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We make different styles of indoor hydrant, landing hydrant, underground hydrant,etc.

1. Item: SNJ 65

2. Type:SN50,SN65

3. Strength tet pressure:2.4mpa

4. The indoor fire hydrant is a fixed indoor fire-fighting equipment in factories, public buildings, warehouse,etc.

Indoor fire hydrant is the connecter in the water piping network, including one valve with single outlet, One Valve with double outlet and double valve with double outlet etc. It's used to offer assistance to control the fire.

Rated working pressure:16 Bar

Strength test pressure:24Bar

A hose is attached to the fire hydrant, then the valve is opened to provide a powerful flow of water, on the order of 350 kPa (50 lbf/in²) (this pressure varies according to region and depends on various factors including the size and location of the attached water main). This hose can be further attached to a fire engine, which can then use a powerful pump to boost the water pressure and possibly split it into multiple streams. The hose may be connected with a threaded connection, instantaneous "quick" connector or a Storz connector. Care should be taken not to open or close a fire hydrant too quickly, as this can create a water hammer which can damage nearby pipes and equipment. The water inside a charged hoseline causes it to be very heavy and high water pressure causes it to be stiff and unable to make a tight turn while pressurized.  

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Architects and engineers consider the K-factor of a sprinkler head when designing a fire sprinkler system. The system uses many variables to determine the amount of water that will flow through the sprinkler head. By utilizing the K-factor, the builders can confirm that enough water will flow from the sprinkler to extinguish any possible fire. The K-factor is the number of liters of water that flows through the sprinkler for each bar of water pressure. A bar is the standard air pressure at sea level. It is measured with specialized equipment. This is a vital statistic when calculating the capacity of a sprinkler system. The K-factor is often stated in a manufacturer’s information furnished with sprinkler heads. In fire protection engineering, the K-factor formula is used to calculate the discharge rate from a nozzle. Nozzles can be fire sprinklers or water mist nozzles, hose reel nozzles, water monitors and deluge fire system nozzles. The flow rate of a nozzle is given by q k*sqrt(p) as u had written , where q is the flow rate in litres per minute (LPM), p is the pressure at the nozzle in Bar and K is the K-factor is given in units of LPM/SQRT(Bar).
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