Good Looking High Quality Jewelry Wire and Color Wire

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Product Description:

1.Product Quick Details

Steel Grade:  40#,60#,70#


Wire Gauge:  2.38mm

Type: Galvanized

Special Use:  Cold Heading Steel

Model Number:  7*7 steel wire rope cable

Product:  7*7 red color pvc coated steel wire rope cable

Diameter:  5mm

Structure:  7x7

Surface Treatment:  steel wire rope cable with pvc coated

Tensile Strength:  1560MPa--1960MPa

Certification:  ISO9001:2000

HS Code:  7312100000

2.Product Characteristic

Using the modified PP as raw material, with good comprehensive performance, non-toxic, tasteless, light quality, has high tensile strength, stiffness, hardness, heat resistance and excellent resistant should stress cracking, extensibility, resistance to bending fatigue and processing. Using sophisticated assembly line equipment straightening the volume, smooth surface, no cracking, and color optional.


Suitable for bottle brush, Christmas rattan, angel wings, arts and crafts etc.


1.mig welding spool wire er70s 6
2.stable and smooth wire feed
3.rapid melting speed
4.high deposition efficiency

4.Reference Picture

Good Looking High Quality Jewelry Wire and Color Wire

Good Looking High Quality Jewelry Wire and Color Wire

Good Looking High Quality Jewelry Wire and Color Wire


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