

3. Maximum output: 123db




1. Outstanding efficiency

2. Bass boost version

3. Substantial maximum output

4. Magnet-radiation shieded

5. Optimized mechanical shock resistance

6. Waterproof


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Q:Speakers caused major damage to my notebook?
It is possible that the external speaker connector is bad, or the solder connections on it were bad, and plugging things into it are making the connections to the internal speakers worse. When you plug something into that jack, while connection is made to the external speakers or headphones, it also disconnects the internal speakers. If when you remove the plug, the contacts are not made solid to the internal speakers again, you could have a result like you are describing. If you put in your headphone plug, and move it around a bit, take it in and out a few times, does the other speaker ever cut back in for a few seconds or intermittently, and does the bad sound in the other speaker consist of the audio getting cut in and out or a scratchy sound? If so, could be that the external speaker/headphone jack is bad. One thing for certain, there is no way that the external speakers CAUSED damage to your notebook or it's internal speakers. YOU may have caused damage by putting too much pressure on the jack while plugging the speakers in, or when removing them. Or the jack could have been defective from the factory, or had a cold solder joint. Without being there to look at it myself, I can only give these guesses.
Q:do dead speakers shut of radio?
If the speakers shut off when you use the doors, you may have an intermittent open in the speakers or speaker wire circuit. Check the connections to the speakers. Check the resistance of the speakers with an ohmmeter. Check the wiring in the door, especially if someone has worked on the doors before. Good luck.
Q:fuzzy computer speakers?
Okay, let's solve this problem. Do both speakers sound fuzzy the same? Is there a buzzing sound in the speakers even when you are not sending music to them? Do you have a headset from an ipod or some other device you can plug into the earphone jack of the computer and see if it sounds okay? Are you plugged into the correct speaker jack. Powered speakers, speakers with a power cube in the wall outlet should be plugged into the Aux out jack of the computer, or line out, not the speaker out. The speaker out jack is for speakers which are not powered from a wall outlet. Maybe you have the speakers plugged into the wrong jack on the computer. Email me if I can give additional help.
Q:Speaker wire sparks when they touch?
The speaker coils can be checked simply by momentarily connecting a 1.5 volt flash light battery across the terminals - the speaker will emit a low volume thud each time the speaker is quickly connected across the battery if it's functioning. The amp, unfortunately, is not so easy to check - if the speakers test OK and the amp doesn't work, it more than likely is defective and needs to be repaired or replaced.
Q:Connect old speakers to Computer?
I have done similar to what you are doing, though I am not quite sure what parts you are using. Hopefully what I have done might show you something different. I got 2 parts, 1st is the link to Amazon, where you find the 3.5mm to RCA Stereo Female Cable. The second is RCA To Speaker Wire Plugs. Those two together worked for me, and if you have the male cables for both, you can always get a connector, though I know that an additional component would add more impedance, thus lowering the connectivity and performance. Have you tried hooking up your setup to an external source such as MP3 player? The problem might not be in the wiring, but the computer jack not having enough power to drive your speakers especially if they were used to hook up to an amplifier. If the speakers are indeed powered stereo speakers, you might have to do a AUX line-in to a stereo that is powerful enough to drive your speakers.
Q:How does the loudspeaker sound?
Right click on the lower right corner of the small speaker to select the playback device to see if there is no disabled playback device.
Q:are sony xplod disent speakers?
they are alright, Sony is a good brand (ok radios and inside speakers, stay away from their amps and subs, very good home products) as far as 2,3,and4 way speakers it refers to the number of speakers 2 way speakers have a speaker, (bass, and mids) and a tweeter (very small speaker for your high notes) 3 way is a speaker for bass, 1 for mids, and 1 for highs 4 way is a speaker for bass 1or 2 for mids, and 1 or 2 for highs so you have 4 speakers in one, if you look at them you will see all the separate speakers
Q:why 50-50k speakers?
They are sometimes marketing gimmicks to attract people, but the only test to determine the speakers sound against your preference is to hear them and decide by your own.
Q:I need help with my car speakers?
you will probably have to buy a wiring kit the power wire sounds like it is important check out crutchfield they can help
Q:what's wrong with my speakers?
Are the speakers 2-way (seperate tweeter woofer) with a seperate subwoofer? or one full range speaker with subwoofer? it could be the crossover (capacitor etc) in speaker system has blown or it could be your PC sound card has given up. Try another set of speakers or try disconnecting speakers from PC (usually 3.5mm stereo phono plug) connect to Ipod or MP3 player direct see if it sounds right.

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