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Product Description:

Application: Cable Wrapping

Alloy: 1145/1200/1235/1100/1050/8011


Thickness& Tolerance:0.10mm-0.20mm(±6%)

Width& Tolerance: 200mm-1650mm(±1mm)

Mechanical Properties:Tensile Strength (U.T.S)≥60Mpa, Elongation≥10%

Standard: GB/T3198/ASTM-B209/EN546

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Q:Is aluminum foil poisonous?
It is a reminder, if the tin foil wrapped meat barbecue, not in the meat with lemon juice, because the foil belongs to the metal material, contact with acidic substances, after high temperature will produce a chemical reaction the formation of carcinogenic substances harmful to humansIf you have any questions about the answer,Besides, if you think my answer will help you, please don't forget to adopt it!
Q:What Kind of bat would you recommend for a 15 year old playing 9th grade baseball? aluminum aorudn $200?
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Q:Can you bake apple pie without aluminum foil?
yes, you canTo avoid the pie geting sticked in the pan, just grease the pan with butter, marguerine or oil
Q:Most luxurious Airline to fly to Hong Kong, Singapore and Sidney ?
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I use PCB etchant to remove the aluminum coating from my telescope mirrorA short soak at room temperatureMy guess is that if the aluminum is cleaned with steel wool or some other mild abrasive that you might have success with etching aluminumTry it.
Q:Math problem help?? can some one help.thanks.?
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Q:Why does this aluminum retard magnetization?
Most metals aren't magnetic (only iron, nickel and cobalt at room temperature afaik) but the solder may not have stuck to the aluminium because of the oxide layer on the aluminium forming very rapidly (even after scrubbing it clean and leaving it for a while)You need to scrub it clean before soldering, eg with steel woolThe heat will cause it to oxidise much faster, so you should try to clean it and then apply heat and solder as fast as you can.
Q:where can i get a 2 to 3 foot aluminum tube with 6mm internal diameter?
Yes, it is safe to cook potatoes or other veggies in the microwave safelyThere is a trick to this, but it is very simpleIf you want to microwave potatoes, cut them in cubes as if you were going to cook them on the stove top2) put all in a microwave safe bowl (bowl size depends on how much you want to make)Once potatoes, broccoli or whatever veggie you are wanting to cook faster the safe way in the microwave with tin foil, after veggies are in bowl, rinse with water and drainRest of water will stick to veggies 3) Once you have the water drained, take a piece of tin foil (the back dull side of it) and shape it to fit the inside of the bowlNOTE: Be sure to have the tin foil's DULL (NOT shiny side) facing upward and fold any of the remainder of any foil downwards facing the bottom of the bowland under the shiny sideThen, once you have the dull side of the foil all situated with NO Shiny part of it showing, take some Cling Wrap and put over the top of the bowl using a rubber band to secure itFor a Medium size bowl, set the microwave to cook the cut and cubed potatoes to about 15-20 minutesBroccoli, about the same for timing, depending how crisp or tender you want itUsing Tin Foil IS SAFE when facing ONLY the DULL side up!!! It's worked for me for a LOT of years!!! I learned this easy tip a LOT of years ago and have been using it ever since if I don't want to go the long route.
Q:Cat help!!!?
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