Chinese Polyester Hand Tufted Carpet

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Polyester hand tufted carpet

Hand tufed and hand carved

Pile weight from 1500 to 2400g/sqm

Good craftsmanship

Vivid colors

QualityHand tufted carpet
Material100% polyester
Designs Various designs applicable
SizeAny size
ColorAny color
Pile heightAbout 1cm
Pile weight1500g, 1600g, 1700g, 1800g or 1900g /sqm
Rug backCanvas latex back

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Q:How do you recommend cleaning carpets?
Twice a year or more often if booboos happen. Yes, the better companies have the equipment to suck that moisture back out of the carpet. Trained operators know how much moisture can be put down. Homeowners can put down too much and rot the carpet or create mold on top of the pad.
Q:what can be used to remove old printer ink stains from carpet?
try kool-aid,it works 4 everything...(red)
Q:Rug service deodorizers and protection plans?
If you have the money, and want it done. why not? I don't have the money for that, and I wouldn't want it done anyway. Your choice.
Q:do you think rugs look good on carpet?
yes as long as you bring in some more things that match the color of the rug
Q:What kind of good pressing strip carpet and marble interface
If you install the bar, it is generally metal, not aluminum alloy is copper, but obviously this approach is not good. The carpet is usually based on the thickness of the marble and the carpeting in the location of the ground height difference, for example, if the thickness of the carpet carpet is 15mm, the location of the ground, the marble surface height difference, generally about 10mm, looks carpet is taller than marble, but when the foot feeling is basically "flat" - the beauty of this approach does not require the use of layering. Of course, some carpets don't have that long hair, so it's up to them to determine the difference between them.
Q:what tool do i need to install carpet?
It depends on how big the area is, If it's a small area you need a knee kicker, carpet knife, stair tool (to tuck the carpet) If it's a big area you need carpet stretcher, knee kicker, carpet seam iron, seam roller, carpet tape, stair tool, carpet knife.....Where I live ALL FREE for three days. Berkeley Tool Lending Library......... Good Luck.............
Q:What are some cheap alternatives to laying carpet? Explain carpet tiles?
What's to explain?
Q:Should you put a rug under your dining room table?
that sounds about right, though you might want to consider the size of your dining room also, perhaps getting an area rug that is just shy of the walls, yet that compliments not only the table, but the flooring as well.
Q:how to fix carpet that needs stretching?
The carpet will lay back down in a couple of days, on its own. The problem does go back to the original installation however, as it was poorly done.
Q:How to get a poop stain out of a rug?
try some diaper soaker .first try iit onsome part oof the rug that can't be seen in case it takes the colour of the rug out .then use it carefully ,not too much soaker.about half a cup in a litre of water get as much of the poop off as you can before you start then gently drawing the stain to the center from each side dab on the diaper soaker. you will need to put the soaker in some warm water. when you think you have got it cleaned up get a micro cotton towel and put it over the stain and stand on it .this will soak up most of the water .you may have to repeat this to get it all out .

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