Carbon steel scaffolding ring lock system

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Item specifice

Product type:
steel scaffolding
Mu-ti purpose
Steel Material:
Q195 Q235 Q345

Carbon steel scaffolding ring lock system



Ring lock system is a typical formwork scaffolding system, consist of support part and operaion forwork. Since born of German LAYHER company in 80’s designs, it has been improved many times by scaffolders. Now it has been the most widely used and most trusted scaffolding products in construction field.



Ring lock system has lots of advantages basing its simple deisgn and structions.The more essential it is, the easier it is.
1.Fast. The connect parts are using plug pin to fit in, one hammer can complex all parts erection, erect fast and dave time, simple struction make erection is easy copy and trainned, after project finish or build another level forwork, also save time and manpower.

make bearing capacity can pass on. Strongen system capacity and stability. In the same capacity,ring lock use less material than other systems. Simple struction, easy errect, also easy trained ,save many manpower and time and costs.
2.Ring plates are in horizen lines,make bearing capacity can pass on. Strongen system capacity and stability, reduce the formwork fail rate.In the same capacity,ring lock use less material than other systems. Save project costing.
3.Solder points are fixed and high-precision, so this will make enterprices must run a set of standard included income material till finish products, use trained workers and automation machine to keep products in a good quality.Use standard service to lead standard products.
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 Product specification:

Part descriptionOut diameterLengerSteel GradeSurface treament
1.Standard3-3.25mm500-2500mmQ345Hot dipped galvanized
2.Ledger/Horizontal3mm600/900/1200/1500/1800/2100Q235Hot dipped galvanized
3.Level diagonal3mm\Q235Hot dipped galvanized
4.Brace/diagonal2.5mm\Q235Hot dipped galvanized


 Production applications:

Our this ringlock system is produce by us Gainford, got good control from income material to end products. Whole product system has big load capacity and multi function benifits, suitable for many purposes, such as bridge construction,boat building,outlook frame for building,railway construction,oil and gas projects and so on.

With it fast erection and good convinient, it could be use for stage, show platform, outdoor AD landmarks and so on.

Carbon steel scaffolding ring lock system

Carbon steel scaffolding ring lock system



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Q:2009 and 2010 construction of secondary construction division of the exam questions and answers, Jiqiu ~!
2009 and 2010 construction of secondary construction division of the exam questions and answers, Jiqiu ~
Q:What is the speed of the falling brush after2.67 s? (Neglect drag forces.) The accelera-tion due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2.Answer in units of m/s.
... v = a t = -9.8 m/s/s * 2.67 s = 26.2 m/s round appropriately When you get a good response, please consider giving a best answer. This is the only reward we get. You may have to wait an hour to award BA.
Q:Is it necessary to use a mat on the floor? Is that norm prescribed?
Scaffolding erection specification staff up and down and transport materials When lifting the weight with the lifting device, it is not permissible to connect the lifting device and the scaffolding structure set up scaffolding work leaders should take the scaffolding to pass the test and issued a written proof of the use of the prospective use The person in charge of the maintenance work should check the status of the scaffolding and scaffold used daily, and if necessary, refurbish immediately is strictly prohibited with hand barrels, wooden boxes, bricks and other building materials take temporary plate to replace the regular scaffolding scaffolding on the prohibition of random wire Must be installed temporary lighting lines, wood bamboo scaffolding should be added insulators, metal pipe scaffolding should be another wooden cross the installation of metal pipe scaffolding, prohibit the use of bending, flattened or cracked pipe, the successive parts of each tube to be intact, to prevent dumping or moving metal pipe scaffolding of the pole, must be vertically placed on the plate, in the placement of the floor before the ground to consolidate, leveling The pole should be fitted with a pillar, which is made of a pillar base and a pipe welded to the floor metal pipe scaffolding joints, the application of special hinges overlap each other, this hinge for right angles, but also for acute and obtuse (for bracing, etc) The hinge bolts connecting the various components must be tightened scaffold board must be fixed in the metal pipe scaffold on the beam when moving scaffolding, the scaffolding of all staff must be down, above the work of the scaffolding prohibited to move.
Q:I have a concrete transport arm pump, would like to ask which building materials companies need to use, can be resident
Of course, you can make your own soil to do a radius of 4 meters small cloth machine
Q:Renovation of construction guidance? (Refers to the carpentry, painters, mud and other approach to the entry. Tooling)
First, into the construction site personnel safety production notes
Q:A 531 N window washer is standing on a scaffold supported by a vertical rope at each end.The sca?old weighs 332 N and is 3.5 m long.Assume the window washer stands 1.36 mfrom the left end.What is the tension in the rope on the right?Answer in units of NWhat is the tension in the rope on the left?Answer in units of N
(332 N)×(3.5 m)/2 + (531 N)×(1.36 m) = (3.5 m)×R R = 372.3 N < - - - - - - - - -tension in the right rope (531 N) + (332 N) = (372.3 N) + L L = 490.7 N < - - - - - - - - - tension in the left rope
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Number one: Never clean with peroxide, alcohol or neosporin. -Get yourself a nice antibacterial soap without lotions, dyes or scents. (Try Satin) As for sleeping, my suggestion is to bend your arm under your head in a triangle fashion and to keep your ear in the little hole so it won't be bothered much. Sea salt soaks! They can really change the healing process right around. They're easy to do and well worth the time. Good luck!
Q:What would you like to ask?At what height do scaffolds have to be engineered?
At all heights...they are engineered as a system.
Q:There is no shelter outside the scaffolding project has been accident accident case
I do not know what the problem you said is not clear, to send the following to you, for your reference: [Case 1] a single industrial plant project, eaves high 20m, construction area of ??5800m2
Q:Also if its possible part B wants to know A ball thrown vertically upward is caught bythe thrower after 2 s.Find the initial velocity of the ball. Theacceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2Answer in units of m/sFind the maximum height it reaches.Answer in units of m
A) Speed of falling brush = at =9.8 x 3.39 = 33.22m/sec B) Vertical distance Y = Vo x t - 0.5 x at^2 0 = Vo x 2 - 0.5 x 9.8 x 4 Initial Velocity = Vo = 9.8m/sec^2 Vertical height = Vo^2/2g = 9.8^2/2 x 9.8 = 4.9m

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