Good Quality Nylon Printed Carpet with Fish Pattern

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Nylon Printed Carpet / Rug

1Technical Specification of Nylon Printed Carpet / Rug

1).Surface Material :100% Nylon

2).Back: Latex Back or Non-woven Back

3).Pile Height: 3-5mm

4).Pile Weight:270-650g/m2

5).Total Weight:1000g/m2

6).Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm

2. Our Advantage:

Technical manufacturing level

Competitive price with best quality;

Attracted designs available

Outstanding working team

3 Pictures of Nylon Printed Carpet / Rug

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Q:What do you do when someone pees on your rug?
Dude...ness. uh unless the guys are dogs. You need some new friends not to mention a new rug. When you find out who it is , go piss on their sofa :)
Q:Why does the new carpet has places to change color
Q:How do I remove the tea stains from the carpet?
Sponge it in water, and dry it in the same way.
Q:comfused about certain rugs and fleeces?
Fleece is an excellent choice for a rug and will absorb sweat easily. Tendon boots are also a great investment for your horse if he does a lot of jumping.
Q:How do I get stains out of carpet?
In spite of two dogs, I kept cream and beige carpets looking good for years using Zoflora disinfectant diluted in warm water. You have to get down on hands and knees and rub it in sparingly in circles with a cloth and then not walk on the carpet until it dries. It comes in pleasant flower fragrances and is very cheap.
Q:What does Insurance claim on damaged carpet cover?
Unfortunately most insurers will do what State Farm did. It is unfortunate that the new carpet is a different colour. You should have been able to choose the colour. The same applies with roofing. I have seen one side of a roof replaced by insurance. Keep in mind that insurance is meant to bring you back to where you were. But it's a frustrating process and adjusters don't always have time to fully explain. Hope that helps
Q:how to latch rug making?
Most people start with a kit consisting of a painted canvas, sufficient cut yarn to complete the project, and a latch hook. 1. Bind the edges of the canvas either with rug binding or with temporary tape to prevent raveling. 2. Take a piece of yarn of a color that's used at your starting edge. Fold it in half. 3. Insert your latch hook under the thread of the canvas that is the same color as the yarn. 4. Insert the fold of the yarn into the hook. 5. Pull the hook back out from under the bar of the canvas, keeping the loop of yarn on the hook. 6. Slide the hook forward in the loop, hook the two legs of yarn, and pull them through the loop. Tighten to secure. 7. Repeat 2-6 until all the rug is covered with yarn. Normally, you would start on a long edge and put a row of yarn across, then go to the next row (rather than completing all of a color at one time).
Q:easiest way to clean a rug?
shampoo the rug with a steam cleaner and purchase another rug to set on top of it this will prevent a heavy traffic area from getting dirty, from time to time remove it and wash it or shampoo it replace it when fully dried.
Q:How does the bedroom carpet remove mite?
Although carpet can decorate our residence very well, but carpet is used for a long time, very easy to breed mite bug. Now I'll teach you some ways to remove mites:Raiders: anti mite mites often ventilated with high temperature and humidity, love cotton fabric and soil environment, 20 ~ 25 degrees, relative humidity 65% ~ 80%, very suitable for development and reproduction of the mite. Therefore, drying and ventilation are the best weapons to eliminate them. In order to completely prevent and cure mites damage in the family, we must often open doors and windows, adhere to ventilation, light transmission, especially in the use of air conditioning, we must pay attention to indoor ventilation, ventilation.Anti mite Raiders two: ground drying laundry in addition to heaven, the mites are everywhere to go, especially love in the cotton and linen fabric installation. Therefore, you must always clean clothes, dust, every two weeks or so, you can use about 50 degrees or so hot water cleaning a bedding. Also try to simplify the bedroom layout, in order to facilitate dust removal, indoor best not to carpet, not at home to put tapestries and other things easy to accumulate dust.Anti mite Raiders three: "mites wet work" way to clean the sofa, hidden in the bed and its excretion with the possibility of flying in the air the room, then inhaled bronchial, easily lead to allergic symptoms. When cleaning, must pay attention to use wet cloth or special mite removal cloth, develop "wet operation" habit, must avoid dust raised, reduce mites with the opportunity to disperse the air.Anti mite Raiders four: do not store too much food mites are also preferred food: biscuits, milk powder and other food is acaroid mites breeding sites arrogant; and sugar, sugar, maltose syrup, tablets and other high sugar content of food is sweet mite favorite, if not careful so that they enter the body will become people in danger.
Q:How much would it cost to redo my carpet?
The most you will probably pay if you can find a decent sale is 2-3 dollars per square foot materials and installed. This is a high estimate in my opinion, but and estimate nonetheless. 11*12=132*2=264 (132*3=396). I agree with trying to carpet shampoo first. Kind of pointless to replace carpet in only one room if you can shampoo it to a decent state.

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