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the hood is made from flame-retardant,heat-insulated material and can withstand high temperature of approx.800

1. Product Information

Conflagration claimed millions of live. According to the statistics, up to 85% of the victims died not from burning and heat radiation, but from breathing of CO and other barmful gases generated in the building structure and decoration materials. Most of them were suffocated before being burned, and this case can be prevented.

The XHZLC30,which equipped with the canister, can effectively filter out CO and other harmful gases and possesses the performances of flame resistance and heat insulation so that provides a opportunity to escape from the smoke and toxic gases.

2.Structure and performance

2.1The hood is comprises of the parts for flame resistance and heat insulation, it can undergo the high temperature of about 800°C in a short time, and possesses the feature of big eyes lens and making the wearer to look for a clearly road to escape. hood has a universal size, and suit for all kinds of head type to wear. Stable and reliable wearing can be ensured by lacing the head harness up.

2.2The oronasal mask, which is made of rubber, has special shape, size, and faceseals which suit for all kinds of the persons face. the XHZLC30 possesses advantages of small leakage coefficient, small exhalation resistance , and good comfort.

2.3The canister is in complete air-tight before use, so the XHZLC30 has the excellent abilities to protect against toxic smoke and gases generated by the conflagration, such as ammonia, chlorine hydride, hydrocyanic acid,nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide, and SO2.It especially has reliable ability of protection against CO and the suspended particles in smoke.

2.4 The Fire Escape Mask is a new and innovative low cost – high impact product that has been designed to protect for a minimum of 30 minutes from fire smoke and toxic gases.

2.5 Total weight: 800g Packing:Carton box

3.Main specification for the canister




1 Service life against CO ≥30

2 Service life against HCN  ≥30

3 Efficiency of smoke filtering 99.99%

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Q:What is the button for fire hydrant pump?
A button is arranged on the surface of the fire hydrant button, and when the fire hydrant is started, the press button can be pressed directly, and the red start indicator of the fire hydrant button is bright, and the yellow warning object is ejected
Q:Can fire extinguishers be put into the fire hydrant?
Dry powder fire extinguishers - fire fighting oils, organic solvents, and electrical appliances.
Q:What is the distance between fire hydrant and road?
The outdoor fire hydrant shall be determined according to the water consumption of the outdoor fire hydrant specified in section 7.2.2 of GB 50045-95, and the water consumption of each hydrant shall be 10 ~ 15L/s.
Q:What are the places that do not set fire hydrant systems?
The fire resistance rating for single or multi Ding, grade one or two and combustible less e factory (warehouse), e building fire resistance rating of three or four and the building volume is not more than 3000m3 class D plant and construction volume of not more than 5000m3 (warehouse), grain warehouse, vault, far from the town and unattended independently the building can not set fire hydrant.
Q:how do you.?
Is the existing pipe PVC? From what you describe, it sounds like it's copper with a thinner wall than the PVC. If's that's the case, Take your no hub back and explain what you have at the plumbing store. They'll hook you up with the correct Fernco coupling. If it's possible, cut a small piece of the existing pipe and bring it with you.
Q:How do hydrants protect against frost?
In the design of fire fighting pipe network, the depth of buried soil can be properly increased and ground temperature insulation (used for underground hydrant) is used.
Q:The difference between hydrant and fire hydrant
The fire hydrant normally closed, the valve flap seals the water inlet; when used with a special wrench to open the valve, the water flowing into the municipal underground pipe from the water outlet and fire hydrant, fire truck into the suction pipe or directly into the water, water water or fire, after use, close the valve, the valve body by the water drain valve automatic exhaust.
Q:What causes a fire extinguisher to go empty just hanging on the wall?
Coffee Maker. I fulfill your morning needs, Give you energy, and wake you up in just the right way.
Q:Can water fire hydrant be installed in the electric switch room?
Certainly not.1, technical specifications are not allowed in the distribution room, there are water pipes, those who are related to things2 、 fire fighting facilities in distribution room are dry powder fire extinguishing or foam generator
Q:What about the anti freezing measures for outdoor fire hydrant?
Outdoor fire hydrant antifreeze measures: the ground type fire hydrant water supply pipe in the ground, as long as the entrance to install an underground valve (valve, well) can be used, usually closed the valve, and make it anhydrous. Open the valve when the fire breaks out.

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