CMAX-Corrugated Greenhouse Roofing Sheet

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50000m2 m²/month
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1. High light Transmisstion

2. Anti- Broken

3. Anti - Sunshine

4. UV protection

5. Easy Clean

6. Easy Installation

7. Long life Time (Up to 10 years under standard circumstance)


Q:How do you type on a plastic board?
The printing process is divided into the transfer film printing and transfer printing of two parts, transfer film printing using dot printing (resolution of 300dpi), the pattern of pre printed pattern on the film surface, the level of rich, colorful, the myriads of changes, small color difference, good reproducibility, can achieve the design requirements of the effect, and is suitable for large mass production;
Q:Hi, I have a CD with the plastic sheet of cd (the side usually with designs on it) torn and some parts missing. Will my data be affected? Any remedy to salvage my CD?
If its torn and some parts are missing, the underside very well could be damaged. The only hope is to try it out on a cd reader. If your data is damaged, I'm not sure what to do....try repairing it with a CD Cleaner......but I don't know that will fix it for sure. If its gouged, theres no hope for saving data.
Q:What's the difference between a TK board and a plastic board?
The hardness of material plastic plate deep processing is not only simple KT board cut and paste.
Q:They smelled a little different than the surrounding fir and spruce trees but was still kind of a natural odor. The cardboard sheets were also wrapped in the white plastic lattice. Maybe they're something the forestry service uses? But for what??
and you didn't eat a piece see if you would enjoy your trip? maybe it was a geocache
Q:I need a piece of flat sturdy plastic about 1/8 thick. Does anybody know where I can buy this? I dont want plexiglass, its too expensive.
You okorder / okorder / GOOD LUCK !!
Yes, plastic sheets can be used for signage or display purposes. They are lightweight, durable, and versatile, making them a popular choice for creating signs, displays, and other promotional materials. Additionally, plastic sheets can be easily customized with graphics, text, and logos, and they are available in various colors and finishes to suit different aesthetic preferences.
Yes, plastic sheets are generally resistant to mold or mildew as they do not provide an organic food source for these organisms to grow and thrive.
Yes, plastic sheets can be used for air conditioning ducts. Plastic ductwork, such as PVC or flexible plastic, is commonly used in residential and commercial buildings for air conditioning systems. These plastic sheets offer various benefits such as flexibility, corrosion resistance, and ease of installation. However, it is important to ensure that the plastic sheets used meet the required standards and regulations for air conditioning ducts to ensure safe and efficient operation.
Q:I want to make my own slip and slide tomorrow and i am going to use some plastic drop sheets.But i need to find a shop to get it for tomorrow. Anyone know of large retail shops that sell them? Thanks
difficult problem. query at a search engine. that will can assist!
Q:What's the difference between integrated ceiling and plastic gusset plate?
The integrated ceiling is composed of an electric appliance and a pinch plate.The gusset plate of integrated ceiling includes: film covered board, oxide board, grinding board, roll coating board and so on:The gusset plate of the integrated ceiling is made of aluminium base material and shall be treated on this substrate.

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