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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: JINTIAN

  • Grade: COPPER

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Our products will be wrapped with woven bag or as per buyers requirements .
Delivery Detail:

Within 15 days after we receive the deposit or L/C .

Product Technical Reference :

  Specification  (mm)    

Elongation   (%)

Resistivity (Ωmm2/m)

   Tensile Strength (N/mm2/m)

 Brinell Hardness (HB)

Oxygen Content ( %)

                    Cu+Ag  (%)

Thick    (mm)

Width      (mm)






         ≥ 99.95



Q:a friend of mine has a 2002 dodge grand caravan sport and the mechanic told him the part cost about $400. is that right?
a full wiring harness? that wouldn't quite fall into the realm of normal repair at all why does he need this?
Q:I have a 5spd integra (98), I might be getting an excellent deal on an automatic shell thats in mint condition (way better condition then mine) I was wondering if i did the auto to manual swap if I could just swap my manual harness into the auto instead of cutting the auto harness. I've looked online and I haven't read much, if any, information on this.
You should be able to swap out the wiring harness without a problem. Might be a bit of a headache but be sure to take your time and mark where everything goes. Take pictures if you can and use masking tape [folded over the wire and onto itself] to mark the various connectors.
Q:I need to find an engine wiring harness for a 96-97 probe gt. I have been looking and calling all local and cant find anything. Any info will help
thats cause ford is gay.it stands for found on road dead
Q:I took out the original stereo, which would power on but get only static. It had no display, which I though was just do to the age of the stereo. I cut the stock harness because I could not find any matching ones at the time (found one now, but too late). I have tried installing 2 different stereos. Both will power on, but neither will actually power up. What I mean, is that there is power coming through (you can load and unload a CD and the red light flashes when the head unit is off) but when the head unit is on, it doesn't display anything or actually let you use any functions (seeming like it has no power). It has done this with both stereos, so I'm guessing it's something with the car's wiring. Is it a bad fuse even though it is getting power? A bad wire (power wire)? With the new stereo, when you first turn the key, the display will illuminate for a split second, then nothing, just the limited power like before. The car is a 1987 Caddilac Brougham (like Fleetwood). Thanks.
sounds like the constant power( the yellow wire) is getting power hook both of your power wires together and turn the switch on and see if you get everything then, if so find a constantly on power wire for the yellow and connect it there and leave the red wire on switched power
Q:hi i was wondering how much and engine wiring harness would cost used at junkyard and new and if new where can i get it with out going to dealer?????car is 3.8 non supercharged 1998 grand prix se reason i need wires becouse when engine was put on by a friend he put a bad ground so wirings burnt up and got hot so im tired of looking for messed up wiresi want to know estimate for whole engine wiring
i was buying harnesses at breaker,s here in the uk and they cost around ? 20 but that was in the 80,s i do not know your vehicle so don't know what sort of time is involved. due to the nature of the job , best supply a factory loom to the electrician to fit it that is if it needs a full loom
Q:I have a 92 Honda Accord DX and just bought a radio for it. I hooked up all the wires correctly( i think ) except for the memory wire and it doesn't even turn on. What does the memory wire do? Is there something else I'm missing?
The memory wire is the constant 12V source that's not switched on and off with the key. In most after-market head units, it's also the main power wire. If you don't connect this wire, the radio won't work.
Q:I tried to put a cd deck into my car but i got power and sound barely out of the passenger door speaker. My friend that helped me with it said just go get the wire harness and see how it works. could i do without the harness and just try to splice them together or not?
if you are a novice (it's okay to admit), then drop like 6 bucks on the harness and save yourself hours of research, trial and error. it is, of course, possible to not use the harness but if you choose to do so you are better off routing entirely new speaker wire to all your speakers and if you do that, you may as well get a four-channel amp and replace all of your stock speakers. it'll be about the same amount of work and sounds a million times better. trust me, though, just go get the harness.
Q:I have a 2005 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab. It has a regular factory cd stereo and I want to install a new aftermarket stereo. I have found the wiring harness, but it cost at least $60. Can I bypass the harnesses' and wire direct. I also found a wiring diagram for my stereo to make sure I get the wires right. Oh and will I void any warranties by doing this? Thanks for any info
Check the harness. Does it have some type of resistor or electrical component to alter any speaker resistance or input voltage. If it does not have any electrical component, it means the harness is just an easy quick connect solution. You do not need to buy the harness if you know which wire is connecting to what. Will you void any warranty? Only on the audio system. However, if you do not abuse the stereo, i.e. maximizing volume and brake the speakers, you do not need to be concerned about the warranty. Good luck!
Q:i need to know what other stock radios will fit in my car so i can get 1 from a junk yard so i need another stock deck that has the same wires
Here's the best I can do; Go to AutoZone, or someplace like that, and look at harnesses for installation . Note if any of them show the same cars in their application list. I'm thinking some small Fords- they're related.
Q:i need to know how to find the connector from the wiring harness to the transmission speed sensor! The mechanic i had working on it forgot to hook it up and now everything is hooked up except for that! The transmission and the engine are all hookes up and i can't find the sensor hookup at the harness!!
Take it back to the person that worked on it and have him/her hook it up.

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