Engine Marine Engine Marine Engine Genset

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Product Description:

Product description

Engine Marine Engine Marine Engine Genset

Main products of our engine: displacement from 3L to 15L, Power ranging from 20KW to 450KW. We have B, L, C series products ,which is America Cummins technology;615, 618 series products, which is Austia Steyr technology. Products are researched and developed independently include Marine power diesel engine, Diesel Generator , Machinery diesel engine , Diesel Generator Sets, Fire pump.The power range of generator set produced by the company is 20-2000kw. The products are common type, automatic type, silent type, multi machine grid connected type, etc. 

Engine Marine Engine Marine Engine Genset

Engine features

1. Digestion and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad carefully build a product.
2. By the whole crankshaft,high-quality alloy cast iron body and the cylinder colver, has large power oil consumption,small volume,light weight, small vibration, low noise.
3. By domestic fomaous turbocharger and a high-pressure oil pump, direct injection combustion system, fuel injection pressire, power, economic benifit .
4.Compact structure, convenient use,high reliability, overhual period is more than 10000 hours.

Engine Marine Engine Marine Engine Genset


1, What is your warranty period?
Our wanrranty period is 1 year or 1000 running hours, whichever comes first (Excep the damageable spare parts of genset causesd by incorrect man-made operation).
2,What is you MOQ?
Our MOQ is 1 set.
3, What is your delivery time?
Less than 10 sets, 30 working days after received the 30% T/T deposit.
4,What is your payment term?
30% TT as deposit, 70% TT before shipment.
5, What is your comapny's available production capacity?
300 sets per month.

