Brackets Cable bearer (pressed mild teel type) galvanized

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Product Description:

Used with cable bearer wall type and locking pins. The type number indicates the effective length
Also known as BT Bracket Cable Bearer 5, 8, and 12 respectively
Product Attributes
Bracket Cable Bearer
(No. 5)


Cable Bearer types
CB Type 3115 mm
CB Type 5165 mm
CB Type 8242 mm
CB Type 12343 mm
CB Type 18495 mm
CB Type 24648 mm



cable bearer


Brackets Cable bearer (pressed mild teel type) galvanized

Brackets Cable bearer (pressed mild teel type) galvanized

Custom metal fabrication CNC milling sheet metal forming/stamping parts

Custom metal fabrication CNC milling sheet metal forming/stamping parts

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Q:If I was given the question exspand the brackets- 3(4y+x) would my answer be 7y+3x or 12y+3x
3(4y+x) what u do is multiply 3 time 4y that gives you 12x and then multiply 3 and x. then u get an answer 12y+3x. if there is a number outside of an bracket and a number inside you always multiply it. eg. 5(8x+9y) u'll get an answer of 40x+45y
Q:I pay roughly $8K per year in child care expenses. My family consists of just my five year old son and myself. I own a house and pay $610 a month for my mortgage---about 450 goes towards interest; the other towards principal. Can I subtract those things from my income?The reason why I'm asking is because I was thinking about picking up a part-time job during evenings in the fall. I would make about $600 extra per month. Now, I'm thinking that it might be better if I don't work so that I can stay in the 15% tax bracket. I have some stock, but I won't sell this year if I can stay in the 15% tax bracket. I would have no other gains/profits this year, other than my income.Ideas??? Suggestions??
Although your regular gross salary puts you slightly in the 25% tax bracket, your expenses drop you down below into the 15% bracket. Remember that the tax brackets change only at the margin, in other words, you pay the 15% up to the change in brackets and then 25% on the amount over the margin (change line). Also, even assuming you were in the 25% before the part time job, would the extra $60 a month you would be paying in taxes be enough of a deterrent to not work (you would pay $90 in the 15% bracket and $150 in the 25%). Also, don't forget to count in the property tax deduction on your house,
Q:1/2 [3( t + 2) - (2 - t)] + 1 7 Please show step by step process
You have to start with brackets/parentheses next 1/2 [3(t+2) -(2-t)]+1 7 so multiply 1/2 by everything in the brackets 3/2(t + 2) - 1/2 (2 - t) + 1 7 Next you need to get rid of the parentheses so you need to multiply both terms inside 3/2t + 3/2(2) which becomes 3 and 1/2(2) which becomes negative 1 - negative 1/2 t getting 3/2t + 3 - 1 + 1/2 t + 1 7 combining like terms 4/2t + 3 7 - 4/2 just becomes 2 2t + 3 7 subtract 3 from both sides 2t 4 divide by 2 to isolate the variable t 2 if you substitute t 2 back in to your original equations and use order of operations, it checks out!!
Q:I broke my far back bottom left bracket. i am about 8 months into treatment (16 months expected) and i am on the wire before my finishing wire i think. how much time will this add on to my treatment times? thanks
The assistant broke one of my brackets so I had to have it replaced a few weeks ago. If you've made it to the square thicker arch wire, they might bump you back down to the round smaller arch wire. That is why happened to me and when I asked, they said that it was to let the tooth readjust to the new position of the bracket. So, by my theory, that set me back the six weeks I was supposed to have the thicker arch wire on. You should call the orthodontist and see what they recommend.
Q:I would like to see how my bracket stands off with an experts. I cant seem to find any online yet. Thanks!
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Q:Do they change them out every time you go in or never? My friends can change there colors every time they go in, will I be able to with the metal brackets I have in now or are metal brackets like one of the colors you can get? Sorry about the questions, I'm just a little confused here.Thanks, John
No, the metal brackets that are on your teeth now will be the same ones that will be on your teeth until you have the braces off. The wire is sort of threaded through the brackets, and on top of that on each bracket the colours are put on. They're there to make sure the wire doesn't go out of place. But don't worry, this doesn't mean the brackets go mouldy or anything :P
Q:A few days ago one of my brackets broke off but it was still attached to the wire and was extremely lose and it kept on spinning when I talked. the bracket got stuck near the side of my gum and it started to hurt so i moved it(it moved very easily) and it chipped the center of my tooth and now there's a little square of missing enamel. I went back to the orthodontist earlier to get it attached should I have mentioned it or is this no biggie?
You should of mentioned it! Did he but the bracelet in? If he did, then you can sue him for not doing it properly!
Q:Can I put crazy glue to make it stay 2 my tooth and call my orthodontist tomorrow? -I think crazy glue or some cement my mom has to make the front mirror of her car stay up. Just as long as it is glued onto the tooth is fine. Otherwise if there is any 'danger' please let me kno, cuz i will proceed. Thanks
u go 2 da dentist
Q:If I make 70,000 a year what percentage of that do I need to pay in to Federal and State Taxes for 2009?
Use 23% as an estimate for federal and 2% for state tax. That should get you close.
Q:I had my wire changed yesterday, but the dentist didnt close one of the brackets, i cant go back to the dentist until tuesday, will anything happen to that tooth?
Don't worry , I've had braces , and I've been in the same situation . I'm pretty sure that nothing will happen to that tooth .

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