Fashionable basin faucet with single handle- 417

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1.Basin faucet, brass body,  ceramic cartridge
2.CE approved faucet,high quality chrome plated
3.Guranty 5 years

                               Product Technical Specification
Material: Brass main body and zinc alloy handle
Brass content: 57-60%
Cartridge:Ceramic cartridge, KCG and Sedal brand are available
Surface treatment: Chrome-plated, other plating available, including brush nickle, red bronze, antique brass, etc.
The thickness of chrome plating:Nickel: 3.5-12um Chrome: 0.1-0.3um
Water Pressure Testing:0.6-0.8MPA
Air Pressure Testing:0.6-0.8MPA
Cartridge Life time:500,000 cycles
Quality Guarantee:5 years Quality Guarantee
Water flow:

Wash basin faucet: 13.3`13.7 L/Min

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Q:how do you clean an acrylic bathroom sink basin?
Micro fiber cloths. You can get them in the kitchen supplies department at Wal-Mart or Target. What I do is spray my cleaner on the surface to be cleaned, wipe excess off with a paper towel, and then wipe it again with my micro fiber cloth.
Q:Toilet table cabinet can be customized?
Taiwan counter cabinet, in a broad sense is the bathroom under the toilet basin, that is, under the wash basin cabinet. This cabinet as a result of frequent water, so the production of materials and processing must be waterproof surface treatment.
Q:My bathroom sink drains very slowly?
There is a bunch of hair from your head clogging the drain.
Q:Decoration end of the sound, then notice the property requirements rectification.
So you'd better contact the decoration company and the property, the current situation to see what kind of post-processing approach, both to ensure that you normal use, no longer renovated, but also to prevent the occurrence of leakage.
Q:The basin of the faucet with marble is black
Normal phenomenon, light-colored marble should not be used in the hand-washing table, wash the table or use dark marble, or with artificial stone or stone
Q:My family's basin area of the tiles attached to the slope, you need to rework?
Decoration company has not been through it? My home that position to stay in the size of the basin than I bought a little bigger, the decoration company said that playing with silicone should be almost ~ but too much difference is not to re-shop it? Decoration company shop tiles should not be considered when the level and vertical problems?
Q:How to choose a good basin ah? How about the musicians of the family?
Good table to see glazed, and the level of wear resistance. Like the musicians of the pot is made of glazed very good. Very smooth texture is better, that glaze is very thick.
Q:strong nasty smell coming from bathroom sink?
You've already gotten good advice. One more thing to check though. If you have an overflow on your sink,typically a small hole just below the top of the sink, that could be where the smell is coming from. The overflow allows water to drain out if you've left the stopper closed and the water running. The water goes down through the inside of the body of the sink and connects to the drain line. On most sinks, water can collect inside. This can get very smelly. If, after cleaning the drain line, you put your nose near the overflow hole and detect the smell, use a funnel or a measuring cup to pour your favorite cleaning solution into the hole. Put in at least a cup and let it sit for an hour. Then pour hot water in. If you can find a bottle brush that will fit through the hole, a good scrubbing, followed by soaking and flushing, will do wonders. Flush it every month or two to keep it smelling fresh. Even if you've never allowed water to come up to the overflow, water will come into the space any time the drain backs up, even a little.
Q:How should the bathroom washbasin be installed?
Xiao Bian that the space to determine the form. Washbasin roughly divided into two kinds of independent and desktop. Unique style of beautiful, small footprint, and easy to repair, for the space is not the bathroom. But it needs to be equipped with a mirror box or washstand, in order to use the space above the pool placed some toiletries and cosmetics. Desktop washbasin at least occupy a small desk space. It can be put on the table with a wash, the following cabinet can put debris. If the bathroom area is small, you can consider the installation of a triangle in the corner of the wash basin, the top of the pond can hang a triangular debris frame to store washing supplies. So when the installation of the wash basin, to be measured after the decision in how to install, that will allow you to wash when the worry-free.
Q:Help with bathroom sink?
Use a knife tip in the small ring around the stopper, to lift the stopper drain out the water without flooding your cabinet. Then you can crawl underneath the sink. Loosen the big nut at the back of the drain on the vertical pipe and re set the stopper inside the pipe as the other person has already mentioned. Or you can leave the stopper out until a plumber can help you.

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