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Q:I intend to buy Diesel Generator sets in USA but the problem is that the Generator sets available in USA are 50/60Hz /1800rpm, pf 1.0 , 277/480V whereas in my country the Frequency is 50Hz , Voltage is 220/380V and power factor is 0.8. What shall I do to convert the US spec's to what is my requirement.
It is a fairly easy adjustment to make for most of the equipment, as manufacturers know that many people need 50 Hz power. Mention your needs to the company you are buying the generators from. They should be happy to perform/quote a conversion for you.
Q:i work in a big company and our subcontractor responsible for DAC system design and installation and now they want to handover their work .now we are in the SAT (site acceptance test) so can anybody tell me about any procedure to to test this system with them for not cheating me I'm electrical engineer and has a good experience in instrument but it is my first time for commissioning of data acquisition control system what are the steps should i follow with them and what are the questions should i ask to them any sequence should i follow for this testit's a big project consists of surge protection system and felwmeters (electromagnetic type) , control valves ,ups ,diesel generators ,pumps, PGC, PCU, PPLC ,CHEMICAL SYSTEM and interface with other sites with microwave PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZANY ONE CAN HELP?????? THANKS VERY MUCH
Q:As the generator is for emergency, so it stopped for long time and only run for preventive maintenance, so its not accomulate running time, what is the standard to evaluate the need for maintenance ?
First make sure the fuel is fresh periodically. Old fuel deteriorates makes it hard it start and run. Second check the oil see if it is clean, check the oil filter too. Third check the fuel filter, change once a year if not used because of bad / old fuel. Forth Check the out put of the engine / voltage / oil pressure / amperage / operating temperature / current fuses / transfer switches are working properly. Listen and make sure the engine is running smooth, no misses. Should be good to go then.
Q:I am buying a portable generator in order to power up to six, 500 watt halogen work lights to light up my horse arena at night. what are some things I should consider in terms of features that are needed in this application. Also, I don't want alot of bells and whistles, I need to keep as low cost as possible but still safe and quiet.
To the past comment regarding fuel consumption - You sated: For some reason, a big generator- say 6000 watts will go through twice as much gas as two 3000 watt generators! No idea why. Look it up if ya want. Totally true. Anyways, that ratio is far from accurate. Don t be misconstrued by not taking into account the fact that the listed specs for any unit describes fuel consumption based on load. All the listed specs show consumption-over-time, indicating that that consumption is during operation of the unit while at only 1/2 of the maximum rated load capacity. For your perusal, some generator specs taken from authorized Honda dealer web sites. Honda ~3500 (max watt) series Tank Size:6.2 Gallons Run Time (50% Load):16 Hours And the Honda ~6500 (max watt) series 6.2 Gallons Run Time (50% Load):10.4 Hours Anyways, if one were to crank up the Honda3500 from its 1/2 load of say 1750watts, to say about 3200watts, I would gamble the fuel consumption rate would spike significantly, and to the point where heat and exhaust would factor in largely; the 1/2 load operation for the 6500 series would yield 3250watts, incidentally. Even if there were so be some kind of (likely negligible if any) savings by having and utilizing 2 of the 3500 units at the same time, would it make up for the additional money spent on the cost of ownership of the 2 units, versus the single expense of the more powerful unit? (one of the 3500w units $1,600 while the 6500w costs about $2700+/-) Also, would someone want to occupy space with 2 units at once, either while in use or in storage? What about the chance of more things going wrong while running 2 units, let alone the increase in noise (et al) pollution. I would fathom the 6500w engine, and all moving components, would be much less taxed over time with respect to the similar output of the 2-unit scenariowhich sounds chaotic and in illogical, and was not even thought out.
Q:I am looking for the stand by large generator 15-20kw (to use all the power on one transfer switch). The problem is that stand by generator require large propane tanks (expensive to install). I would like to find a stand by generator that i could run off gasoline and use all of it available power. I think this would the most economical solution. In case of propane/natural gas the cost of propane tank installation is significant. The diesel stand by generators are significantly more expensive. So far I have found tri-fuel13kw portable generator that has several outlets. In this case not all the power can be utilized.
Generator Tri Fuel
Q:Does any one know the best way to go about have an entire house run off of a generator? Mostly likely over periods of no great than two weeks. But it needs to supply a Washer/Dryer, Central A/C, Water Heater, and all of the basics of a smaller house. I did the math and the math says the max I will need is apprx 13,500W. I've done a lot of research on portable, residential, and even green energy, but I am having trouble finding the best way to go about powering a house continually. I need something relatively quiet, or something I can run a ways from the house.And lastly one more curve ball, this is for west TX, so there's not too much rain, especially these days. But it is a desert atmosphere, so I need a way to keep it out of the elements. Any suggestions? Well ventilated shed maybe? Thanks!
This would need to be a big and expensive generator, probably water-cooled - check out prices on OKorder - if you are only there 2 weeks at a time, that is a lot of money to spend, and a big risk to leave it where it could be stolen when you are away. May I respectfully suggest that you consider non-electric alternatives? It seems rather out of place, and certainly not very green to have a petrol or diesel generator chugging away for 2 solid weeks close to what I guess is a holiday home somewhere remote in the countryside. There are fridges and freezers available which run off LPG (propane or butane) and even kerosene (which might be easier for you to transport to your holiday home) The same goes for a water heater and cooker A washer/drier seems unnecessary (and also not at all green) if you live in a desert atmosphere - take a look on OKorder with the search words as follows: caravan washing machine These small machines use very little water and energy, which I suggest will be important factors for you. Finally aircon (the trade I presently work in) - may I suggest that you look for simple, low energy units that use water evaporation for cooling (will also humidify the dry desert air) - if you follow all the above guidelines, you should be able to get by with a 3 or 5KW portable generator that you can take home for safe-keeping. Sorry to rain on your parade, but I think the idea of an all electric holiday home in the wilderness is in need of a serious re-think for many reasons. Good luck!
Q:I'm curious about knowing whats the different them both. Thanks.
A generator is usually powered by a diesel or gas (petrol) engine which powers an alternator to produce mains power for hours provided it is topped up with fuel. A UPS uses a large battery and a high powered inverter circuit to produce mains power but is not expected to power equipment for very long, just long enough to shut them down safely without loss of data.
Q:Cummins diesel engine QSX15G8 timing
Q:can somebody explain to me electrical power distribution for jackup rigstarting from the engine to generator then bus,MCC1,MCC2,SCR
Nice to have your Q, i am also a Jack up Rig Design Engineer. Ok. see 1st of Jackup rigs have diesel generators which provide power supply for the various electrical power requirements on rig. usually the voltage level is 6.6kV, 4.16kV, 690V or 600 V which is then further reduced upto 415V, 220V/127V as per load and client requirements since it affects the design and overall space required and size of rig as well. the generated power is 1st transferred to the main PMCC or MCC known as generator switchboards. from here the power is dirtributed to various other switchboards such as jacking MCC, drilling MCC, Ventilation MCCs, VFD panels (for top drive mud pump panels through VFD/SCR system) and other MCCs for other electrical loads. voltage is further reduced upto 415V/220V/127V for lighting and other lv loads using dry type transformers. oil filled trafos are not preferred since they r bulky and not feasible to have them on rigs since its in sea and also problem in maintenance. cables used are usually of XLPE or XLPO insulation. the configuration is as follows CU/XLPE or XLPO/Inner sheath (SHF)/Armour/Outer sheath (SHF), the inner and outer sheath has to be low smoke halogen free material, armour is usually bronze wire armour, usually cables used are all flame proof as per iec 60332, cat 3-22A and cables for emergency purposes are fire resistant as per iec 60331. hope this is fine.
Q:here in the town i live in we recently had an avalanche take out power transmission lines from our hydro dam in the time it takes them to repair those 90% of our power is coming from diesel generators(you should have cringed there) causing the price per kWh to go up 500% for what might be the next 3 months.currently i make enough that i can live with a bill 5 times higher than im used to, but a couple of years ago that would have got me kicked out of my apartment because there was no way in hell i could find an extra 300 bucks a month with a week or two notice.its been a big deal here, but we are notorious complainers, so im wondering if that situation would cause you to write letters to editors and complain to everyone who will listen all day long?
no i pay about $100 a month as it is. my bill would over $500 a month. thats more than my car payment and almost as much as my apartment $590

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