Automatic Plastic Multi-Layer Co-extrusion Blown Film Machine

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Product Description:


blown film machine
1:High accurate mould and effective air colling system
2:High precision correct errors.

Plastic blown film machine/blowing film machine

Product Description

It is used for blowing high-low pressure polyethylene,which has been widely used for producing laminating film,packing film,agricultural covering film,bag or film for textile and clothing and other packing material,the main motor adopts frequency control of motor speed to timprove the speed regulating stadility of main motor and save electricity by 30%,the screw and material barrel adopt38 chrome-molybdenum aluminum which has been nitrogen treated and the traction frame adopts lifting type,no matter what size the film is big or small,lt can achieve the best effect of cooling .


1) This film blowing machines is designed to produce plastic film made of low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE).

2) The film blowing machine is designed reasonably and elegantly. It is small and is easy to operate and maintain.

3) With high output, low energy consumption, good stability and reliability.

4) The products are widely used in application of package of civil and industrial products such as food, garment, textile and daily necessities etc. It includes vest bag, shopping bag, garment bag and food bag.

1.Blowing Film Machine;Material:LDPE/LLDPE/HDPE
2.1.6m Three layer blown film extruder

Hot Sale 3-Layer Co-extrusion Blowing Film Machine

If you want to buy one film blowing machine,please let me know below information

1. the max film width you want to make?

2. The raw material if it's LDPE,HDPE OR LLDPE?

3.The power supply if 380V or 220V or others?

4.If you need branded parts like panasonic, delta,schneider?

5.If any optional parts you need too, like air compressor and screen changer, surface treater?

Performance and Characteristics:

Applicable for the materials as LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, etc. It is widely used to manufactuer composite film basic material, liquid film, contractive film protective film, cable film, macromolecule adhensive film, multifunctional industrial film products, can better meet operational requirements of high accuracy and high speed color printing, composite and painting products.

Main Technical Variables:

Model 3CM-50

Screw Diameter(mm) A:50 B:55 C: 50

Film Width(mm) 800-1500

Film Thickness(mm) 0.028-0.20 0

Max. Output(kg/h) 200

L/D 28:1

Driving Motor(kw) A:18.5 B:22 C:10.5

Overall size(mm) 9.5x4.5x7.5

Model :3CM-55

Screw Diameter(mm)  A:55 B:60 C:55

Film Width(mm) 1200-2000

Film Thickness(mm) 0.028-0.20

Max. Output(kg/h) 260

L/D 28:1

Driving Motor(kw)A:22 B:37 C:22

Overall size(mm) 10.5x5.0x9

Model :3CM-65

Screw Diameter(mm) A:65 B:70 C:65

Film Width(mm) 1600-2500

Film Thickness(mm)  0.03-0.20

Max. Output(kg/h)  320

L/D 28:1

Driving Motor(kw)A:37 B:45 C:37

Overall size(mm) 11.5x5.5x10

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