forging coupling of the concrete pump

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Concrete Pump Coupling

Concrete Pump Coupling- snap coupling

1. We are a professional manufacturer of concrete pump couplings in China. Our products include delivery pipes, elbows, reducers, couplings, rubber hoses, cleaning balls and so on.

2. Our products are Top quality in china which can be used on SCHWING, PM, KYOKUTO, SANY, ZOOMLION and have been recognized by them.

3. OEM available from us.


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Q:Press the hydraulic pipe fittings standard need to do what procedures
The corresponding micrometer scale is 3. Installed with 33mm mold on the mold seat, and rotated to 3 micrometer scale, the hose peeling and joint assembly. After measuring the joint outer diameter of buckling is buckling parameter table after withholding value 33.5mm is withheld. If the diameter does not conform to withhold, after a fine micrometer withhold hose. Withhold hose connector: swage size too much, hose layer broken, causing leakage; too little buckling size, and hydraulic oil spill caused by rushing out of joint.
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Use copper with diletric fittings and insulate them, and you'll never have a problem. Yes it will be expensive but it will be done once and done right. CPVC is good too as it's cheap, easy, and they'll never corrode. PEX or Shark Bite is even easier and may even be better than CPVC as you won't have to deal with messy adhesives and can be done in half the time.
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Aqua PEX , Dura PEX , Aluma PEX and other Pex products works well in concrete , quit flexable and easy to work with in tight locations . Aqua PEX works very well with freeze situations and returns to normal size when warmed used in Hydronic systems (heating systems using heated water or glycol) and normal potable water systems Dura PEX will burst at about the same as copper works well in concrete , used in Hydronic systems and normal potable water systems Aluma PEX will burst at about the same as copper but can be shaped and holds the shape well used in normal potable water systems (I have very limited experiances with this one as I don't have the tooling ) There are brass or PVC fittings available , crimp rings , clamps or as in the Aqua PEX you can actually stretch (special tool) the pipe and it will shrink onto the fittings

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