Three Layer Coextrusion Plastic Film Blowing Bag Making Machine

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1. We use hardened gearbox with high grade bearings excellent extrusion quality.
2. This one use IBC Inner cooling system it make machine cool and improve output. And we use two winding system
3. Automatic winding system: Surface friction type with double winding. Automatic winding, roll-changing and unloading. Rewinding Speed 5-45m/min
4. Traction system: We use up Traction Rotary, it can make film smooth.
5. We use the best Electrical equipment: Temperature control meter (OMROM) Circuit breaker (Schneider) Contactor (Schneider) Switch (Schneider)

Max.   Width  of  Blowing  Film1500mm
Film  Thickness  (mm)0.03-0.2mm
Max.   Output(kg/h)350
Raw  MaterialLLDPE, LDPE, HDPE
Auto  loader330*3
Screw  Diameter(mm)60/65/55
Screw  L/D  Ratio30: 1
The  material  of  screw38CrMoAL
The  material  of  cylinder38CrMoAL
Cylinder  heating  zone4  zone
Hardened  gear  box200/180/180
The  power  of  main  motor(kw) 37/30/30
Frequency  changerYASKAWA
The  Part  of  Die  head
Diameter  of  Die  Head380mm  Three  Layer  with  inner-cooled  device

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Q:How often is the filter element of the turbine oil vacuum oil filter changed?
Turbine oil filter vacuum oil filter change a long time that there is no clear, generally better filter can be repeatedly used for cleaning, can be washed two or three times, the replacement of a some year, some once a year, also depends on the circumstances of oil
Q:Which is more advantageous than a centrifugal oil filter and a vacuum oil filter?
The first is to optimize the structure, centrifugal oil filter machine adopts the new centrifuge system is small, and thus the structural shape optimization of equipment can do better, smaller, less noise, the unit energy consumption decreased.
Q:How often is the filter element of the transformer oil vacuum oil filter changed?
How long is the filter element of the transformer oil vacuum filter? There is no definite time
Q:What kind of oil filter is mainly used in the industry? What are the main uses?
Use:Mainly used for filtering treatment of high water content, serious emulsification of turbine oil, low viscosity lubricating oil. This machine is widely used in power plants and industrial and mining enterprises because of its obvious demulsification and dehydration effect. The circuit connecting the machine to oil equipment, can be carried out online, the demulsification in the steam turbine oil and low viscosity lubricating oil dehydration, removing impurities, achieve the purpose of comprehensive oil purification in the non-stop, without stopping production.
Q:Comparison of performances of several oil filters
Features: the filtering effect is good. It is not easy to filter the water content (only a small amount of oil filter paper; the change of water itself) filter more trouble; heavy - operation, easy oil leakage, high maintenance costs; 2, the vacuum oil filter is to use Dalton's law principle, so that the oil containing water gasification in a high vacuum
Q:I am pressed sunflower oil, vacuum phase electric heating oil filter
After falling down, when the impact force is reached, the oil and air mix to produce bubbles.The oil is relatively viscous, falling down, blocked by oil drums and oil, and mixing with the air to produce bubbles.
Q:Consult experts, power plant turbine oil vacuum filter machine, why use ah?
Coalescence type oil filter function to small droplets into large drops of water, only to remove non dissolved water, so only the oil in the water treatment by 180mg/L, cannot meet the requirements of national standard, but if the oil moisture content is very high, the dehydration rate of coalescence separation is faster.In short, if Water Leakage oil measuring system is relatively small, should be a vacuum oil filter, can make the turbine oil quality to meet national standards. If the water leakage is large, optional poly separation type, but can not make the oil to meet the requirements of gb.
Q:The characteristics of plate and frame pressure oil filters? How often is the filter changed?
The filter bed consists of multilayer filter plate and the filter frame, the filter media as paper or cloth lining the filter plate and the filter frame, with the pressure of the pressing device to filter plate and the filter frame to form a fixed filter chamber alone, tightly pressed between the filter plate and the filter frame of the paper or cloth filtration effect.
Q:Can centrifugal oil filters filter sesame oil? What's the filtration effect?
Can filter, the effect is good, centrifugal oil filter is specialized in cooking oil
Q:The working principle of centrifugal oil filter
Through the high-speed rotation of the centrifugal force of the drum and the dregs of oil to leave, liquid-solid separation. When the rotary drum stops rotating, the net oil is slid out of the drum to achieve the purpose of filtration. The oil quality is pure, and the experiment can be done on the fire at the time, fried fritters, stir frying dishes, no foam, no overflow pot. In the past we have used filtration equipment such as: frame filter, vacuum filter, pressure filter is called filter medium (media refers to the cloth, filter, filter cloth mesh) because the medium level of large dregs filtration process is filtered out, small particles through the mesh flow to the oil. This is the past, the filtration effect is relative to solve the quality issues, in operation, the crude oil inside the oil to plug the glial mesh after repeatedly opening the replacement of the filter cloth, cleaning cloth and post consumption.

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