Blown Film Extruder Plastic Film Blowing Machine

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Blown Film Extruder  Plastic Film Blowing Machine Price


film blow machinery  specification :

Main Technical Parameters
















HD 25-35kg/hr  

LD 35-55kg/hr

HD 30-50kg/hr

LD 40-70kg/hr

HD 40-65kg/hr

LD 50-100kg/hr







Φ60/80  100/120

Φ80/100 ,120/140





Option equipment

1. Auto loader 2. Film surface treater 3. Die totary 4. Air compressor 5. Mechanics screen changer

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Q:How is the plate type oil filter put into operation?
Open the door once, open the door two times, open the exit door, open the oil filter. Look, the oil filter has two inlet doors to adjust the pressure
Q:Dr. oil mill, bag filter, instructions for use
Working principleThe vacuum oil filter is designed according to the different boiling points of water and oil. It consists of a vacuum heating tank, a fine filter, a condenser, a primary filter, a water tank, a vacuum pump, an oil drain pump and an electric cabinet.
Q:What parameters should be provided for purchasing turbine oil filters?
Third, steam turbine oil filter selection depends on your filter oil filter after the index requirements, such as cleanliness, water content, gas content, acid value, breaking emulsion value, etc., can only meet your requirements. Finally, the purchase of turbine oil filter machine, general talk about technology, see technical information, signed technical agreements to protect your interests, the machine is fully automatic control, whether the need for cleaning filter
Q:What are the considerations for selecting an oil filter?
2. Know the total amount of oil to be filtered, and select the appropriate oil filter (how many liters per minute)3, mobile or fixedWhere are you from?
Q:What's the difference between an oil purifier and an edible oil refinery?,
Oil filters are equipment used in small processing plants to filter impurities in oil. This is a simple impurity in the filter oil. Refining equipment, this is a set of equipment, you can put different raw materials, processing, and then 6 off, packaging, high yield, complex process
Q:Why does the vacuum oil filter tank foam?
1: the fuel tank return port is improperly set, resulting in two gas mixing. Generally, the condensate gas tank, precipitation, slag falling settlement, oil return port is arranged below the surface of oil, the oil from the high drop into the tank, increase the chance of air into the oil, also caused a stir, let the water back by gravity sedimentation oil layer, bubble generation.2: steam turbine system design flaws or system aging and other man-made EH steam turbine oil system with steam or water, then will cause the oil emulsion, oil emulsion into the vacuum distillation tower, high temperature vacuum evaporation, bubble, if EH oil vacuum filter without defoaming or eliminating system bubble device damage will lead to the bubble with the oil into the tank to cycle.
Q:What can I do to make the oil filtered by the centrifugal oil filter very bright?
What you are using, general centrifugal filter is available, the filter effect is to see what you use the filter, and see you want to filter to what extent, generally need to consult with suppliers ah
Q:New vertical centrifugal oil filter operating instructions
Oil filter instructions can go online to check ah, Xinxiang Younaite website, can go to see it, should be able to find the information you need.
Q:Feel shy ah, do not know, but know how to make a few oil filter can also, such as Xinxiang Younaite filtration equipment limited company, you can ask them.
In addition the oil filter itself as a kind of environmental protection and equipment, machinery, energy in its energy saving, pollution prevention and technology progress in a field of two times, the oil filter now in addition to miniaturization, intelligent, energy saving, low noise is the main trend. So we can see the oil filter this thing just like PC, are structured products, technological progress basically comes from accessories, CPU processor, graphics card, bus structure, circuit board, electronic originals together is the progress of PC technology progress, so the vacuum pump oil filter, filter, filter, motor, progress and optimization of the physical channel structure also promote technological progress in oil filter.
Q:When the centrifugal oil filter is used to filter peanut oil, the oil color is black and cloudy. What's the matter?
To filter peanut oil in centrifugal filter, you need to add proper amount of water. When the temperature of peanut oil is 80-90 degrees, add 2%-3% of salt water.If the filtration temperature is too low, the amount of brine should be reduced.

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