cold water ppr pipe coupling for hot and cold water convey

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10000 pc/month
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Item specifice:

Material:: PP-R Price:: depend on the order quantity Brand Name:: CNBM
Place of Origin:: China (Mainland) Application:: Cold/Hot water supply Certificate:: ISO9001-2008 CE
Keyword:: ppr pipe Product name:: Hot and cold drinking water supp

Product Description:

cold water ppr pipe coupling for hot and cold water convey


PPR Pipe Fitting

1. OEM Available

2. Material:R200P

3. ISO15874 DIN8077/8078

4. ISO9001 14001 AENOR

PPR pipe and fitting size:

cold water ppr pipe coupling for hot and cold water convey

PPR pipe and fittings Feature:

High Temperature Resistance:In Long term normal use the working temperature is 70 °C,the maximum temperature is up to 95°C in short terms use.

Heat Preservation: low thermal conductivity which is only 1/1500 of brass pipe. And 1/250 of steel pipe. Higher Flow Capacity: smooth interior walls result in lower pressure loss and higher volume than metal pipes.

Non-toxic: no heavy metal additives, would not be covered with dirt or contaminated by bacterium.

Corrosion Resistant: resist chemical matters or electron chemical corrosion. can use more than 50 years on normal conditions

Lower Installation Costs: light weight and ease of installation, ppr pipe can reduce installation costs by as much as 50%over metal piping system.

Recycled and Environment-friendly


1) Cold / hot water supply facilities for public buildings 
2) Food, chemical, electronic industry pipeline networks; Such as 
Pipeline networks for transporting all kinds of corrosive liquids 
3) Drinking water production system pipeline networks; Such as 
Pure water and mineral water 
4) Air conditioning facility pipelines 
5) Compressed gas pipeline networks for industry 
6) Pipeline networks for swimming pools 
7) Pipeline networks for solar energy facilities 
8) Agriculture and garden production transporting systems

cold water ppr pipe coupling for hot and cold water convey

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Typically pipe and fittings have markings that indicate the material from which they are made and the specification to which they are made. To cover all of these with a chart is a pretty good task since this covers ASTM, ANSI, API, AWWA and other standards and specifications. They may also have the manufacturers indentification or symbol. That is a completely different can of worms.
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copper will cost you a whole lot considering copper prices. CPVC is ok, and PVC is not allowed for potable water. A real good system to use is PEX pipe. I use the Zurn Pex system and have had no problems with it. It installs quicker, uses less fittings, and is way cheaper than copper.
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External thread of 1/4, 1/2, 1/8 mark is a thread size code, in inches. Insiders usually used to call thread size, one inch 1/4 inch is equal to 8 points, 2 points, and so on is referred to as.G pipe thread (Guan), 55, 60 degrees is a functional division, commonly known as the tube. The thread is machined from a cylindrical surface.
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The 3500 rotor head has a 3/4 female thread to tie into. I would use all 1/2 PVC for the main line with 1/2x1/2x3/4 sst fittings with 18 of 1/2 funny pipe then a 3/4 funny L fitting to your heads. 40 feet apart is a bit too far. Try to space no more than 30 feet apart. You can buy special inserts for the heads that can give you different gallons per minute (usually 3 to 4 GPM) and angles of water flow. To check water flow from a faucet. Fill a 5 gallon bucket. If it takes 15 seconds, you have 20 Gallons per minute.

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