Fashionable basin faucet with single handle- 417

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1.Basin faucet, brass body,  ceramic cartridge
2.CE approved faucet,high quality chrome plated
3.Guranty 5 years

                               Product Technical Specification
Material: Brass main body and zinc alloy handle
Brass content: 57-60%
Cartridge:Ceramic cartridge, KCG and Sedal brand are available
Surface treatment: Chrome-plated, other plating available, including brush nickle, red bronze, antique brass, etc.
The thickness of chrome plating:Nickel: 3.5-12um Chrome: 0.1-0.3um
Water Pressure Testing:0.6-0.8MPA
Air Pressure Testing:0.6-0.8MPA
Cartridge Life time:500,000 cycles
Quality Guarantee:5 years Quality Guarantee
Water flow:

Wash basin faucet: 13.3`13.7 L/Min

Q:Pots and sprinklers with a faucet switch?
Some, just less people use
Q:What is the style of the bathroom basin?
In the daily life by the genius can do things, by diligence can do the same; by genius can not do things, by diligence can do.
Q:Does anyone else have this problem? My bathroom sink smells pretty bad...what can I do to make the smell go away? I clean it regularly but I think the smell is in the piping or something. Please help
It may be a problem with the plumbing backing up. Unfortunately you may have to hire someone to clear out your pipe if things like using Drain-o don't work.
Q:I need help on how to solve my problem: a 100% plugged bathroom sink. Its plugged with years of puke and frosted flakes recently. Nasty i know. Can i buy like a liquid drain all or am i gonna have to call a plumber? Thanks.
open up a wire coat hanger and tie a small piece of rag to it and then stuff it into the drain to push the clog past the p trap. that's the part of the pipe that curves. do not do this if you aren't sure that the rag won't come off.
Q:Do not buy ceramic pots counter
When buying pots should be clear, to the basin or to the pot under the basin, the two are not the same, the stage pot compared to the audience to look better, but the price is also slightly expensive, and later do health as pot Convenience
Q:If you are washing your hands, rinsing sink after brushing teeth, etc., the sink fills up with water. Does anyone know why this would happen? The only thing I can think of is that water covers the entire opening to the drain, and air cannot escape when water tries to move in.I have tried liquid de-clogging products, which seem to work a little, but the pipes are PVC, and pretty clean. I disassembled them and checked.Thanks!
The stopper might need adjusting, the over flow might be clogged and sink can't breathe
Q:Basin basin pool fell, and what can be fixed again,
Structural glue. Can make the basin after the basic eternal, unless broken
Q:Jingdezhen art basin where to sell, what are the style. how's the price?
Ceramic City, International Trade
Q:What is the drainage of the basin with good drainage?
Hanging basin generally from the distance from the higher, if the direct use of drainage will be a hose exposed, do not look good. Solution: 1 .. with the wall drain; 2. with stainless steel water pipes connected to the basin and ground drainage (many hotels are the bathroom)
Q:Basin basin faucet whether there are national standards
National regulations require 4 kg of pressure.

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