Brackets Cable bearer (pressed mild teel type) galvanized

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Product Description:

Used with cable bearer wall type and locking pins. The type number indicates the effective length
Also known as BT Bracket Cable Bearer 5, 8, and 12 respectively
Product Attributes
Bracket Cable Bearer
(No. 5)


Cable Bearer types
CB Type 3115 mm
CB Type 5165 mm
CB Type 8242 mm
CB Type 12343 mm
CB Type 18495 mm
CB Type 24648 mm



cable bearer


Brackets Cable bearer (pressed mild teel type) galvanized

Brackets Cable bearer (pressed mild teel type) galvanized

Custom metal fabrication CNC milling sheet metal forming/stamping parts

Custom metal fabrication CNC milling sheet metal forming/stamping parts

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Q:EMERGENCY! How do I get my braces bracket off?
Try not to grind your teeth so much.
Q:Loose Bracket?!?!?!?!?
You are fine. It's normal to pop a bracket now and again. They will recement it for you at no additional charge and it won't have any long term negative impact on your treatment
Q:MTB Bottom Bracket Type?
Generally speaking bottom brackets are interchangeable. However, there are different ways of fitting the cranks to the bottom bracket so be sure that you have the correct type. There are also different thread types, so you've got to be sure you get the correct one. Then there are the different tools that might be needed in order to remove and fit the bottom bracket. I assume that your bottom bracket is not a B.M.X. type? Different B.B. can have different taper sizes. The manufacturers site will probably help you. If your crank arms attatch via a square taper and a bolt that fits through the crank into the bottom bracket axle, you'll probably get away with a Shimano cartridge bottom bracket. Just make sure that the length of the axle is the same as the one you are replacing.
Q:What exactly is a tax bracket?
Actuallythe use of the term bracket is a very old one and it is really a percentage. The best way to find out what your exact tax percentage is would be to look at your last tax return. Divide the total tax by your taxable income.
Q:Braces bracket fell off!!!?
If you got your braces today don't worry, sometimes the bracket doesn't bond properly first time, I'd get an appointment to see your regular dentist, they should be able to take the bracket off, so you don't swallow it or anything like that! Then arrange an appointment with your orthodontist asap and they will fix it back on for you! Just be careful when you're eating and you'll be fine!
Q:Having trouble with brackets. help please?!?
you need to bend your knees and go up and downbend before the turn, then release during the turn, then bend back down after completing the bracket. even if you feel funny doing this, this really helps a lotpress your hands down, don't keep your arms completely straight out, press down. also, don't be afraid of doing them with speed and quickness. use your hips to turn, not your upper body. hope i helped
Q:Need to find a spare tire bracket for an Astro Chev Cargo Van 04?
Dave, the theoretical bracket you describe may be awfully hard to find. I believe your door is strong enough to hold a full size spare, all of the other vans have them mounted that way. You would probably need to take off the door panel and put bolts and nuts through the door instead of just using sheet metal screws from the outside, but i am sure it will work OK. You can find a universal door bracket for a full-size spare very easily.
Q:Why are my brackets SO loose?
i have braces and i got 4 teeth pulled out, but honestly the only thing you could do is consult your orthadontist. he would be the one to know what to do. when mine are loose i have to go to the doctor because that could possible lead to another month with them. and i dont want that.
Q:Aesthetics for shelf brackets?
Floating shelves are one of the nicest ways - the brackets are completely concealed with the shelf held on prongs. Other than that - it largely depends what you want to put on them - how adjustable you need them to be and what materils you want to use.
Q:my braces bracket has fallen off and its missing! please help!! :(?
When I first got my braces the wire was always pinging out of the bracket at the back but when the orthodontist put the thicker wire in that stopped happening. One day I swallowed about an inch of wire that broke off and it never did me any harm so you should be fine, all the orthodontist did when I went in later that day was cut the wire off closer to the nearest bracket so it wasn't really pointy and then left it until next time I went in and he put a new wire in. I know that isn't exactly what happened to your brace but it shouldn't cause any major problems.

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