Environment-friendly Liquid Granite Coating

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Product Description:

Granite liquid wall coating is a Eco- friendly and nature stone product. 

There are a wide range of selection from rough texture of fine, smooth and flatpattern. It can be applied on many different substrates of buildings like cement wall,wood board,plaster board,metal board,etc.


Main Features


Absolutely water-based product, and no volatiles such as solvent. It has acquired China Environmental Labeling Product Certificate with wonderful environmental protection property.

2. Energy-saving:

In the decoration of exterior wall, it can replace the precious thinning out stone material. And it can coordinate with the insulation material of the exterior wall to make professional granite-like decoration. It can be constructed without priming the keel so as to reduce the usage of steel resource.

3.Outstanding anti-cracking performance:

As it is flexible to a certain extent, so it can effectively cover the small cracks on the wall so as to maintain the firmness and smoothness of the coating layer.

4. High simulation:

It simulates natural granite in color, and meanwhile, by adding some exaggeration effect, it looks like real granite visually to achieve the exquisite effect which is even better than the natural granite.

5.High creativity:

There is no limitation on its design and construction. Granite’s shape can be changed freely according to designer’s intension. And it can also show the lines and depth of the building flexibly based on the building’s design. It is adaptable to any irregular architectural walls, and able to decorate any parts such as the curves and thin edges.

6. Diversified decoration effects:

it can achieve different decoration effects by adopting such coating methods as flat coating, sand wall coating, stone-like painting and sculptural intermediate painting with semi-gloss, mat and ultra-gloss varnishes.

7.Superior self-clean function:

By equipped with two-component fluorocarbon ultra-gloss varnish or environmental-friendly silicone ultra-gloss varnish as the protection of the surface, it enables the wall to have superior self-clean function so as to keep the wall looks new forever.

8. Scrubbing-resistant and anti-scratches:

As high quality ultra-gloss varnish is used as the protection layer in construction, so the coating is equipped with superior abrasion-resistant and scrubbing-resistant properties.

9.Excellent weathering resistance:

No matter under regular environment or under adverse environmental condition like acid rain erosion, the coating has very strong applicability and resistance. And its life cycle period is above 15 years.

10.Short construction cycle:

By adopting professional spraying gun, it can achieve multi-color spraying effect by using one gun. And it can be shaped only by one-time spraying, so as to greatly save the construction time. 



Applicable base surfaces: cement mortar surface, concrete surface, cement fiberboard, various exterior insulation base, gypsum board, wood board and metal plates.


Environment-friendly Liquid Granite Coating


Environment-friendly Liquid Granite Coating


How to use  Liquid Granite coating?

* One wall should use the same batch of paints so as to avoid color difference for batch reason.

* The storage and construction of the paint should comply with the temperature condition speculated in the Product Manual.

* Please don’t mix it with chemical products including organic solvent, acid-base and oil.

* Please transport it according to the “Non-dangerous Materials Rules”


More colors for free matching

Notice: This color panel might have slight color difference owing to photographing and printing reasons.

Please subject to the actual color panel for selecting colors.

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Q:Paint, PE and, PU paint, what is the difference
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Q:What are the effects of primer, intermediate paint and topcoat in exterior wall coating systems?
In the atmosphere corrosive environment of the external wall coating coating system is usually divided into primer, intermediate paint and topcoat.The main role of the primer is to lay the foundation on the substrate, the substrate has a good adhesion, with anti-rust performance The primer has a good wetting property on the surface of the substrate, as well as the osmotic effect, which enhances the adhesion to the substrate The main effect of the intermediate paint is to increase the film thickness and thus play a more effective shielding effect. The primer and topcoat in the exterior paint coating structure should not be too thick, so the middle layer is usually also a high-solids, thick slurry coating with a thixotropic variant, and the intermediate paint is also able to work well with the primer and finish Combined with the role of the machine, the car, the middle layer but also to make the surface smooth, is conducive to the topcoat. The most commonly used intermediate paint is the epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint in heavy anti-corrosion coatings, there is no simple intermediate paint concept , Many times the so-called intermediate paint can be used as a separate primer, and even as a glossy and aesthetic performance requirements of the top parts of the use of topcoat The main role is to prevent the external environment of harmful corrosive media, such as oxygen , Water vapor, sulfur dioxide and the chemical atmosphere of the same time, the beauty of the topcoat of the paint is now more and more attention, and sometimes also requires the outer layer of varnish, such as aliphatic polyurethane varnish, in order to get more For the dense shielding film.
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Q:Polymer cement waterproof coating reaction type and volatile type What is the difference
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Q:Qilu paint and music pain which is good?
Are not good, it is best to buy well-known brands.

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