Engine Marine Engine Marine Engine Genset

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300 set/month
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Product Description:

Product description

Engine Marine Engine Marine Engine Genset

Main products of our engine: displacement from 3L to 15L, Power ranging from 20KW to 450KW. We have B, L, C series products ,which is America Cummins technology;615, 618 series products, which is Austia Steyr technology. Products are researched and developed independently include Marine power diesel engine, Diesel Generator , Machinery diesel engine , Diesel Generator Sets, Fire pump.The power range of generator set produced by the company is 20-2000kw. The products are common type, automatic type, silent type, multi machine grid connected type, etc. 

Engine Marine Engine Marine Engine Genset

Engine features

1. Digestion and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad carefully build a product.
2. By the whole crankshaft,high-quality alloy cast iron body and the cylinder colver, has large power oil consumption,small volume,light weight, small vibration, low noise.
3. By domestic fomaous turbocharger and a high-pressure oil pump, direct injection combustion system, fuel injection pressire, power, economic benifit .
4.Compact structure, convenient use,high reliability, overhual period is more than 10000 hours.

Engine Marine Engine Marine Engine Genset


1, What is your warranty period?
Our wanrranty period is 1 year or 1000 running hours, whichever comes first (Excep the damageable spare parts of genset causesd by incorrect man-made operation).
2,What is you MOQ?
Our MOQ is 1 set.
3, What is your delivery time?
Less than 10 sets, 30 working days after received the 30% T/T deposit.
4,What is your payment term?
30% TT as deposit, 70% TT before shipment.
5, What is your comapny's available production capacity?
300 sets per month.

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Q:Can you use red diesel in a generator?
Red diesel is agricultural, no tax or tax reduced. The Red is only a dye to distinguish it from tax paid diesel. However using it illegally can result in very hefty fines if caught. Used and cleaned vegetable oil can be mixed with diesel, actual proportions I'm not sure of, but I think 3:1 oil to diesel. There are probably sites that explain in more detail. However why it has to be used veg. oil I don't know.
Well, after you STOP YELLING AT US, you might suggest the efficiency of the pieces (as well as telling what TOTAL 16 NO really means) then a conversion of power stuff might be done.
Q:How does a portable generator work?
If you know how a motor turns then in its simplest terms, a generator is a backwards motor. Electricity powers the motor. In a generator an engine turns the motor producing electricity. Its about passing wires through magnetic fields and such.
Q:Diesel and electricity generation?
There is no way I can answer this because YOU didn't give enough information. The amount of fuel used, depends DIRECTLY on the SIZE of the engine. The larger the engine, the less fuel it takes to produce 1 KWh of electricity it's the 'Economy of Scale' at work
Q:can a diesel engine be used as a generator?
Yes it can but using a truck engine for such a purpose is a bit expensive. There is a kit made out there for such a task, had just read a little bit about it the other day, but dont remember where I saw it. You would actually be better served by investing in a proper stand alone generator. Good luck.
Q:End of the world Shelter?
Well. I don't see the point. If the earth is destroyed, as so many of the 2012 lies say it will be, then the only thing that your bomb shelter will accomplish is to allow you to live 5 seconds longer than all the rest of the people on the planet. Seems like a steep price to pay for an extra 5 seconds of terror. On the other hand, since none of the doomsday predictions will occur, you might make a tidy sum if you market it correctly. There are people who are doing exactly that. Converting old Minute Man missile silos into survival condos, and many other things. Good luck with that, but stay prepared for buyer's remorse when Jan. 1, 2013 rolls around and the world is still here, and your clients are each out thousands or tens of thousands of dollars - and they know you have it. Watch your back.
Q:want to build an electric generator from an electric motor, how do I do this?
With a permanent magnet DC motor (like from a battery powered toy) this will work fine. An AC motor is less likely to work, in normal operation the magnetic field that makes an AC motor work is produced by the electricity going into it, so if no power is going into it there is no magnetic filed to make it act as a generator, actually there might be a little stray magnetism or there are methods of getting it started with a pulse of external power, but the PM DC motor will be easiest . In short,yes you can use a motor for a generator but not just any motor
Q:How many kilowatts KW of electricity does the average house use in the USA?
You will need about $40,000 to $50,000 for an average house not including using it for heat or air conditioning (unless running generator a lot). To be off grid, your system will require the following: Many panels (approx. 16) large battery bank (approx 24 large golf cart type) Charge controller (Converts ac to dc and controls charge to batteries) Controller / Rectifier unit (controls power flow from/to generator, batteries, and loads) Gas /Diesel Generator (approx 10KW size) Safe building with good ventilation for generator and Batteries (extreme fire/explosion danger if not) Lots of wiring Lots of patience and great care to use minimum power, or batteries will not last long enough and running generator is much more expensive than grid power.
Q:Know anything about Diesel Engines?
you need to read the documentation. No such thing as a diesel that runs forever All engines need fluids checked. In generators, there is prime power and standby power. Your warranty will be different for each type. The prime units can run for very long times, but are more expensive and have oil adding systems, etc to automoatically maintain levels and things like that. The diesel engine can be shhutdown and restartted like a gas engine. The turbo and starter motor are the real reasons for not doing short starts and stops. Also, how much load/environment you put on the generator makes a difference in how long it can run too. They can run for a long time as long as they are checked and maintained.
Q:How much would electric cost me per month on Oahu?
Hey kesha, welcome to Hawaii, ok? So, lectricity very spensive hea Hawaii, main reason gonna be that we generate with Diesel Generator, which cost lot, ok? Now some wind generator hea, but sad thing is, it MORE SPENSIVE than Diesel, hard to believe, but true, ok? Also, few months ago supplier of diesel for generators try to get state to allow import of Palm Oil, for use inna generators, but all greenie/whale hugger/sierra club idiots stop that cause they say palm oil production cause rainforest to go away, ok? Stupid people, I say, it would have cut cost of diesel in HALF, but would require replacement and modification of some of the diesel engine, but still cost less for people, but not gonna happen now, ok? Most of residential property hea, like studio apartment, gonna have they own meter, and cost per Kilowatt hour round $.35, ok? Now that not sound like too much, cept that if you compare to otha place, like for instance LA, they pay bout $.15, for same amount, ok? Or, place like Las Vegas, they pay bout $.08 per KWhour, ok? So, you can see gonna add up inna hurry, specially if you use lectric to heat water, cook, clean, a/c, which gonna be normal for lotta place hea, specially on Oahu, yeah? So, lotta people I talk to pay 100 to 120/ month for lectric, but you can save some money too, by not leave no lite on, take cool/warm and very short shower, ( if you use lectric water heater), not use A/C, eva cept onna really hot day, use sweeper rather than vacuum, keep fridge on higher setting, you can maybe get it down to 50, 60 buck a month, ok? Hope this help, peace and aloha to you!

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