powder fire extinguisher hm01-0402

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We make different styles of indoor hydrant, landing hydrant, underground hydrant,etc.

1. Item: SNJ 65

2. Type:SN50,SN65

3. Strength test pressure:2.4mpa

4. The indoor fire hydrant is a fixed indoor fire-fighting equipment in factories, public buildings, warehouse,etc.

Indoor fire hydrant is the connecter in the water piping network, including one valve with single outlet, One Valve with double outlet and double valve with double outlet etc. It's used to offer assistance to control the fire.

Rated working pressure:16 Bar

Strength test pressure:24Bar

A hose is attached to the fire hydrant, then the valve is opened to provide a powerful flow of water, on the order of 350 kPa (50 lbf/in²) (this pressure varies according to region and depends on various factors including the size and location of the attached water main). This hose can be further attached to a fire engine, which can then use a powerful pump to boost the water pressure and possibly split it into multiple streams. The hose may be connected with a threaded connection, instantaneous "quick" connector or a Storz connector. Care should be taken not to open or close a fire hydrant too quickly, as this can create a water hammer which can damage nearby pipes and equipment. The water inside a charged hoseline causes it to be very heavy and high water pressure causes it to be stiff and unable to make a tight turn while pressurized.  

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Q:How does the fire hydrant box identify the left and right doors?
Fire hydrant box around the door to see: the legend to identify the fire pipe, to avoid being in charge of building block; but also the local structure, to avoid the unreasonable influence toward the door open after the hydrant outlet angle and connected with the convenient water.
Q:Are hydrants, feed pumps, and fire pumps alike?
Two words are not accurate. For building fire pumps, collectively referred to as "fire pump" or "booster pump", which has fire hydrant pump spray pump pressure regulator pump
Q:Who knows how the fire hose works in the indoor hydrant?
Why don't you play with that?! You can be held in jail during the crackdown. Let's see how other fire hoses are made. The question is not how to make them beautiful, but what to do on the surface. Let's make a fool of the past!
Q:What are the places that do not set fire hydrant systems?
The height of the building is not greater than 27m when setting up the residential building indoor fire hydrant system is difficult, can only set the dry fire standpipe and without fire hydrant box DN65 fire hydrant.
Q:Can the fire hydrant box be installed under the window sill? The bottom of the sill is enough to be packed away
The spacing of fire hydrants shall be determined by calculation. The spacing of indoor fire hydrants in high-rise buildings (warehouses), elevated warehouses and armour and class B buildings shall not be greater than 30.0m. The distance between indoor fire hydrants in other single and multi storey buildings shall not be greater than 50.0m;
Q:How many meters is the standard requirement for fire hydrant test firing distance?
Hydrant composition:I. fire hydrant equipment. It consists of water gun, water hose and hydrant.Two. Water supply network. The utility model is composed of an introduction pipe, a fire fighting pipe, a fire fighting standpipe and related valves and valves.Three. Roof hydrant. For fire hydrants, water supply systems, inspection, trial use.Four, pump adapter. Fire pool, fire water tank and so on.
Q:What's the disc on the valve that opens the water on the hydrant?
Fire hydrant (fire hydrant) on the tap water on the disc, called hand wheel, usually black, fire hydrant (fire hydrant main body is red).
Q:Working principle of fire hydrant?
The working principle and operation method of hydrant water supply system are:When the discovery of fire, the man opened the door of the fire hydrant box, press the alarm button, the fire control center to discover a fire alarm signal or remote start the fire pumps, then quickly pulled out of a hose and a water gun (or fire hose), water head and a fire hydrant outlet, and the other end of Mizumatsu Ko, show (left) with boiling water, open fire hydrant handwheel, hold gun (preferably with two), water (or water) produced by the body of the flow, the water body to the implementation of fire.
Q:How to distinguish between fire pump adapter and outdoor fire hydrant from the appearance
Fire pump adapter: when indoor fire pump failure or in case of fire, the indoor fire water shortage, fire from the outdoor fire hydrant, water tank, natural water, through the water pump adapter to water to indoor fire water supply network. Interface diameter: DN65, DN80 two types: ground, underground type, wall type setting should be according to the number of indoor fire water calculation, each pump flow in 10~15L/s, generally not less than two. The installation forms of outdoor fire hydrant can be divided into ground type and underground type. According to the number one hydrant outlet type, dual port type and three outlet type etc.. The outdoor fire hydrant is usually installed in municipal water supply pipe network, according to the design code of municipal water pipe network of fire hydrant, fire hydrant spacing should not be more than 120 meters, so it is not less than the number of valves in water supply network, is one of the important facilities in the water supply pipe network.
Q:How to fill in the static pressure and dynamic pressure in the fire hydrant test records in fire control engineering?
Connect the hose, open the water cannon, test the dynamic pressure, start the fire pump, the dynamic pressure should not be greater than 0.5MPA. Fill in the test and fill in the amount of data

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