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Product Description:

Application: Cable Wrapping

Alloy: 1145/1200/1235/1100/1050/8011


Thickness& Tolerance:0.10mm-0.20mm(±6%)

Width& Tolerance: 200mm-1650mm(±1mm)

Mechanical Properties:Tensile Strength (U.T.S)≥60Mpa, Elongation≥10%

Standard: GB/T3198/ASTM-B209/EN546

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Q:I have a angel food cake pan with the removable coreHow do I bake in it?? Line w/tin foil?
not reallya cooking bad really seals in the juicesUnless you really really wrap something tightsBags are great!
Q:does any one have boat plans I could use?
Lets be real about thisBuilding a boat isn't cheap !! If you don't have the money to purchase plans, then you can't afford to build one !! You can pick up a decent used 12 - 14' aluminum boat for a cpl hundredAdd a small outboard / trolling motor and a trailer and you are all set Check out Craig's list, E bay, your local paper etc
Q:Super Easy Cookie Recipes? Help! :)?
Risk vs RewardTheives steal stuff and usually dont care if they show force or care for your stuff Perverts try to go unnoticedthey break in and plant cameras so they can watch you get undressed, however these are worse than theives, a thief usually doesnt return , a perv is usually not far from you I am guess a pervert myselfif they didnt take something than usually they left something A camera requires Lense - (Open area veiwingusually in an area where youd be naked , IE having sexual relations -Bed etc or Bathroom area) , it would need a POWER SOURCE to run the recording device or a TRANSMITTER , ie WIFI , any computer laptop with WIFI capabilities can usually sniff the airwaves to find if its active in your are, usually 500ft to 750ft, thats why most perverts are neighbors or someone within close proximityand yes this is a felony to do this and invade your privacy! You can convict if you find the equipement call the police if you see someone stalking you call the cops just be warry, call in someone that would know where to look for hidden electronics, well worth the cost if they find somethingif not you could be broadcasting on the net and not even know it.
Q:What is in this place?
Some may question your sanity but it was wise to use trash bags rather than aluminum foil which would really flag your dwellingHowever, I do use a type of bubble wrap coated with aluminum foil in the windows of my motorhome to increase the insulating factor of themThey work great in both winter and summer, especially in the Arizona summer heat where I got the idea As for the rest of your story, in spite of your indicated connection to the blocked windows, it has nothing to do with themWhat you have is a pesky ghost (even though I detest the demeaning word)see the link below concerning them L8r
Q:Paper bag curls for hair?
well there is a item called copper to force the eletricty to where it leads to
Q:DVI-I Single Male Link and DVI-D Dual Female Link?
The heat and cold expands the rock and it'll crackEven brick buildings crack after awhile.
Q:Can I MAKE dry-erase markers?
Steps 1Roll the cotton ball into a carrot shape 2Paint the cotton ball everywhere with your paint 3Add the foil around the painted marker but leave both ends open 4Add water to both ends of the painted cotton ball 5Decide which end is pointier, then add foil around the dull side 6Add the wrap to the tip of the marker then tape one side of the wrap to create the cap for the marker 7Let the marker sit for an hour 8Use the marker on the dry erase board! [edit] Tips If dried out, use more water Let the cotton ball dry before add water to it The cap goes to side of the marker when you open it [edit] Warnings The marker can smear easily on boards The cotton ball is soft so it can be ripped easily [edit] Things You'll Need Paint(the color you want your marker to be) Water Foil Wrap Cotton ball Clear Tape [edit] Related wikiHows How to Make a Dry Erase Board from Aluminum Foil How to Make Your Own White Board (Dry Erase Board) How to Make a Whiteboard (Dry Erase Board) With Clear Duct Tape and Paper How to Erase Old Marks off a Dry Erase Board How to Refill Dry Erase Markers
Q:Home made bowl for a bong?
Talk to your mom about itGetting your first period is always different for each girlYou may feel to uncomfortable to try a tampon, so you can use pads, or, you may not like the feeling of pads and what to try a tamponIt's all up to you and how you feelThere are pms pills for cramps, bloating, and headaches or you can try MotrinWhen you are on your period it is important to take a shower everyday to clean yourself, that should also make you feel betterLike I said, every girls period is different, but I would suggest talking to your mom, or a female adult you trustGood luck, and welcome to women hood !
Q:Does buttercream frosting have to be refrigerated?
If your going to leave them out for more than 2 or 3 hours, I would refrigerate themIf your home is kept quite warm, I would not leave the frosted cupcakes out on the counter at allIf time allows, you can refrigerate the frosting in a covered container and frost them on the morning of the benefitThe cupcakes should be fine on the counterJust put the cooled cupcakes in a plastic container with a lid or in box and cover with aluminum foil.
Q:I found these exploding poppers on the ground they looked like a peanut encased inside tin foil, any one know?
Poppers contain a slightly modified mixture of solid rocket fuel-amonium perchlorate and powdered aluminumThey are marketed in a tiny paper wrapperThe foil has probably been used to wrap a larger quantity for a bigger bangThis can be very dangerous, as already mentioned.

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