Cummins Diesel Generator 500KW/625KVA C40

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Manufacturer:Chongqing Cummins Engine
Model:Original Cummins KTAA19-G6A, 4-cycle
Air Intake System:Turbo, Water / Air Cooling
Fuel System:Fuel Pump, EFC
Cylinder Arrangement:6 in line
Bore and Stroke:159X159(mm)
Compression Ratio:13:1
Max. Standby Power at Rated RPM:610KW/830HP 
Governor Type:Electronic
Exhaust System
Exhaust Gas Flow:2054L/s
Exhaust Temperature:584
Max Back Pressure:10kPa 
Air Intake System
Max Intake Restriction:6.23kPa 
Burning Capacity:750L/s
Fuel System
100%(Prime Power) Load Consumption:206 g/Kw.h
75%(Prime Power) Load Consumption:205 g/Kw.h
50%(Prime Power) Load Consumption:206 g/Kw.h
Oil System
Total Oil Capacity:50L 
Oil Pressure at Rated RPM:345-483kPa
Cooling System
Total Coolant Capacity:116.5L 
Max Water Temperature:104℃
Manufacturer:Original STAMFORD ,Marathon,MECC,Kaijieli
Frequency and Speed:50Hz/1500rpm
Connecting Type:3 Phase and 4 Wires, “Y” Type Connecting
Power Factor:0.8
Protection Grade:IP23
Exciter Type:Brushless, Self-Exciting, with AVR
Insulation Class, Temperature Rise:H/H
Voltage Regulation, Stead State:±1%
Volts Warp(Sudden Reduce):+25%
Volts Warp(Sudden Increase):-20%
Frequency Regulation, Stead State:5% 
Frequency Warp(Sudden Reduce):+12%
Frequency Warp(Sudden Increase):-10%
Frequency Recovery Time:5S
Open Type Size:3700(mm)X1570(mm)X2080(mm)
Open Type Weight:4820kg
Control System:Original Uk deep sea auto controller 
Standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, European CE

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Q:What is the most important parameter of diesel generator
rated power (PE): refers to the diesel generator set rated output in the case of the maximum active power, the unit is kW (kw) or MW (MW)
Q:Whats the best Fuel economy (in mpg) you can get from a Diesel Electric car ?
Probably - with serious optimization - about the same as from gasoline/electric hybrids, maybe a little worse. Most people are as surprised as I was to find out the maximum theoretical efficiency of a diesel engine is about 50% while the maximum theoretical efficiency of a gasoline (otto cycle) engine is about 65%. It has to do with the diesel adding heat at constant pressure while the otto cycle engine adds heat at constant volume. Anyway, gasoline engines typically fall behind because the theoretical maxima are at infinite compression ratio with perfectly insulated cylinder heads, cylinders, and pistons. Diesel engines are capable of much higher compression ratios than gasoline engines, and the method of throttling gasoline engines has the effect of reducing the compression ratio even more. That has given diesel engines a reputation for efficiency and they are more efficient than turbine engines (about 40% max) and rockets (about 12% max). However, hybridization has allowed gasoline engines to reach efficiencies that are not very practical for diesels. The current generation Prius spends a lot of engine operation at 38% efficiency - the 2016+ is supposed to reach 40%. Diesels can't compete; although that represents only 61% of the theoretical max for gas engines it is 80% of the theoretical max for diesels, and that last bit of efficiency is the very devil to achieve. It would require entirely new materials and other major improvements. As the source says, Conventional gasoline engines have long run about 25 percent, diesels at 30 to 35 percent.
Q:I am planning to open a medium size furniture factory in my country Nigeria,, can it be solar powered?
Yes, it can be fully solar. Very power comsuming factories are autonomous. If you dont find how to, if you want e-mail me and i will put you in touch with some companies. For your info, some companies not only are autonomous, they resell power while they dont use it.
Q:Diesel Generating Set?
You are after capacity of the generator not load. You add up all the power required: 240 HP + 300 HP + 675 HP 1215 HP 1 HP 746 W Power required 906.39 kW You take this figure in consideration to choose your set allowing for efficiency and power factor.
Q:What is the gasoline cost rate ($/Kwh) for a 50 Kw Generator?
50 Kilowatt Generator
Q:question on electrical in flat?
This electrical specification describes some aspects of the electrical distribution system for a block of flats (apartment building in USA terms). A 3 phase power supply is 3 live wires and a neutral with 400 volts or so between any two live wires and 230 volts or so between any live wire and the neutral. Each flat would be connected to one live wire and neutral. A change over switch is a switch that can switch the load from one power source to another. It could switch between two mains connections from the power company or it could switch between the power company mains and a standby diesel generator set. An RMU transformer is a ring main unit transformer. The transformer would be the step down or substation transformer from the transmission line voltage to the 400 volt level. There would probably be one transformer for all of the flats, possibly two if there are two mains connections from the power company. The RMU designation indicates that the transformer includes additional components such as the change over switch and main circuit breaker as a single piece of equipment. Advanced features might include such things as transformer temperature monitoring, load monitoring, and remote indication provisions. Unless the features are enumerated, it isn't a particularly useful description. It may or may not include features in addition to the minimum required by government regulations. If you are purchasing only an individual flat, this might offer some assurance that the electrical system is modern and reliable, but it is a very poor description to offer prospective purchasers of individual flats.
Q:Need Your Opinion. Why is Diesel Fuel so costly.?
Supply and Demand.
Q:how much diesel a railway engine consumes when started ?
Very little. Less than it takes to run at power while underway. The fuel lines are only so big, and it can't flow fuel any faster than that. There is a myth that machines take a LOT of energy to start up. Some people say it takes as much power to start your PC as it does to run it for 30 minutes. The same is often said of fluorescent lights. That is not true - it is essentially never true. It is used as an excuse to avoid shutting the thing down. Why can't they? Because the pipe or wire supplying the fuel/energy is only so big. If a PC took that much energy to start up, it would trip the circuit breaker. The energy also would have to go somewhere, and energy always goes away as heat. A massive surge of startup energy would be a massive surge of heat, which usually burns or explodes a thing. So no -- devices generally do NOT use massively more energy to start up than they do to stay running. Some times might have a startup surge of double, or perhaps triple - such as a hard drive or compressor spinning up. But nothing more than that, and only for an instant - too fast for most circuit breakers to trip.
Q:Couple questions about backup generators for buildings?
Back up generators are kept as stand bye.In hospitals and other important places they take start immediately when voltage drops in the main. They Run with petrol or diesel oil or other fuels/
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