cool antifire matieral

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*Safe & Fire Resistant
*Environmentally Friendly
*Weather Resistant &Anti-pollution
*Process Ability

anti fire material is a new high security wall decorative fireproof  material, use noncombustible inorganic material as the core ,the outer layer is alloying aluminum. Face fluorocarbon resin coating for the protective film made of a new type of metal composite material.    

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Q:What is the thickness of the fire hydrant box thicker than that of the wall?
Well, don't worry about it. It's straight behind. But it's impossible to leave behind, and consult with Party A
Q:How to calculate the diameter and velocity of fire hydrant system?
The fire hydrant should be placed in the corridor or hall of public space, usually in the space inside the wall, no matter what kind of decoration on the requirements of the eye-catching label (marked "fire hydrant"), and shall not set up obstacles in its front, to avoid the effects of opening the door of the fire hydrant.
Q:Is the fire extinguisher placed under the fire hydrant box? (only a half meter wide shopping corridor, next to the product)
The placement of fire extinguishers should not impede safe evacuation. Placing requirements are as follows: GB 50444-2008 building fire extinguishers configuration acceptance and inspection specifications
Q:What are the requirements for the door decoration of fire hydrants?
According to your statement should be the fire hydrant, because fixed facilities referred to the scope of your statement is not clear, in general, in accordance with your 1.5m to the space before the fire hydrant is the normal operation of the fire hydrant, but still should analyze specific issues, according to the plan, considering the fire hydrant around the whole vertical layout, the major premise still must ensure that the fire hydrant is obvious and easy to operate.
Q:How about the number of indoor fire hydrants in each floor of a building?
Indoor fire hydrant building, the fire hydrant should be installed on all levels. The unit type, the fire hydrant should be the first floor of tower houses set in the staircase and the floor to rest on the platform, when the set 2 fire standpipe; there are difficulties, can be set 1 fire standpipe, but must use double valve double hydrant.
Q:How to protect the fire hydrant in winter?
The north is underground type fire hydrant, and there is heating and heating pipes in each section. The water is heated and will not freeze. The temperature in the south is high and will not freeze.
Q:How many fire hydrants should there be in the city?
According to the standard to do it, the protection radius is 150, the maximum spacing is 120, are the largest, of course, you are more sure that there is no problem with the layout.
Q:How can I see if the fire box is left or right?
If the fire box is on the right target main body building fire, then the fire box should be left to open the door, door in the left.
Q:Do you know what the pipe diameter of fire hydrant is?
Classification of fire pipelinesDuctile iron pipe, copper tube, stainless steel tube, alloy pipe and composite pipe, plastic pipe.Spheroidal graphite cast iron pipeThe use of cast iron by adding more than 18 nodularizer, after centrifugal ductile cast iron machine high speed centrifugal cast pipe, called "ductile" (Ductile Cast Iron Pipes), referred to as ball pipe, ductile iron pipe and ductile iron pipe etc..
Q:How to fill in the static pressure and dynamic pressure in the fire hydrant test records in fire control engineering?
Connect the hose, open the water cannon, test the dynamic pressure, start the fire pump, the dynamic pressure should not be greater than 0.5MPA. Fill in the test and fill in the amount of data

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